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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 27 Recap

Chen Wal called Li Qiang the last time, and she clearly told Li Qiang that if she could not see Li Qiang within three days, they would see the Civil Affairs Bureau. After careful consideration, Li Xiang decided to put down everything here and go home. He came to Yang Feiyan to resign. Yang Feiyan knew that Chen Waer worked, but she knew that Chen Waer worked because of feelings, and if Chen Wal did not do it, they would The relationship between the two was gone. At the beginning, she was most fond of Li Qiang’s Gu family. As a colleague and friend, she blessed Li Qiang.

Li Qiang came to say goodbye to Lao Yao. He couldn’t bear Li Qiang in his heart, but he still wished Li Qiang a happy family reunion. Li Qiang recorded the phone number and address of Beijing to Lao Yao. He bought medicine for Lao Yao before leaving. He remembered the watermelon buns that Yao made for him last time. Afterwards, people in the company also came to say goodbye to Li Qiang. Fan Jianchun and Manager Lin were particularly reluctant to bear Li Qiang, but they knew that Li Qiang missed his home, so they all blessed Li Qiang.

Li Qiang left Shenzhen with a suitcase. He recalled the bits and pieces he had in Shenzhen over the past few months. He was downhearted and took large orders. He was scolded and received rewards. Now he is willing to drag his luggage for the sake of home. The box leaves this dream place. People can have no money, but they can’t be homeless.

Hu Meihua came to pick up Li Xiang. She saw Li Dasheng play with Li Xiang in the kindergarten. She knew that Li Dasheng did not go to the zoo these days, but Li Xiang has been in the kindergarten. After returning home, Li Xiang wanted to wait for Hu Meizhong to come back for dinner, but Li Xiang was unwilling to move his chopsticks, saying that he wanted to be a polite and educated child, and he asked Hu Meihua to keep Li Dasheng’s visit to him confidential. Hu Meihua looked at the appearance of the father and son and felt uncomfortable in her heart. She told Hu Meizhong all this and asked Hu Meizhong to take the time to visit Li Dasheng’s unit for fear of something wrong with Li Dasheng’s work.

Hu Meizhong went to Li Dasheng’s unit and learned that Li Dasheng’s work was not going well. Now Li Dasheng was suspended. Hu Meizhong found Li Dasheng’s residence, carried Li Dasheng’s bag and asked Li Dasheng to go home with her. Now the two of them have not For the divorce procedures, happiness is still Li Dasheng’s home. The two went home and met Li Qiang who had returned. Li Qiang sat at the gate of the courtyard and listened to the “I Love You China” sung by Xia Xia. He went home and hugged Xia Xia. Xia Xia told Li Qiang that Wal had already cried. A few days later, Li Qiang assured her that he would stay in Beijing and not go anywhere in the future.

Li Qiang went back to his room to look at Wa’er. Chen Wa’er kept pulling Li Qiang’s hair and refused to let go. Li Qiang wrestled away from Chen Wa’er while wondering what Chen Wa’er was doing. He went to Shenzhen to make money. After finally sitting down as the head of the office, Chen Wa’er was forced to resign and return. Chen Waer threw out the photos she had received before. These photos were taken secretly when Li Qiang and Yang Feiyan were asleep in the car.

Chen Waer wanted Li Qiang to tell her the truth. She asked Li Qiang to tell the truth. After getting out of the sea, Li Qiang couldn’t even find his home. Li Qiang was really wronged in his heart. He shouted innocence with Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er heard Li Qiang’s roar and became even more sad and angry. Li Qiang complexly hugged the crying Chen Wa’er in his arms.

Li Dasheng competed with Hu Meizhong to cook, and Li Dasheng knew in his heart that he would not have much chance to cook for this family. Seeing Li Dasheng’s melancholy appearance, Hu Meizhong tied up his apron, and the two made a meal for the family together. After school, Hu Meihua took Li to go home. She accidentally saw Hu Meizhong and Li Dasheng cooking in the kitchen in harmony. During the meal, Hu Meizhong accidentally gave Li Dasheng some dishes, and Li Dasheng was flattered. Seeing the harmony between the two, Hu Meihua couldn’t help pursing her lips.

She thought it would be nice if the two of them were as affectionate as they are today. She asked Hu Meizhong to think carefully about whether to leave the divorce. Later, Hu Meihua approached Li Dasheng. She confessed to Li Dasheng. She always thought that she could take Li Xiang well. But when Li Dasheng left, she knew that the child could not live without a father. She also saw the difference between Li Dasheng and Hu Meizhong, so she Let Li Dasheng and Hu Meizhong try again.

After Li Qiang returned home, he couldn’t argue with words. Everyone in the family thought that Li Qiang was wrong and did something that was sorry for Wal. Aunt Jin asked Li Qiang to confess his mistake to Chen Wa’er. Li Qiang insisted that she was right. Aunt Jin mentioned that Hu Meihua called Li Qiang on the day that Li Qiang had done with Yang Feiyan, and Li Qiang couldn’t clean it after jumping into the Yellow River. Although this matter is just a misunderstanding, no one can believe him at all. Li Qiang was criticized one by one, and Chen Wa’er was persuaded by others in turn. Uncle Zhou asked Chen Wa’er to forgive Li Qiang and gave Li Qiang another chance.

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