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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 9 Recap

After boarding the Qi Mansion, which was once again covered with red silk, Qi Zhu saw that Fu Rong was no longer close. She didn’t even understand why Fu Rong would come. At this time, the Lord Xihe came, it turned out that she had invited Qi Zhu’s Jinlan sisters on behalf of Qi Zhu. And Fu Rong saw that the Xihe County lord was the same person as the imposing princess in the dream. He did not know where he picked a headdress. After putting it on her hairpin, he also told Qizhu Mountain Chicken. Being able to be a phoenix, Fu Rong threw back the headdress that Princess Xihe gave her.

Fu Rong wandered around the Qi mansion boringly, and met her little attendant. The minister behind him respectfully called him His Royal Highness An Wang. This time Fu Rong knew that her little attendant was not only Mr. Shushui or An Wang. This is too much of a face. After sending An Wang away, she came under a jujube tree. Before, Qi Zhu liked jujube the most. He often played dates with her. If he got a headache, Fu Rong would call more for her. Vent.

So she jumped up and wanted to pick some and give it to Qi Zhu, but the tree was too high, and she didn’t even notice her ear beads if she accidentally dropped it. Xu Jin just came to the courtyard and saw Fu Rong jumping under the jujube tree. He picked up the stone and flew out to the jujube tree and landed on the ground.

Fu Rong happily held the dates, but heard not far away that Mrs. Qi Jia was criticizing Qi Zhu again, forcing him to marry, and squeezing out the last trace of Qi Zhu’s value. Fu Rong hurriedly went up and quarreled away the lady, and gave Qi Zhu a bunch of green dates. Who knew that Qi Zhu knocked down and left. Sad and helpless, Fu Rong stepped on the round dates, dislocating his feet.

Qi Zhu ran away in a hurry and accidentally ran into Wang Huai. The Lord Xihe saw the exit and was ridiculing. Qi Zhu really didn’t pick Pan Gaozhi. Wang Huai explained in a polite manner that it was he who pretended to be Qi Zhu abruptly. It was not that Qi Zhu was rude, and then let the lord of Xihe County go to Su Wang Xu Jin. She only had Xu Jin in her eyes.

Seeing Fu Rong’s feet, Xu Jin appeared from the corner and hugged her horizontally, gently placed it on the side of the corridor, took off her shoes to fix her bones, Xihe County Lord rushed to see this scene, and then left in anger.

Wang An also came under the jujube tree, picked up the ear beads, immediately recognized that it was Fu Rong’s thing, and smiled faintly.

In the evening, Fu Rong received two things, one of which was a Chinese boiled wine, which should have been prepared by Xu Jin; the other was her ear beads, with a note attached, which naturally belonged to Wang An and asked her to go fishing with her.

The bracelet was finally repaired by Liu Ruyi. Fu Rong took it to go fishing with the little escort. After talking about love, Wang An noticed that the pattern on Fu Rong’s bracelet was exactly the same as the pattern on the letter paper of Ruyi Lou. When asked, Fu Rong said that this was the effort of her master Liu Ruyi, and Wang An was silent for a moment.

Wu Bai went to Yunluo Temple to pray for his deceased mother. He saw Fu Xuan walking by with a bucket and followed all the way to the lake. Fu Xuan turned around and saw Wu Baiqi’s figure frightened. Wu Baiqi hurriedly supported him. However, the stone was slippery and could not stand firmly. The two threw one by one into the lake. Wu Baiqi offended her and picked her up. Set it firmly on the shore.

Wu Baiqi pretended to be as generous as if he had been in a tens of thousands of flowers. In fact, he was nervous to death. Fu Xuan said that this was only an accident, and he would never mention it again. The emperor in a hurry fled, and even immediately left Yunluo Temple, leaving Wu Baiqi to apologize to the monk’s house for a long time, and say something that could be responsible for her.

The Shouyan feast of Xindu Hou was just around the corner. Zhang Yan Shizi sent an invitation to Fu Rong, hoping that he would do well and try to get Xindu Houfu to recognize their marriage. When Fu Rong had a clever move, ghost ideas came to mind. Before going to the Du Hou Mansion, I asked Xiao Qi Xiao Ba to find a highly prestigious doctor.

On this day, guests from the Xindu Hou’s Mansion were in an endless stream. King Su Wang Xu Jin also came to celebrate his birthday, but Cheng Wang unexpectedly did not come. Xu Jin asked about the Xindu Hou Qice. The Xindu Hou was so careless to arrange the reasons for him and Qi Ceze. Clean.

Two sisters Fu Xuan and Fu Rong also came to visit. Fu Rong kept coughing. Mrs. Du Hou was not satisfied with the letter she was reading, and ordered someone to invite the doctor’s Jiu Shu for treatment.

The birthday banquet was just around the corner, and the guests gathered in the main hall. Wu Baiqi suddenly came out to disturb the interest. He let go of his side of swinger brother. Xinduhou said, no matter what his bastard is, Xinduhou’s The doors are open for him. Now that he saw that he only had to scroll, making fun of him for relying on Feng Laiyi to make ends meet, Wu Baiqi only felt that he didn’t want to stay in this dirty place for a moment.

When he turned around and saw Fu Xuan was there, Wu Baiqi couldn’t help being taken aback, and then he went out.

When Wu Baiqi rushed out and was hit by the steward, Wu Baiqi didn’t say anything about etiquette when he saw him, and asked him to bow his head in salute. Fu Xuan hurriedly helped the old butler, Wu Baiqi anxiously wanted to explain, Fu Xuan didn’t care, he was talking about the Yunluo Temple lake again, Fu Xuan put one hand on the back porch, and locked Wu Baiqi with her. In the middle of the pillar, warned him that he should not mention it again, otherwise he would want him to look good. Wu Bai raised his brows and turned around, pressing her in his arms. Fu Xuan blushed and heartbeat came out of his arms, even if she was married, she would not marry a dude like him.

At the banquet, the host of Xihe County stared at Fu Rong’s bracelet and dialed her bracelet together with her own lottery for the pot throwing competition. The courtyard shot pot game started, and there was a circle of people around. It was not difficult to see that Xihe County Lord and Fu Rong were inseparable, so she asked to cast blindfolded. Even if she didn’t look at Xihe County Lord, every team was hit. Fu Rong immediately Also covered with cloth strips.

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