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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 4 Recap

Li Yuan and Nan Zhiya circled the village and found that each house was empty and their doors were open. Li Yuan found that yesterday’s body was gone, Nan Zhiya hurriedly called to report to Police Officer Bai.

Li Yuan saw two rows of bamboo poles inserted on the beach, each with a white cloth tied. Nan Zhiya had read the records on the island and knew that this was a ceremony to welcome the Dragon King, but the orientation was wrong, and Li Yuan decided that he was not greeted. Really Dragon King. Duoyipo’s husband, Xuanyiweng, called Yan Wangye and asked him about the situation of the person who died suddenly. Duoyipo was worried that Li Yuan was in danger.

Xu Bingxi remembered hearing the baby cry at two o’clock last night, but there were no pregnant women on the island, so she hurriedly reported to Li Yuan and Nan Zhiya. Li Yuan bought a new mobile phone for Nan Zhiya and told her not to answer unfamiliar calls, lest Li Lang would make trouble. The parents celebrated Kim Yo-ri’s birthday and gave her an exquisite gift. Kim Yo-ri accidentally showed her true face. Only then did her parents realize that the person in front of them was not their dead daughter. Kim Yo-ri wanted to choke her father to death. Li Lang came to stop her in time.

Jin Youli gave Shen Zhou’s necklace to Li Lang. Li Lang asked her to keep it for Shen Zhou to pick it up. She couldn’t wait to see Li Yuan. Li Yuan asked him to hand over the villagers and revealed that he had hidden the python. Li Lang confessed to this and even threatened that his woman would not die in her life. Li Langliang used a dagger to kill Li Yuan for revenge. Back then, Li Lang and Li Yuan lived together in a small village. When Li Yuan was ordered to perform the task, someone came to the village to set fire. Li Lang had nowhere to go and killed the arsonist. Killed all the villagers in a fit of anger. Li Yuan complained that he shouldn’t kill innocent people indiscriminately and wanted to behead him, but in the end he just wound him. Li Lang hated Li Yuan from then on and wanted to avenge him. Li Yuan didn’t want to fight against Li Lang, so he grabbed the dagger in his hand, gave him a severe lesson, and then walked away.

Nan Zhiya reported to Police Officer Bai what happened on the island, and also turned up the information on four murders to show him. Officer Bai provided an important clue that all the aborigines on the island have already moved. Nan Zhiya was shocked when he arrived in the same boat in 1950. Shen Zhou was obsessed with Jin Youli. He invited Xuan Yi Weng to drink at the Tianluo Girl Restaurant, and casually talked about his thoughts about getting married. Xuan Yi Weng persuaded him not to jump into the fire pit of marriage. He also used Jiu Jin to talk about his deprivation. The experience of forced marriage.

Li Yuan came to talk with Duoyipo and asked her about the whereabouts of An, but Duoyipo refused to answer. At this moment, Nan Zhiya called Li Yuan to have dinner. He went to the appointment without saying a word. Li Yuan came to Nan Zhiya’s house on time and saw that she had cooked a large table of dishes. Li Yuan gave her a bunch of Ai Nan Zhiya liked the grass very much, and she stroked Li Yuan’s head casually. Li Yuan remembered that Aren had also stroked him in the same way, and the warm feeling was exactly the same.

After the meal, Li Yuan saw the photos of Nan Zhiya’s parents and felt that they were very kind. Nan Zhiya’s grievance and loneliness were aroused again. She didn’t want to cry, so she instinctively blocked her ears with her hands and used this method to stop the tears from flowing. When he came down, Li Yuan was in a daze, and the scene where Arne was plugging his ears with both hands appeared again. Li Yuan vowed to help her find her parents and let the family of three live the rest of their lives happily.

Nan Zhiya was going to attend the funeral of Writer Kim’s mother. Li Yuan could not be with her for these two days. Worried that she would be in danger, she gave her a small bag of red beans as a talisman. Li Yuan returned to Santuchuan on time, and the woman who seized the clothes punished him for three days in confinement. He had to be punished with a human body. Without waiting for Li Yuan to defend, he was pushed into a snowy mountain prison and punished. Was tied up naked.

Shen Zhou missed Jin Yuri in his heart. He didn’t expect that Jin Yuri suddenly appeared in front of him and tempted him with beauty. From the scar on her chest, Shen Zhou recognized that she was a Russian vixen. Li Lang went to the funeral home to look for Nan Zhiya. After seeing blood, Nan Zhiya pointed out that he had a grudge against him because he cared too much about Li Yuan. Li Lang revealed that Li Yuan regarded her as his girlfriend in his previous life and would guard her at all costs. , And Li Yuan is now being punished by the Snow Mountain Prison. Before leaving, Li Lang cut Nan Zhiya’s pocket and the red beans in the kit were scattered all over the place.

Nan Zhiya saw a pair of little sisters in the hallway of the funeral home. They were wearing the same floral skirts, but the two pairs of shoes were mixed. Nan Zhiya just greeted them with a few words before hurriedly calling Nan Zhiya, Nan Zhiya turned and couldn’t see the two girls. She came out of the funeral home and was strangled by the little sisters. Nan Zhiya couldn’t catch her breath and soon passed out. Nan Zhiya woke up in a daze and found that Caihuan had sent her home. After hearing her narration, Cai Huan insisted that she saw two female ghosts, and turned out a book to confirm. Nan Ji-a found that he was holding the book upside down and immediately became alert, but Cai Huan suddenly disappeared. , The two sisters suddenly came out from under the sofa, Nan Zhiya was frightened and panicked, and the red beans that Li Yuan had given her were gone.

Li Yuan was not worried about Nan Zhiya, and wanted to lift the punishment as soon as possible, so she demanded any punishment from Duyiwo. Duyiwo asked him to cross the chain bridge with countless flying knives. Li Yuan gritted his teeth and held it up, and his body was cut by a knife. Battered all over, he still insisted on walking forward, as if seeing Nan Zhiya waiting for him on the other side of the bridge, Li Yuan endured the pain and crawled forward. At the same time, Nan Ji-a was entangled by the pair of sisters. They held Nan Ji-a’s thighs and kept saying that she was killed. Nan Ji-a flees in fright. The sisters chased her and Nan Ji-a hid. In a shop, countless small hands slammed the door, and Nan Zhiya was frightened.

The door suddenly quieted down. Nan Zhiya went out tremblingly. Seeing the sisters chasing afterwards, she was chased into desperation. She stumbled and fell from the top of the library building. Suddenly saw Li Yuan fainted by her side, Nan Zhiya hurried over and hugged her. When Li Yuan started, tears fell on Li Yuan’s face, and a large aperture immediately appeared around them, surrounding them. Li Yuan woke up in a daze. He was pleasantly surprised to find that it was the aperture he set. He finally found the day. Arne, who was thinking about it at night, embraced deeply.

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