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The Romance Of Mr. Walton

The Romance Of Mr. Walton (Novel)
Other Name: 霍三爷,宠妻请克制

Genre: novel, Drama, Romance, Urban Life
Author: Wu Jin Xia
Year: 2019
Chapter: 1017
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Wenqing killed him and didn’t expect that he actually slept with the enemy, Huo Tingshen, the business giant of North City.

I thought it was Yuanjia Luzhao, but didn’t want to, and achieved a ‘perfect match’ marriage.

One day, the reporter interviewed.

“Mr. Huo, I want to ask for the female compatriots what kind of girl do you like best.”

“My wife is like that.”

So far, the news of Huo’s hidden marriage spread throughout Kyushu.

~ After marriage, warmth broke out.

“San Ye, I am not feeling well!”

“It doesn’t matter, the health is not good, it proves that lack of exercise, life is endless, exercise is not stopped.

Finally, she collapsed: “Huo Tingshen…”

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“Hmm…” The pain under her body made Wen Qing open her eyes from the coma.

The room was so dark that it was impossible to reach out. She could only hear the heavy breathing of the man and the pain he caused to herself. She pushed the opponent hard, but it seemed like a fist hit the cotton, which was useless.

She couldn’t yell out, so she could only pray in her heart, stop now. The man’s movements made her faint again. When I woke up again, the sky was already bright.

Wenqing opened his eyes, looked at the strange room, and the charming picture of last night popped into his mind.

She sat up abruptly, only to feel pain and swelling beneath her. When she got off the bed, she made a fist when she saw the little red flower smudged on the bed sheet.

Not a dream… The bathroom door opened. A man came out of the bathroom. When she saw the other person’s face, she fell onto the bed with a look of horror, how could it be him.

The man wrapped a bath towel on his lower body, glanced at him, and naturally said lazily: “Wake up?” Swallowing warmly, nervously, standing up laboriously: “Huo… Mr. Huo.”

The man wiped the water droplets on his hair naturally: “If you have anything, I’ll talk about it later, go and wash it first.”

Looking down warmly: “No, I… I still have something to go.”

“Ms. Wen, don’t you need to explain what happened last night?”

The warmth blushed, what else is needed for this kind of thing?

Is it possible to report to him that she drank too much and don’t know what happened?

He breathed out warmly, raised his head, and looked at Huo Tingshen: “Mr. Huo, I am very clean, and I don’t have any disease in that area, and I don’t think Mr. Huo has suffered anything last night. So, can I just take this matter Hasn’t happened?”

In fact, she seemed right and confident, but she said very scary in the last sentence.

“I know you are very clean, after all, I have tested it myself.”

Warm face blushed, knowing that there is no need to say it again, how embarrassing.

“The explanation I said just wanted to ask you what I need to do for you. I don’t think you would want me to send you a check.”

Warmly stunned: “I don’t need anything, I just hope that Mr. Huo can keep this matter secret.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah,” responded warmly and earnestly.

Huo Tingshen raised his beautiful eyebrows, looked at the slender girl in front of him, and finally nodded blankly.

Wenqing grabbed the clothes and bags and quickly left the hotel room.

The corners of Huo Ting’s deep lips raised evilly.

This woman…interesting.

Wenqing had only one thought in her heart, and immediately left Huo Tingshen’s side.

In Beicheng, Huo Tingshen, the 27-year-old president of the Dihui Group, represents power, wealth and… danger.

Legend has it that in order to take the position of the president of the God Emblem Group, he did not hesitate to kill his elder brother and maimed his second brother, and finally succeeded in taking the position.

If you say that there is a person, he must be warm and dare not even think about it, and never dare to covet it.

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