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6 Ways to Relieve Stress Relax without Medication

6 tricks to reduce stress without medication to relieve stress For long term relaxation
Many people may not even realize that they are in a state of stress. Because he was used to a tight situation In life that is faced every day Plus some people choose not to admit that they are stressed. Once again, I realized that I had been affected by a variety of diseases that were caused by stressful diseases and had to pay for long-term treatment such as gastritis, heart disease, depression, etc., and sometimes had to turn to anti-stress medication as a shortcut. This anti-stress drug, although it helps us relax, is only for a short time. Which in the long run will have a negative effect on our body

Is it better? If we can manage this stress to not exceed the limit and cause excessive harm to life without relying on anti-stress medication. Today we bring you 6 simple ways to relieve stress. That allows you to relax in the first place without having to rely on anti-stress medication for you to try and apply it at the same time.

How to relieve stress, type 1: do what you like.
The easiest and fastest way to relieve stress without the need for anti-stress medication is: Putting down all problems Then turn to the joy of doing what you enjoy instead of allowing yourself to be immersed in the same problem over and over until it becomes a cumulative stress.

Which if stressed a lot The body releases a hormone called cortisal, a hormone that increases the sugar level in the body and reduces the immune system. Make many people who are very stressed into obesity and other diseases easily followed, so when stress You should find an activity that you like to do. And should avoid using chemicals that affect the nervous system. Or using anti-stress medication which can be harmful to the body

Therefore, you should start your immune system by trying to build endorphins, or the happiness hormone, to fight the cortisol hormone. By relieving stress from letting the body get to know the relaxation that you like, such as exercising, watching movies, listening to music, drawing, etc. Just as you can, you can reduce stress levels and increase happiness levels by yourself.

Method 2: use food to help relieve stress:
As I said When having to be in a very stressful state Will make you hungry and eat more food than usual Which, if you do not know how to control Let your mouth do the work you like. Finally, they will suffer from an unhealthy physical condition due to their weight and chronic health problems.

Therefore, choosing foods that are useful In particular, B vitamins are derived from meat such as fish, poultry, whole grains, eggs, nuts, dairy, legumes, and green leafy vegetables. To help maintain energy levels lost from stress Makes the brain work better and feels less exhaustion.

In addition, the addition of vitamin C. Magnesium and potassium provided by the body by diet can help reduce stress. Reduce gloom And make your mood even more good You see, right? Just choose the right food Can refresh the body and reduce stress without having to rely on any anti-stress medication.

How to relieve stress type 3: treat stress from cuddling

Who knows, it’s just a hug from your partner or a hug of your favorite pet on days when you’re feeling down. It will make your stressful symptoms look incredibly light!

Because exposure is one method of stress therapy that is more effective than anti-stress medication. This is because it helps to produce oxytocin, a substance that helps reduce stress, create happiness and increase warmth for both the giver and receiver. This makes hugging as a mental drug that can easily improve physical and mental health. Each method of hugging creates a good feeling. That is different.

  • The Eye to Eye hug : It is the eye hug. Perfect as a hug position for couples who want to feel relaxed. And secure each other
  • The Reach Around hug : This is a best friend hug where one arm is placed over the opponent’s shoulder. This will provide a sense of friendliness, trust and safety for those who have been exposed a lot.
  • The Protector hugs: cuddle the waist from the back. Make the hug feel trustworthy, warm and valued by close ones.

How to relieve stress type 4: participate in activities that help train the mind
For anyone who has stress problems that fall into the category of anxiety disorders Which is a disease in which patients feel fear, anxious and unable to let go or stop thinking of the same things Ok then A little therapy may not help. Sometimes they even have to turn to anti-stress medication as a solution to reduce anxiety. Due to stress relieving drugs that act as quickly as you want.

But we recommend that those with stress and anxiety suffer from mental training. To adjust behavior and relieve anxiety from symptoms such as breathing control training. Practicing yoga or tai chi Practicing meditation, etc. These methods will help your mind to become more calm, more conscious and better deal with anxiety in the mind.

But more than going into the mental training process with various techniques To be able to be fluent and not feeling persistent, you must first train your mind to be positive. To adjust the balance of the thinking system in the original story To come out to the world and see a clear solution for yourself.

How to relieve stress, type 5: light exercise
Sitting at a desk all day Concentrate on documents that will never be finished today In addition to accumulating stress and fatigue throughout the day. It is also making the body face a symptom called ‘Office Syndrome’ was followed by:

If you are faced with an illness from both stressfulness and office syndrome and want to take an anti-stress medication. We would recommend you to try shifting. Or get up to stretch with various exercises That can be done at work, such as posture exercises the shoulder muscles. Nape exercise Stretches, stretches, leg muscles, etc.

Which light exercise These exercises will help relieve pain from office syndrome to some extent. (In the event that there are few symptoms) as well as a break from the stress that must be faced all day long. And also helps to concentrate on work in another way.

How to relieve stress. Type 6: change the atmosphere to suit relaxation:

In addition to ways to relieve stress from the inside of the body and mind. Another way to help relax people who are under stress all day long even at work is. Modifying the atmosphere around you to be able to concentrate and actually relax from stress

The atmosphere of the environment, whether at home or at work, but It should be designed to be natural, whether it be light, sound, or smell, to stimulate total relaxation. And when we are in a good atmosphere around us, there is no need to rely on anti-stress medication to lose health.

And if going to give an example of a good atmosphere That people who work like it must be a co-working space that fills the happiness for working people with the aroma of coffee Turn on soft music And natural lighting, which is more suitable for working people

There are many ways to relieve stress that you can apply. But one of the most important aspects of healing from this chronic disease is Accepting and stopping putting pressure on yourself And should not choose to use anti-stress medication as a shortcut in solving the problem Because of the prolonged use of anti-stress medication Will have a risk of developing drug resistance Which will directly adversely affect our body.

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