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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 31 Recap

Two years later, the cohabitation of Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai was noisy but sweet. And Xiaochuan and Xu Li are married and plan to get pregnant. For the baby, Xiaochuan monitors all aspects of Xu Li’s body and asks Xu Li to drink more chicken soup, but Xu Li secretly lights up a spicy hot pot, but he can’t get through Xu Li’s aegyo, Xiaochuan still chooses to feed Xu Li by himself.

In the past few years, Jiang Jun has become the vice president of MH Company. As the fastest-promoted employee of MH Company, Jiang Jun’s work ability has been significantly improved. Du Lei was still Jiang Jun’s boss. When he came to Du Lei’s office, Jiang Jun received the case of Honeycomb Company. In his spare time, Du Lei also gave gifts he prepared during his business trip. The smiling Jiang Jun quickly plunged into the hive case.

Coming to the downstairs of Honeycomb Company, Jun Jiang received Du Lei’s information again. Sure enough, as soon as Jiang Jun walked into the lobby, he saw Yuan Shuai’s figure. The two quickly parted ways and explored the enemy’s situation during the conversation. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, Jiang Jun knew that Dong of Hive Company was always his alumni. Having obtained important information, Jun Jiang quickly used it.

Back home, Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun tried each other out and secretly to steal information. Jiang Jun retrieved the senior sister and inquired about the next day’s aid meeting, while Yuan Shuai used Wangcai to steal the information. Seeing that his information was given to Yuan Shuai for nothing, Jiang Jun was ready to find another way: steal Yuan Shuai’s car keys.

Jonah walked on the road, but met Yuanji. The young and energetic Yuan Ji did not surprise anyone, nor did he conceal his desire to pursue Jona. But looking at the stinky young man in front of him, Jonah was completely disinterested, and kept her cold face.

Dong Qi came to the assistance meeting and met the long-awaited Jiang Jun and Du Lei. The two wanted to reach the cooperation with Honeycomb on superior terms, but who knew that Dong Qi seemed unwilling to discuss listing with investment banks today. At this time, Yuan Shuai appeared in time. Unlike Jiang Jun and Du Lei’s tactics, Yuan Shuai quietly became a member of this aid meeting. Dong Qi is about to make a proposal at the aid meeting, and Yuan Shuai’s key point is The vote is likely to determine whether Dong Qi’s proposal is passed or not. Seeing Dong Qi invited Yuan Shuai into the office to talk in detail, Jiang Jun decided to stay and look for another opportunity.

Sending off Dong Qi, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai stood up at the door again, but at this time Jia Yuanji appeared again. With the admiration of Yuan Shuai, Jia Yuanji was willing to serve as an administrative assistant for Yuan Shuai, and he looked proud of him. Yuan Shuai who couldn’t work, Jun Jiang was very angry, but at this moment, Jun Jiang received a call from Xu Li.

When Xu Li and Jiang Jun came to the obstetrics and gynecology department, Xu Li, who was nauseous, felt that she must be pregnant. The two discussed the future after having children. Xu Li couldn’t help persuading Jun Jiang to put more snacks in the family. There was no need to become workaholics with Yuan Shuai, otherwise it would be easy to ignore the feelings of people around him. Thoughts. But when I saw the doctor, I learned that the nausea was caused by an unhealthy diet. The two who were disappointed had no choice but to bow their heads to reality.

Returning home, Yuan Shuai pleased Jiang Jun in every possible way, but Jiang Jun did not laugh and asked Yuan Shuai about Jia Yuanji and recent affairs. It turns out that after listening to Lily, Jun Jiang couldn’t help but worry that Yuan Shuai might be attracted by outside temptations. . Jiang Jun asked guiltily whether Yuan Shuai lacked his company, but Yuan Shuai worried about Jiang Jun being too hard. The two who love and respect each other fall asleep in embrace.

The next day, Yuan Shuai heard that Jiang Jun’s project needed help from others, so he offered to help Jiang Jun. But at the dinner, when the work was over, the other party introduced Yuan Shuai to him. The jealous Jiang Jun was about to ask a question, but Yuan Shuai inadvertently saw the gift from Du Lei on Jiang Jun’s wrist. This time the jealous jar was overturned again. In order to swear his sovereignty, Yuan Shuai took off the watch given by Du Lei and quickly took out the watch he had prepared for Jiang Jun. Looking at the stubborn and affectionate Yuan Shuai, Jiang Jun was helpless and moved.

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