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A Love For Dilemma (2021) 小舍得

A Love For Dilemma
Other Title: 小舍得 / Xiao She De / A Little Dilemma / 小舍得 / Little willing

Genres: Family, drama
Zhang Xiao Bo
Lu Yin Gong, Zhou Yi Fei
Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV
Release Date: 
11 April, 2021
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  • Song Jia
  • Jiang Xin
  • Tong Da Wei
  • Li Jia Hang
  • Zhang Guo Li
  • Liu Chu Tian‎
  • Li Yi Qian
  • Shan Yu Hao

The third installment of the ‘Little’ franchise continues to delve into the issues of education and parent-child relationships through the lenses of ordinary Chinese families. As the kids move up from elementary school to junior high, the family unit evolves in the journey.

The TV series “Little Willingness” is directed by Zhang Xiaobo, starring Song Jia, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin, and Li Jiahang. Zhang Guoli specially starred, starring Shan Yuhao and Liu Chutian. Based on Lu Yingong’s novel of the same name, the play tells the story of Nan Li, Xia Junshan and their daughters Xia Huanhuan, Xia Chaochao, Tian Yulan, Yan Peng and son Yan Ziyou and other Chinese families in the “little ascendancy” stage. Nan Li was anxious about the decline in her daughter Huanhuan’s grades, and realized the necessity of tutoring.

Since then, Huanhuan embarked on the hard way of tutoring. After the whole family revolved around Huanhuan’s Xiaoshengchu, after a series of accidents, Nanli and Xia Junshan finally woke up and decided to give their children a happy childhood. Nanli’s classmate and colleague Tian Yulan was pregnant with a second child and always had a mistrust of her husband Yan Peng. She always adopted a man-marking policy that affected the relationship between husband and wife. She focused on the cultivation of her son Yan Ziyou. Yan Ziyou is a cow baby in the eyes of many parents, but the pressure from his mother makes him mentally unbalanced whenever he plays an important game.

Zhang Xueer was the head teacher of Xia Huanhuan and Yan Ziyou. She was touched by the diligence of the rural child Mi Tao and volunteered to make up lessons for her, and was reported by others. She left school in frustration, but she refused Yan Qing’s solicitation and started a private cram school. Due to the stress and mental breakdown, Mi Tao could only return to her hometown to recuperate. It was a big blow to her. She determined to return to school to give her students a better way of education.

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