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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 12 Recap

Asking Le Diyin to eat hot pot spent Su Nianfeng’s last 300 yuan. Looking at her empty wallet, she planned to make do with the roadside bench for the night, but she was called by the tramp to say that it was his site. With nowhere to go, she came to the school dormitory building and mixed her thoughts. She wanted to sit on the stairs for a night, but was sent to the security guard by the dormitory aunt as a thief.

The security department checked her student ID but she forgot to bring it. The auntie knew that she had a younger brother named Su Muyun. The security department called Muyun and said that his sister had broken into the dormitory and asked him to pick her up. Yun hung up the phone and hurried over by bicycle. Nianfeng also called Le Diyin, and he also took a taxi to the school.

After Mu Yun arrived, she would take Nianfeng home. She didn’t want to go with him and said that it was his home. She had no home anymore. Le Diyin also arrived at this time, and Mu Yun felt uncomfortable watching Nianfeng go with him. Le Diyin saw that Nianfeng had nowhere to go, so she let her live with him temporarily.

After playing the game the next day, Qin Yao persuaded Muyun to go to Le Di Yin to pick up Nianfeng, but Mu Yun couldn’t say. Qin Yao deliberately stimulated him to say that Le Diyin is also quite charming, gentle and gentle, and he is seriously ill, which makes people sympathize.

It is exactly the same as in Korean TV dramas. After turning around, Xiaofeng will show Mu Yun a goodbye to life and death. If they were in Don’t regret it when you are together, Mu Yun said that it was impossible, but he was already shaken. He asked Qin Yao to look up Le Di Yin’s address.

Nianfeng finished the meal that day. When she and Le Diyin were sitting at the table and were about to eat, someone knocked on the door. When Nianfeng opened the door, Mu Yun couldn’t help being surprised. She wanted to close the door but he blocked it with his arm. .

He walked in, Le Diyin was also a little surprised when he saw him, Nianfeng said that he had broken into a private house, and Mu Yun asked her to call the police to arrest him.

Le Diyin invited him to sit down and have a meal. Mu Yun glanced at the dinner table and deliberately said that the bread was battered, the beef was old, and the salad was not fresh. He picked up the cup on the table and smelled it. This was named by Nianfeng He said that the celery juice, which was so bitter and sweet, felt like vomiting.

Nianfeng heard his poisonous tongue and got angry. Muyun took her arm to let her go home with him. She threw away his hand and said that before the truth was found out, he asked him not to interfere in her life. She asked him to leave him but didn’t leave. Nianfeng said in a rage that she opened the door and went out.

Le Diyin asked Mu Yun to sit down and they discussed how to help Nianfeng. Mu Yun took out the recording pen Ouyang Qingxue gave him and said that he suspected there was a problem with the recording. Le Diyin asked an online hacker expert to help them. The result came out after a while, and they found that this recording had indeed been manipulated.

When Mu Yun left Nianfeng, she came back. She asked Le Diyin what Muyun had told him. Le Diyin felt that Nianfeng liked Muyun but she refused to admit it. He persuaded her to go back and talk to Su’s parents. After so many years of feelings, don’t listen to other people’s words.

After Nianfeng returned to Su’s house, Muyun’s mother was very happy to see her, but she said that she was back with luggage. When she returned to the room, she opened the box and started to pack things. She put clothes in the box. Mu Yun took the clothes out. She picked up the book to put it in. Mu Yun reached for the book in her hand, and she let him let go, he said He would not let go. Seeing that she insisted on leaving, he asked her to talk to her parents once, and she agreed.

When Nianfeng came to the living room, Su’s parents took out a photo of her with her biological parents, and said that they were good friends with Nianfeng’s parents. Nianfeng wanted to know if their parents’ car accident was related to them. Muyun’s mother said it was an accident. Nianfeng said she believed them. Muyun said that the recording Ouyang Qingxue gave her had been modified and he would accompany him. She finds out the truth together.

Nianfeng said no, she would find out the truth herself. She thanked them for their nurturing grace, but she didn’t want to have anything to do with them before that. Before leaving, she bowed deeply to Su’s parents, then turned and left.

Under Ouyang Qingxue’s instigation, Ouyang Yu’s subordinate Monica began to make things difficult for her work, and ridiculed that she had entered the company through the back door.

After get off work, Nianfeng ran into Ouyang Yu in the corridor of the company. Seeing that she was in a bad mood, he personally bartended her. After a few glasses of wine, Nianfeng became a little drunk, so Ouyang Yu helped her lie down on the sofa to rest. He sat beside him and fell asleep. Suddenly Nianfeng got up and left, but Ouyang Yu didn’t notice it.

Nianfeng in the sleepwalking walked onto the street, a car suddenly drove towards him, and a takeaway boy riding an electric car was dazzled by the headlights, his eyes could not be seen clearly, and he rode towards Nianfeng. Yun rushed over and pulled her to the side of the road, and the electric car passed them by. At this moment, Nianfeng woke up. She looked around blankly and wondered what had happened.

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