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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 3 Recap

Li Lang learned that Li Yuan had followed Nan Zhiya to the island, and rushed over without saying a word. Xu Jichang and the three fishermen went fishing together on the Yinhe, and suddenly encountered an accident. Twenty-eight days later, the three survivors returned safely.

Only Xu Jichang was killed. Xu Bingxi was overwhelmed with grief, so he paid homage to his father Xu Jichang at the beach. He cut his fingers on the spot and vowed to kill the three survivors. Li Lang saw this scene and promised to help her get revenge.

The fisherman who survived by chance on the Galaxy drowned in his toilet. Nan Zhiya and Li Yuan rushed to investigate and found that he was holding a lock of hair in his hand. Li Yuan believed that it was Xu Jichang’s and Nan Zhiya’s. He hurried to another fisherman’s house and found that he was eating raw meat frantically in the refrigerator. His mouth was covered with blood.

When Nan Zhia’s eyes were fierce, Nan Zhia forced him to live on for 28 days. The fisherman took it viciously. The dagger attacked Nan Zhiya and shouted that he wanted to eat meat. Li Yuan fisted and subdued him.

The fishermen yelled hysterically. He didn’t want to recall that period of time. At that time, Xu Jichang was seriously injured and the four of them were at sea. Wandering, hungry and thirsty, a desperate family conspired to kill Xu Jichang, and survived by eating his meat and his blood. The fisherman suddenly fell to the ground with a loud cry, shouting a bunch of hair, It’s also Xu Jichang’s.

Nan Zhiya did not dare to delay, and hurried to the small house where Zhenzhi was hiding, and saw a dragon king portrait hung on the wall, which was exactly the same as the other two fishermen’s houses. Nan Zhiya quickly took a picture and found that it was a picture. A python without feet. Li Yuan realized that the danger was approaching step by step, he ordered Nan Zhiya to leave the island immediately. Nan Zhiya resolutely stopped, and called his assistant Caihuan to go to the library to inquire about the murders that happened on the island.

Li Lang soon came to the grassy hill where the snake was suppressed, and discussed with the maiden who guarded the grassy hill. She wanted to release the python to take revenge on Li Yuan. The maiden knew that he and Li Yuan were half brothers and did not understand why he wanted Putting Li Yuan to death, Li Lang showed the scars on his stomach and repeatedly claimed that it was Li Yuan’s injury. He would rather go to hell with Li Yuan, and then go to the grave to find the fairy grass with human spirituality. He was going crazy. Retaliation.

Li Yuan called Du Yi Po to inquire about the whereabouts of the python that was killed by him. Du Yi Po also didn’t know about it. Back then, Li Yuan killed the python for the sake of An’s reincarnation. He was worried that the python would appear again.

Endangered the reincarnated An, and decided to investigate his whereabouts. Li Yuan saw the footless portrait of the Dragon King at the fisherman’s house, and learned that the painting was bought from the village’s grandma cluster.

Nan Zhiya came to Xu Bingxi and recognized Li Lang who was incarnation of Xu Bingxi at a glance. Li Lang had to show up and persuaded Nan Zhiya to cooperate with him to get rid of Li Yuan, and promised to tell the whereabouts of her parents after the incident.

Ya flatly refuses. After Li Yuan came in, Nan Zhiya told Li Lang about buying her. She firmly chose Li Yuan, a nine-tailed fox. The two of them ate instant noodles and chatted together. Li Yuan admitted that he was struggling to find reincarnation. First love.

Jin Yuli and a few big business men came to the Tianluo Girl Restaurant for dinner. Shen Zhou fell in love with the beautiful and generous Jin Yuli at first sight, but Jin Yuli didn’t appreciate it. Not only did he threaten Shen Zhou with a gun, he also snatched the necklace around his neck that could understand animal language. After leaving, Shen Zhou called Li Yuan to complain. Li Yuan asked him to grab it back. Shen Zhou didn’t dare. He once killed a fox, and he still has lingering fears.

Cai Huan quickly found out the four murders that had occurred on the island from 1953 to the present. The dead were all women. He called Nan Ji A to report one by one. Nan Ji A found out that the time was July 15 of the lunar calendar.

Huan advised Nan Zhiya to leave the island quickly. After Nan Zhiya came to investigate the mountain, he saw the town Zhiya on the same boat as Xu Jichang fled from a distance. Nan Zhiya caught up with him to understand the situation.

He raised an axe and chopped Nan Zhiya on the shoulder. Come to rescue. Li Yuan found herbs to apply to her. Nan Zhiya suddenly showed a fierce look and pinched Li Yuan’s neck tightly, claiming that she was the person Li Yuan killed and wanted to kill him for revenge.

Li Yuan bitterly asked who Zheng Zhiya was in front of him. Zheng Zhiya suddenly shouted hot. Li Yuan saw that the wound on her shoulder was gone. Li Lang suddenly appeared behind them. Li Yuan hurried Nan Zhiya away. He and Li The waves fought. Nan Zhiya ran a long way out in one breath. From a distance, she saw a homestay with a five-party flag. An aunt came out of it. She asked her parents for news.

She recognized her mother was pregnant at the time because her fetal position was incorrect. Came to the Dragon King Temple on the island to pray. The aunt asked Nan Zhiya to drink tea. She just took a symbolic sip. Nan Zhiya revealed that she was lying on the spot. Her mother, a doctor, would never believe this superstition. Fang Qi guessed that the woman in front of him was a shaman.

Just about to leave, Nan Zhiya suddenly fell to the ground in pitch darkness, only to realize that the tea was poisoned. Li Yuan then rushed to Caomu Mountain, begging the host here to take him to find Nan Zhiya. Suddenly, many fireflies floated in the sky, leading Li Yuan to find someone.

Nan Jia woke up in a daze, and saw the witch taking her to a well to kill her to pay homage to the trapped python. Li Yuan arrived in time, but the maiden set up an ambush with evening primroses all around, Li Yuan Can’t get close, seeing Nan Zhiya fall into the dry well, Li Yuan summons the wind and rain to break the ambush of the maiden and rescue Nan Zhiya.

Li Yuan gradually realized that Nan Zhiya’s words and deeds were very similar to A-En. He decided to stay with Nan Ji-a, hoping to find the reincarnated A-En through her. Nan Ji-a also realized that Li Yuan wanted to find clues from her. Will save oneself again and again. At the same time, the villagers came to the dry well together.

Early the next morning, Li Yuan and Xu Bingxi said goodbye and advised her not to curse again, or she would suffer retribution. At this moment, Nan Zhiya hurried over and she found that the village was empty.

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