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Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 5 Recap

Chen Jing’s death once again puzzled Lin Zhiheng. He felt that he was not suitable to remain in the doctor’s position. Lin Zhiheng applied to the hospital for resignation. Dean Liu resolutely disagreed and asked him to rest for a week and adjust his depressed state. Lin Zhiheng Had to give up.

Lin Zhiheng went to see Dr. Wang in the oncology department after get off work and asked him for the results of Xiong Dun’s examination. Dr. Wang worked overtime to drive out the test sheet and found that Xiong Dun had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Lin Zhiheng called Xiong Dun the first time she asked her Come to the hospital as soon as possible to get the results. Xiong Dun is staying up late working overtime with his colleagues to do copywriting, and can’t spare any time. Lin Zhiheng ordered her to come to the hospital at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. Before Xiong Dun could answer, he hung up the phone.

Xiong Dun came to the hospital to look for Lin Zhiheng on time. Lin Zhiheng told her truthfully that she had lymphoma. Xiong Dun didn’t believe him at all. He thought Lin Zhiheng was joking about her, but Xiong was dumbfounded when he saw Lin Zhiheng vowing to her. Lin Zhiheng told her in detail. As long as she actively cooperates with the treatment plan for lymphoma, there is a possibility of cure. Lin Zhiheng asked her to be hospitalized today. Xiong couldn’t accept the heavy blow for a while. She needed time to digest and wait until she thought about it.

Xiong Dun received a call from Amy in the elevator. She explained the truth to Amy. Amy was stunned. She ignored the date with Jason and rushed to the hospital to find Xiong Dun. Xiong Dun came to the oncology ward in a daze, but she was not prepared for anything, so she called Zheng Zhong and asked him to bring all his belongings to the hospital. The nurse arranged a bed for Xiong Dun, and she saw her patient Song Qingkuang when she walked in. Vomiting more than ever, Xiong Dun and Song Qing pity each other for the same illness, and the two are sympathetic to each other.

Song Qing encouraged Xiong Dun to face her illness. She was anxious to go to the company for a meeting and asked Xiong Dun to hide her doctor. Xiong Dun called Wang Yao to ask for leave, and hurriedly came to help Xiong Dun pay for his hospitalization.

Amy came to the hospital soon. She solemnly went to Lin Zhiheng with her feet, begging him to do another medical examination for Xiong Dun. Neither of them believed that Xiong Dun had cancer. Lin Zhiheng made it clear that Xiong Dun’s examination was correct. Amy notified Xiong Dun’s parents as soon as possible. Amy did not want them to worry, and wanted to handle Xiong Dun’s affairs as a family member. Then, Amy learned from Lin Zhiheng that the cure rate of lymphoma is very high.

Amy and Zheng Zheng came to see Xiong Dun in the ward together, and asked her about the cold. Xiong Dun smiled and acted optimistically, and let them be responsible for preparing chicken, duck, fish and pig’s hoof. Amy promised that she did not dare to face Xiong Dun and hurried to find An excuse to hide. Amy can’t bear such a big shock. He wanted to call Xiong Dun’s parents. Xiong Dun just heard him when he went out. He forcibly stopped Amy from calling. Xiong Dun begged Amy to conceal his condition and promised to cooperate with the doctor. treatment.

The nurse asked Xiong Dun about Song Qing’s whereabouts. Xiong Dun lied, but the nurse didn’t believe it. The female patient surnamed Qin in the same ward had just finished the operation. Her husband, Lao Zhang, stayed with her. Xiong Dun suggested that the children come and wait for her. Lao Zhang had to admit that they lied that the traveler was secretly coming for the operation, and their son had surgery next month. Therefore, Xiong Dun was sighing that it affected the child’s wedding.

Song Qing returned to the hospital very late and told Xiong Dun in detail about her condition. Song Qing had a hidden marriage to the company and finally got the position of director. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her qualifications as a mother. Xiong Dun It’s a pity for her. Lin Zhiheng faces patients with cancer who are on the verge of life and death every day. He is under a lot of pressure, so he often suffers from insomnia and can only be relieved by sleeping pills.

The nurse told Xiong Dun to pay another 20,000 yuan for treatment. Xiong Dun went directly to Lin Zhiheng for consultation. Lin Zhiheng advised her not to face it alone, but to inform her family. Xiong Dun firmly believed that he could survive. Xia Meng was suffering from triple-negative breast cancer. She came to the hospital again for chemotherapy. Dr. Wang suggested that she be removed by surgery to get effective control. Xia Meng firmly disagreed with the operation and asked Dr. Wang to arrange it as soon as possible.

Aunt Qin’s son wanted photos taken by her during the trip. Xiong Dun meticulously put on makeup and called Amy. Song Qing and Zheng Zhong took a group photo together. Aunt Qin closed her mouth happily and asked Lao Zhang to send the photo to her son. Song Qing sneaked away to the company for a meeting, Lin Zhiheng came to round, and Xiong Dun took cover for her.

Lin Zhiheng didn’t believe him. Xiong Dun couldn’t get Song Qing’s phone, so he had to look for it overnight, and finally found Song Qing sitting in the square watching the aunts While dancing, Xiong Dun hurried over to look for her, Song Qing had to admit that the company leader asked her relatives to replace her as the director, and she was fired by the company.

Song Qing suddenly received a call from her husband, saying that her husband was in a car accident on a motorcycle and could not go back to Shanghai on time. Song Qing lied that the chemotherapy was over and she insisted on looking for her husband, not even the last chemotherapy.

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