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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 12 Recap

Pang Haoyang rushed into the fire, risked his life to rescue Adou who was unconscious, and then quietly left before the ambulance arrived. Although he was dazed by the smoke at the time, Adou could still recognize the appearance of a lifesaver. As soon as he was discharged from the hospital, he asked Pang Haoyang to come out to express his gratitude. Pang Haoyang didn’t want to sacrifice the lives of innocent people because of his own business.

However, destroying Fu Lu’s server was considered a great achievement, and Adou’s debt was written off. The two talked about business affairs, and they actually had love for each other in their hearts, and they only almost broke the window paper.

In front of Xue Jiaqiang, the relationship between Adou and Pang Haoyang became a beauty. After telling Adou not to be used by others, Xue Jiaqiang rushed to Fulu’s lair. Fu Lu was furious over the destruction of the server. While asking Xue Jiaqiang to find someone to restore the data, he called the team to find Pang Haoyang to settle the account. Xue Jiaqiang jumped into the car with the server’s hard disk, and Zhuo Kai, who was hiding in the trunk, stole the beam and changed the post, took all the data, and handed it to Zhang Jizi.

From the restored data, Zhang Jizi found that Fu Lu was not only engaged in illegal website gambling, but also involved in a Ponzi scheme. After obtaining the conclusive evidence, Zhang Jizi ordered the arrest. At this time, Fu Ma had brought people and horses to Pang Haoyang. Pang Haoyang didn’t show weakness either. He had spoken to Zhuo Kai earlier. If Fu Lu started his hand first, he would fight back in the same way, so it was not against Wei Ye’s wishes.

The two sides fought hard. Fu Lu, who was thin, was Pang Haoyang’s opponent, and was beaten to his knees begging for mercy. But Fu Lu was unwilling to do so, and when Pang Haoyang called to ask Lord Lian to preside over justice, he took out a dagger and stabbed it. Pang Haoyang’s eyes were quick and his hands were quick, and he was about to stab Fu Lu’s heart after taking the dagger, but Zhuo Kai stopped him.

Thanks to Zhuo Kai’s stop, Pang Haoyang didn’t commit the crime of assault in front of the Criminal Intelligence Division who came over. Zhang Jizi arrested Fu Lu for fraud and illegal business operations. Fu Lu’s casino was also thoroughly searched, and all relevant personnel were brought back to the police station to record their statements. But the most important evidence was not found, and no one knew where Fu Lu hid the money.

Of course Fu Lu couldn’t explain where the money was. Without the stolen money, he could not be convicted. For extraordinary events, only extraordinary means can be used. Zhang Jizi warned Fu Lu that the police would release news that he used a Ponzi scheme to smuggle the money that should be turned over to the society. In this way, even if he escapes legal sanctions, Fu Lu will be punished by the law of the community, but he is afraid that it will be worse than going to jail.

Fu Lu was forced to do nothing and had to explain the shell account and password. A strange thing happened. There was no money in the account, and the huge sum had already been transferred away. The same thing happened to Pang Haoyang’s shell account. Fortunately, the automatic prevention system freezes the account, which saved most of the amount.

Knowing the two accounts and having the ability to invade, Zhuo Kai first thought of a person, Tan Huanxi. When Zhuo Kai and Zheng Shumei found Tan Huanxi, he was celebrating with Jiuzhiqiang for a huge sum of money. There were people from Pang Haoyang around the table, Tan Huanxi still did not change his face, and did not deny cooperating with Jiuzhiqiang. But at this moment, Xu Tiantang from the security intelligence agency received the tip and drove people over.

As a policeman, Xu Tiantian would not allow Zhuo Kai and Zheng Shumei to interfere with Tan Huanxi’s right to leave freely. In the evening, Xu Tiantang returned to the apartment and saw that the room was divided in half by Zheng Shumei. One wants to do things impartially, the other wants to guide others to be good, and a pair of good friends are like strangers for this.

It is Wei Zuorong who has been secretly helping Tan Huanxi. He also offered to cooperate and revoked the wanted order so that Tan Huanxi could return to Hong Kong. Qin Huanxi sold the shell account to the two giants of Chonglian in accordance with his request, so as to provoke Jiuzhiqiang to become a puppet of the security intelligence agency. Now that Tan Huan is happy, Wei Zuorong takes out the agreed remuneration, and Interpol investigates the information of the Eternal Gang. Tan Huanxi suspects that the establishment of the Eternal Gang is inextricably linked to the Wei family behind the Changxing Society. This sentence aroused Wei Zuorong’s vigilance.

Zhang Jizi reported the intelligence of Tan Huanxi behind the scenes to support Jiuzhiqiang at a high-level meeting at the headquarters, and was immediately questioned by inspector Wu Hexing of the Crime Investigation Division. But the Assistant Director is even more worried that the security intelligence agencies frequently intervene. If this continues, they will take all the credit.

The Crime Investigation Division was ordered to arrest Tan Huanxi and investigate the previous incident. Tan Huanxi has no fear. His current status is Fraha, a citizen of a small European country. It is not Tan Huanxi. The police have nothing to do with him. And five days later, it was the day to choose the patrons. Liu Li voluntarily withdrew and attributed all the money he made to Jiuzhiqiang. With the money Tan Huanxi stolen from Fu Lu, Jiuzhiqiang can be said to have a winning ticket. If Pang Haoyang wanted to sit in the hall, he had to expose Tan Huanxi’s trick and ask the police to confiscate the stolen money.

Just when Zheng Shumei tried her best to help her master Zhuo Kai investigate Tan Huanxi, she suddenly received a package. There is a USB flash drive in the package, which contains the undercover diary of Zhang Yuxuan, the undercover agent who died on duty, which records the details of her meeting with senior superintendent Chen Liqun in 2009. Chen Liqun asked her to secretly investigate the renegade black police suspected of illegal transactions with the underworld, namely Xu Tiantang who works in the eavesdropping team of the Criminal Intelligence Division.

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