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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 55 Recap

Luo Danfang unexpectedly reunited with Ding Xiaorou and Gao Tianshuo found Cai Danyan’s recording.

Luo Danfang went to his brother’s office to fetch the USB flash drive, and unexpectedly discovered the content about Ding Xiaorou being kidnapped. At this time, Liao Qianman also sent a movie of Dai Wenrou acting. Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu found out that they were the same person. Luo Jinlong came. When I went to the office to find Luo Yuefang, he saw the video.

Luo Yuefang came to the izakaya. He heard Dai Wenrou’s monologue and recognized him as Ding Xiaorou. This surprised him very much. He didn’t expect Ding Xiaorou to be alive. Luo Yuefang asked everyone to avoid him. He wanted to confirm something with Ding Xiaorou. Li Meiqi encouraged Luo Yuefang to clarify the matter, and Zhao Yinze took everyone back out.

Dai Wenrou didn’t know how she should face Luo Yuefang, let alone how to explain what happened six years ago, she suddenly had an inspiration and lied that she didn’t know if she was called Dai Wenrou, because she lost her memory six years ago, Luo Yue She told her about the two people falling in love six years ago, but Dai Wenrou said that she didn’t remember anything. Luo Yuefang believed her after seeing her like this. As soon as Luo Yuefang left, Dai Wenrou received a call and threw her directly on the ground.

Luo Jinlong and Captain Xu brought Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu to dinner. They quarreled as soon as they met. Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu were very worried. They were just warming up. They were old comrades and they had long been I learned about the affairs between Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang. Luo Yuefang sent someone to protect Dai Wenrou’s safety and tracked her whereabouts. After that, he told Li Meiqi what Dai Wenrou had said to him. He thanked Li Meiqi for being with him, otherwise he would not know how to deal with this matter. .

A Sam came to Gao Tianshuo’s house and learned that Gao Tianshuo was worried about Kang Shasha’s affairs. He deliberately said a gossip. Kang Shasha’s husband Xiao Shuoxin turned out to be a comrade. Gao Tianshuo told him not to spread these other people’s gossip. Liao Qianman came to the publishing house. She wanted to do her part for the publishing house, so she worked hard to clean up. Zhao Yinze was very moved when she saw it, because the entire building was outsourced, so he couldn’t bear to tell Liao the truth. Qian Man, but he decided to persevere and overcome the difficulties of Zexian Publishing House.

Captain Xu asked Du Mingshan and Gao Tianshuo to come to the publishing house and mentioned to them some relics left by Cai Danyan. Among them, there was a key chain with a tiger head that looked not his. Du Mingshan said she gave it to Cai Danyan’s daughter. After Captain Xu left, Gao Tianshuo remembered what Cai Danyan had done. He seemed to have stuffed something into the phone cases of him and Du Mingshan. After inspection, Gao Tianshuo found that there was a storage card hidden in Du Mingshan’s phone case.

Luo Jinlong came to Luo Yuefang and found that he was not in the office. Li Meiqi prepared a cup of tea for Luo Jinlong and told Luo Jinlong that Luo Yuefang already knew about Ding Xiaorou. Luo Jinlong turned and left without saying anything. The person he was going to meet was Ding Xiaorou. Ding Xiaorou was shaking when she saw Luo Jinlong. She hurriedly explained that she was forced to come to Taipei and promised to leave in a week. Luo Yuefang watched the conversation between the two.

Liao Shasha came to the publishing house aggressively. Liao Qianman came forward to accuse Kang Shasha on behalf of Du Mingshan, but Kang Shasha gave him a lesson. Liao Qianman was speechless and ran out alone. Du Mingshan quickly followed to comfort. Gao Tianshuo heard the recording of Cai Danyan. He knew that Cai Danyan was designed by someone. A Sam was very scared after listening to it. He didn’t want to listen anymore, so Gao Tianshuo quickly handed this recording to Captain Xu.

Li Meiqi asked Dai Wenrou to come to the izakaya and told Dai Wenrou what Luo Yuefang had said. Dai Wenrou did not expect that what she did in the past had such a big impact on Luo Yuefang, but she could only pretend to be unaware and wish Li Meiqi and Luo Yuefang can live happily.

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