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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 25 Recap

When Jun Jiang came out of the room, Yuan Shuai saw Jiang Jun’s face full of sadness, so he guessed it eight points, walked into Jiang’s mother’s room, Yuan Shuai asked the truth about the past. Jiang’s eyes were red, telling about Jiang’s father’s own brand of rice noodles, which was financed by MH. Jiang’s father opposed his brand’s acquisition by Group C. However, this happened by coincidence with food problems. In the case of insufficient capital turnover.

In order to make a living for the whole factory, Jiang’s father had to agree to the acquisition. Jiang’s mother firmly believed that Jiang’s father was irritated by external stimuli, and Yuan Shuai asked Jiang’s mother for the acquisition agreement that year, and prepared to investigate the matter for Jiang’s mother. With Yuan Shuai’s guarantee, Jiang’s mother let go of her prejudice against MH. After opening the agreement, Yuan Shuai discovered that the representative of Group C was Cao Heng.

On the other side, Du Lei is also studying the agreement of the year, thinking that Du Lei, who had not yet grown up, looked at the ancestral hall where Jiang’s father was sacrificed, with trembling hands and Du Lin’s indifferent words in his ears. Du Lei, who has learned to be indifferent, doesn’t want to be the same cold-blooded Du family again. At this time, Du Lei also wants to uncover the mystery behind all this.

When Su Chang and his girlfriend returned to Yuan Shuai’s apartment, they happened to ran into the property staff who was delivering New Year gifts. Helpless Su Chang concealed it in every possible way, but the property staff still broke through Su Chang’s lies. Xinxin, who learned the truth, was not angry at this time, and happened to ran into Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun who had returned home.

They found that the situation had changed, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai quickly became peacemakers, but they still could not calm Xinxin. Xinxin was so angry that it was not that Su Chang was not the so-called boss, but that the anger was lying to Su Chang. In order to turn the tide, Su Chang could only kneel down and admit his mistake, which made his girlfriend change his mind. Yuan Shuai’s apartment finally returned to its original owner, but at this time the sweet-loving Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun were still unwilling to separate, so the two decided to stay in Jiang Jun’s house temporarily.

Yuan Shuai was secretly investigating Jiang’s father without telling Jiang Jun. Starting from Cao Heng as clues, Yuan Shuai gradually began to act. After receiving the address from Su Chang, Yuan Shuai secretly specified his plan and left a message to Jiang Jun, making Jiang Jun wait for him. Jiang Jun thought that Yuan Shuai was still busy with official business, so he didn’t bother.

After returning to the company after the New Year holiday, Mr. Jiang heard the news that Lin Taimo, vice president of MH, had returned to the company. At this time, Mr. Jiang was asked about his relationship with Mr. Lin and could not speak for a while.

Lin Taimo decided to return to the investment banking department. Looking at Jun Jiang in front of him, Lin Taimo nodded and greeted him. This move inevitably attracted the cynicism of colleagues, but Jun Jiang as a party really had no intentions.

Du Lei found a woman who had a close relationship with Cao Heng. Who knows that this woman wearing gold and silver denies her relationship with Cao Heng, thinking that Du Lei is here to collect debts, but Du Lei has an idea and pretends to pay off the debt. The woman came up with a lot of information upon hearing it. Cao Heng’s gambling is hard to change, and he likes to go to underground casinos to be lucky.

Du Lei, who received the news, and Yuan Shuai, who heard the same information on the other side, set off to the underground casino at the same time. Du Lei proposed the intention of cooperation, and Yuan Shuai had to agree to this proposal in order to find out the truth. When the two arrived at the gate of the casino, Yuan Shuai preemptively pretended to be Du Lei’s boss and forced Du Lei to take out his wallet as a bribe. The two of them were walking into the casino.

The arrival of Lin Taimo caused a major change in the entire MH structure. Matthew was transferred to the headquarters, and President Fan’s power was gradually emptied. Lin Taimo called Jiang Jun, and the two chatted harmoniously. Lin Taimo suddenly mentioned Jiang’s father. It turned out that the rice noodle brand that was the first line of the year was cooperating with MH.

Lin Taimo was also in it. He said that he was responsible for finding company C. Come to buy the brand, but Jiang’s father died of illness, Jiang Jun listened in silence and interrupted Lin Taimo’s continuation. Looking at the independent and strong Jiang Jun, Lin Taimo stopped continuing, but suggested that he could help Jiang Jun a lot in the future. It sounded like a remedy, Jiang Jun just refused with a smile, and the relationship between the two was extremely harmonious.

Yuan Shuai and Du Lei waited in the casino until Cao Heng appeared. The tacit understanding of the two besieged and intercepted Cao Heng.

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