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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 8 Recap

The video of Su Nianfeng being falsely accused of abusing cats drew a lot of bad reviews. Su Muyun believed that the publisher had ulterior motives and Nianfeng didn’t know who she had offended. Her mobile phone rang suddenly, and Mu Yun took it to answer the voice of a girl accusing him from inside, and told her to get out of Mingxian. Mu Yun hung up the phone and told Nianfeng not to turn on the phone or go to crowded places during this time. .

But Nianfeng still has to go to class. Liu Zihui suggested that they should also record a video to clarify. So Nianfeng held the kitten snowball and told the story of the matter. Unexpectedly, the netizen said that her explanation was to cover up, and she had a face for herself. Washing white, Nianfeng felt very uncomfortable after seeing it.

She was reading in the library that day. When a girl passed by, she deliberately knocked the book off her desk and scolded her for shame. She got up to pick it up. Suddenly someone crouched down to help her pick up the book. She looked up and saw Ouyang Qingxue.

Ouyang Qingxue comforted her to wait for a while and everyone forgot about it. Nianfeng thanked her. Mu Yun walked over and said that Nianfeng was wronged. Time can make people forget everything but can’t return her innocence. Nianfeng was afraid that Mu Yun would let him go home first, but Mu Yun said he didn’t protect her and who would protect him, so he took her and left.

After returning, they recorded a fracture emergency video to restore the situation at the time. Unexpectedly, the netizens did not believe that she would stop acting. She carried her bag and went out. Just opened the door, a hanging blood doll suddenly appeared in front of her, shocked. She screamed, and Mu Yun hurried over to close the door. He held the trembling Nianfeng to let her not be afraid and encouraged her to face it bravely.

Mu Yun asked the basketball players to help him solve the video turmoil. He also said that Nianfeng and Liu Zihui are good friends. Lin Di said that Zihui called Mu Yun his boyfriend, and Mu Yun said that it is impossible for him and Zihui to have someone he likes.

As soon as Lindy heard it, he immediately said that it was on him. With the help of his teammates, the comments on the Internet began to lean towards Nianfeng. Nianfeng was watching the comments on the computer at home and couldn’t help but kiss Mu Yun happily, boasting that he was the most intimate little padded jacket.

Things are moving in a good direction. Someone adopted Snowball, and Nianfeng told the coffee shop owner who adopted it to pay attention to giving Xueball medicine and calcium tablets. Mu Yun said that she cares about it better than staying to work.

After all, she knows it best. , The boss agrees that Nianfeng is very happy to work here. At this time, Ouyang Qingxue walked into the coffee shop and bought a latte. She chatted with Nianfeng and left. Nianfeng happily told Muyun that Ouyang Qingxue would be friends with her, but Muyun told her to stay away from Ouyang Qingxue.

On this day, Mu Yun was preparing for an important presentation. Suddenly Nianfeng called and asked him to save her. It turned out that there was a kid in the coffee shop who wanted to cut the beard of a snowball. Nianfeng prevented him from being quarreled by the boss and became angry.

After Nianfeng quit, she had to take the snowball. The boss refused to let her take the snowball and asked her to pay a penalty of 50,000 yuan. After Mu Yun arrived, she used legal provisions to argue that the boss was contract fraud, and Nianfeng should call the police. The boss immediately relented and let them go.

Nianfeng was eating in the cafeteria that day, Zihui ran over and told her that she had found a new owner for Xueqiu. She was chatting that Lindy and her teammates came and sat in front of them. Zihui asked him not to interfere with her chatting with her sister-in-law. , Lindi said that Mu Yun didn’t like her, Zihui said that it was okay and then got up and Nianfeng left. Lindi was so angry that she picked up the vinegar in front of her and drank it.

Because of Mu Yun’s outstanding performance in the basketball team, the coach asked him to replace Lindy as the captain. Some teammates fought for Lindy and said that Mu Yun was in love and won the position on the court. Mu Yun said that he wanted to be the captain and see him on the court. Afterwards, Zihui and Nianfeng came to the basketball team to see Muyun and gave the water they bought to the players. Lin Di felt that Zihui was particularly good with Muyun, and even more angered.

Muyun organized training for everyone. The team members stood on Lindi’s side and did not listen to his instructions, and threw the water sent by Zihui to the ground. Leave the training. The coach came back and fined his teammates who were fighting infighting to do push-ups. He also fined his son Lindy to run 2000 meters on the playground.

Su Nianfeng’s paper is well written, and is highly regarded by the professor. He plans to take Nianfeng to the United States to participate in an academic seminar. Nianfeng is very happy to hear it. The two were chatting that Zihui ran over and said that Mu Yun was in danger in the basketball court, and Nianfeng hurried out of the classroom.

It turned out that someone on the basketball team was looking for faults and Mu Yun started. Fortunately, Nian Feng, Zihui and others came to stop it. People from Ouyang Group, the sponsor of the basketball team, also came. They said that if this happens again, the basketball team will consider withdrawing funds.

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