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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 24 Recap

Jiang Jun came to the kitchen to watch Yuan Shuai cook. Jiang’s mother urged Yuan Shuai to rest, but he was not as active as Yuan Shuai. But watching the close interaction between Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai. Jiang Mu’s expression was thoughtful. After the three of them sat down, Jiang Mu, the old Jianghu, began to turn around and ask Yuan Shuai.

Although the questions were denied one by one, Jiang Mu had already answered her heart. The atmosphere was harmonious, but Jiang’s mother mentioned the “wicked man” who stole Jiang Jun’s speech that year. When Yuan Shuai heard Jiang’s mother’s tone full of resentment, he threw himself on his knees and confessed to Jiang’s mother seriously when he thought that he could no longer hide things.

With the help of Jiang Jun, Jiang’s mother had to forgive Yuan Shuai’s “evil deeds” for taking the speech manuscript by mistake. Jiang’s mother still pours Yuan Shuai a cup and a cup. Full of red wine, I deliberately wanted to pour Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai, who was already jealous, couldn’t refute Jiang Mu, so he could only drink one cup after another. When Yuan Shuai’s wine glass was empty, Jiang’s mother was relieved of the wine glass and officially began to eat.

The homeless Xu Li returned to the convenience store to help her colleague look at the store, and her colleague also happened to mention the incident of Li Xiaochuan getting drunk last night. Looking at the familiar window, Xu Li’s memories flooded her head one after another. , The lacrimal gland finally broke out.

Mother Jiang, who was about to put everything down, brought fruits to Yuan Shuai to show her good. Yuan Shuai saw that Jiang’s mother gradually loosened his tone, and then revealed the news that he had a girlfriend. Who knew Jiang’s mother changed rapidly when he heard that, and turned around. Just left, did not leave Yuan Shuai to say that his girlfriend was Jiang Jun. The angry mother Jiang ordered Jiang Jun to take Yuan Shuai home immediately, and even took photos of the late Jiang’s father to complain and scolded Yuan Shuai for his “scumbag” behavior.

Yuan Shuai, who was a cow and horse in Jiang’s family, was so tired that he had lost half of his life, but the cruel Jiang Mu threw Xia and let Yuan Shuai sleep in the living room. But Jiang Jun, who distressed Yuan Shuai, came out with a thick quilt in the middle of the night and put on Yuan Shuai. But how could Yuan Shuai let go of Jiang Jun so easily, and the two stayed together on the sofa all night. When Jiang Jun wanted to sneak away, he found that Jiang Mu had already been sitting angrily on the side, seeing everything about the two of them. Seeing that the situation was not good, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai quickly jumped away.

Jiang’s mother began to reprimand Jiang Jun and persuaded Jiang Jun to turn around. Seeing that things could not be hidden, Yuan Shuai generously admitted to Jiang’s mother his relationship with Jiang Jun. But Jiang Mu pretended to be sleepwalking and quickly fled the scene. After returning to the room, Jiang’s mother happily held the picture of Jiang’s father and happily reported the relationship between Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai.

The next day, the happy mother Jiang prepared a table of dishes and greeted Yuan Shuai graciously. Yuan Shuai told Jiang’s mother how he missed Jiang’s rice noodles. Who knew Jiang’s mother served a bowl of “Shiquan Da” Make up the rice noodles to reward Yuan Shuai. Jun Jiang immediately became an existence at the bottom of the food chain. After receiving a call from a card friend, Jiang’s mother decided to take Yuan Shuai to show off.

Yuan Shuai did not disappoint Jiang’s mother and dressed up. Not only did she give Jiang’s mother a lot of face between her aunts and her mother-in-law, she also helped the aunts make a lot of money by making cards. Such a high-quality boy instantly became the hottest son-in-law’s choice. At this time, Jiang’s mother unveiled the relationship between Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun, making her friends jealous. It was really unpleasant.

On the way home, Yuan Shuai bought fried chestnuts for Jiang Jun. This brought back the memories of Jiang’s mother, and Jiang’s father often bought chestnuts for Jiang Jun. And Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai also shared this warmth. Seeing Yuan Shuai’s care for Jun Jiang, Jiang Mu asked Yuan Shuai not to be the one who caused Jun Jiang to cry. And Yuan Shuai also officially assured Jiang Mu that he would protect Jiang Jun forever.

Back home, the three of them shared food, but Jiang Jun accidentally spilled water on Yuan Shuai. Jiang’s mother hurriedly helped Yuan Shuai take off his coat, but unexpectedly found Yuan Shuai’s work card and learned that Yuan Shuai was the same as Jiang Jun. Working in MH company, Jiang Mu’s face suddenly darkened, and she called Shang Jiang Jun to the room, while Yuan Shuai looked confused.

It turned out that Jun Jiang had concealed his career. When Jiang’s mother recalled that the investment bank had killed Jiang’s father, her eyes were red with anger, and she insisted on Jiang Jun’s resignation…

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