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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 2 Recap

In the week after Xue Jiaqiang and Zhu Qian lost contact, the police sorted out clues at the time. That gang that trafficked in humans for prostitution seemed to disappear from the world without any clues. The high-level police department ordered that they must be found as soon as possible to find out whether the information leak caused the criminal to flee, or whether the source of the information was wrong. The criminal group is purely fictional.

The contact person of Xue Jiaqiang, Officer Liang of the Criminal Intelligence Section, is hard to tell. As a colleague, Zhang Jizi has the responsibility to help him find Xue Jiaqiang and clarify the facts. It was found from the second-hand market that Zhu Qian’s watch appeared and was still bought. When Adou came to the location, he saw Zhuo Kai standing in front of the foot therapy shop with a smile.

Both sides knew that there was no need to talk nonsense. The only way to find Xue Jiaqiang is to cooperate. Zhang Jizi came to the cafe and exposed to the face that Zhuo Kai had moved his hands and feet on the phone.

Zhang Jizi’s active and alternative thinking is indeed suitable for intelligence work. Her first thought was that Zhuo Kai wanted to take the opportunity of cooperation to inquire about police intelligence, and then disclose it to the gang. So even if Zhuo Kai tried her best to show sincerity and handed over the watch, she could not get her full trust.

According to the location record in the watch, Zhang Jizi and Zhuo Kai, who were an informant, came to the building where Zhu Qian had stayed after escaping from the hotel with Erbao. Zhu Qian stayed at the Kangyi Medical Center on the ninth floor of the building for three hours that night. Zhang Jizi also found from the second-hand market surveillance that the person selling the mobile phone was named Chen Zhiming, who was a staff member of the medical center.

When Zhu Qian first entered the modeling agency, she was also examined at this medical center. Moreover, the inspection items obviously exceed the ordinary STD inspection, which makes people doubt the real motivation behind it.

Adou was ordered to enter the Kangyi Medical Center undercover and work as a front desk. In the internal employee system, no person named Chen Zhiming was found. But the investigators did track him to work here, and Adou started with his attendance records and found some unregistered access cards. These access cards were used at night. When Adou lowered his head to investigate, he missed Xue Jiaqiang, who passed by the front desk and went straight into the office of Dr. Han Jianyi.

On that day, Xue Jiaqiang was wounded on his body and stumbled and hit by Dr. Han’s car. Because Xue Jiaqiang refused to go to the hospital, Dr. Han took him to the medical center and sutured the wound with his own hands.

Today, Xue Jiaqiang took a friend’s medical record and asked Dr. Han for some advice. In fact, the advice is false, and Xue Jiaqiang suspects that it is true that Dr. Han is engaged in the sale of personal organs. Dr. Han said that it would take sixteen months for the patient to wait for a suitable heart. Xue Jiaqiang hinted that he would like to buy a heart at a high price, instead of being driven out angrily by Dr.

Only then did Adou see Xue Jiaqiang’s appearance clearly, and while chasing out the door, he reported to Chief Inspector Zhang who was monitoring nearby. The surveillance personnel heard that Xue Jiaqiang had lured Dr. Han to do something illegal, and they were all angrily. Only Zhang Jizi, who sat in the back row, understood that Xue Jiaqiang’s purpose was by no means simple.

Xue Jiaqiang walked into the stairwell, turned around and shut Adou into the bathroom, who was following. At night, Xue Jiaqiang waited until Han Jianyi got off work and forced him into the trunk with a gun. Driving the car, Xue Jiaqiang noticed a car following behind. Look at the driver’s appearance, like an old friend Zhuo Kai. Back then, it was Zhuo Kai who killed Qian Rui’an on his behalf and charged him. Now, Xue Jiaqiang has a hard time saying, he can only increase the throttle, turn the direction sharply, and leave quickly.

Xue Jiaqiang tied Han Jianyi onto a luxury yacht and stated clearly that the client had appointed Dr. Han to go abroad for surgery, and he would be paid a lot afterwards. As soon as the voice fell, the phone rang. The client had just passed away, the operation could not be completed, and Dr. Han could not be let go, Xue Jiaqiang had nothing but to stop. Unexpectedly, someone would catch up to the yacht by speedboat. Han Jianyi changed his trembling appearance and thought he could control life and death and distribute life.

After he rescued Xue Jiaqiang that day, he investigated and found out that Xue Jiaqiang was the former Hongying restaurant, and he ate both black and white. Xue Jiaqiang did a lot of play, and when Han Jianyi showed his true colors, he softened his attitude and loosened the rope tied with Han Jianyi’s hands. Sure enough, Han Jianyi was deceived, and he liked Xue Jiaqiang’s skill and willingly accepted it.

Xue Jiaqiang came to the tunnel, where he and Zhuo Kai often met back then, and told what happened that night. Seeing that Zhu Qian was robbed into the car, he finally stopped another car and chased it. But it was too late. Zhu Qian had her organs removed at the Kangyi Medical Center and died. Therefore, Xue Jiaqiang deliberately created opportunities to approach Han Jianyi, in order to find out the source of the information leakage, eradicate the entire organ smuggling group, and avenge Zhu Qian.

In the Intelligence Department, Adou was still worried about being attacked by Xue Jiaqiang. But Inspector Zhang didn’t know, Xue Jiaqiang was already merciful. She ordered Adou to stop investigating Xue Jiaqiang and concentrate on staying at Kangyi Medical Center to observe the situation. The next day, Zhang Jizi met Zhuo Kai and the second treasure who reported missing, Huang Baoying, a Taiwanese female.

Hearing that Zhu Qian had died to save Huang Baoying, Zhang Jizi sighed, and then he understood Xue Jiaqiang’s inexplicable behavior at Kangyi Medical Center. It is impossible to stop Xue Jiaqiang. If he wants to come back safely, he can only cooperate with each other to find the black police who leaked the information and help Xue Jiaqiang complete the task.

At this time, Xue Jiaqiang is welcoming the first test, to meet with Klein, the international black market organ broker. As long as Xue Jiaqiang met Klein and negotiated a business, he could become Han Jianyi’s confidant in the future. Klein had heard of Xue Jiaqiang, and the business talks went smoothly. But when Xue Jiaqiang returned to the car with 30% of the deposit, three masked men suddenly appeared and snatched the cash box.

Xue Jiaqiang has seen this kind of black and black tricks a lot, and he also knew that Klein was going to lead him to meet. It turned out that Klein wanted not to cooperate with Han Jianyi, but all his business. Klein has well-connected customers and is out of stock. If someone responds internally, they can grab Han Jianyi’s supply. Xue Jiaqiang thoughtfully, took the cash box handed over by Klein, and had a clear plan in his mind.

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