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For You and Me

For you and me (Novel)
Other Name: 为你我受尽冷风吹

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Huashu Fireworks
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Li Wan Huo Siting under the condensed and sophisticated writing of the author Huashu Fireworks The story between. I have suffered the cold wind blowing for you. The main point of the novel is: After Li Wan and Huo Siting are together, everyone thinks how lucky Li Wan is, but only Li Wan knows how sad he is.

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As night fell, the man who hadn’t appeared for a long time finally appeared in the ward.

Li Wan didn’t hysterize him when he saw him. You contacted me from the beginning just to find a blood bank for Huoning, right? It seems to be just a very ordinary question.

After listening to her questioning, Huo Siting’s cold face finally felt a little flustered.

Such a heartbroken, indifferent tone like never before.

Looking at Li Wan on the bed, Huo Siting showed a deep and solemn expression on his facial features.

Yes, I will check Ningning’s friends again. When I first found out that your blood type was the same as Ningning, I did think about it. However, I really liked you later, so you said that as a blood bank, I hope you will not talk about it anymore.

Li Wan looked at his expression carefully, not missing a point.

The expression and expression all show that what he said is true.

It’s really funny, this man can sacrifice so much for Huoning!

There was a sardonic smile on Li Wan’s face. You have been impure since you contacted me. You dare to say that you like me? You said this because you want me to do it, and you want me to continue to be your blood bank willingly, doing your love with peace of mind.? Where did I offend you? Let you do this to me?

Every word was soaked with despair and hatred, and Huo Siting’s heart trembled.

I know I was wrong at the beginning. Huo Siting tried to explain that although I cannot give you a marriage, in this life, I will only have children with you!

So you can’t give yourself a family in your life?

So I can only be raised by him in my life, When he sees shameless love? ? ?

Li Wan was already cold-blooded by him. I just want to know, did you know that Huoning’s kidney is mine from the beginning?

The man didn’t say anything, just looking at her, the ward was very quiet, only her small voice was quiet.

After a while, the man said, no, I didn’t know at that time, but then Ningning had something to do and needed a blood transfusion. I contacted Xue Qingqing and found that her blood type was not suitable, so I checked this matter.

That’s why you decided to raiseI am! Li Wan used a positive tone in this sentence.

Otherwise, like him, the number one golden single in Jiangcheng, those ladies who want to marry him can line up to the river, how can they be regarded as an orphan like him without a father or mother.

Li Wan felt that he was a very selfish person and would not allow himself to be a blood bank, even if the other party was his own best friend.

Huo Siting closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

This kind of reaction is admitted!

what! That’s it!

I knew from the time I was born that if I hadn’t given Xue Qingqing a kidney transplant when he was an adult, they would never let her survive.

Xue Qingqing’s life is really good, because it was her grandmother who had a daughter in her later years, and her health was not good, so she wanted someone else to make her wedding gown.

However, she wants to marry a wealthy family, so why should she use her kidney as a bridge!

Why! ! !

Thinking that I hadn’t graduated and returned to China, I was kidnapped by them and gave my kidneys directly. This kind of affection is simply cold-blooded and terrifying. How can there be such relatives in this world.

Li Wan has been crying too much in the past few days, and now, his eyes have dried up and no tears can flow out.

Now, after knowing everything, the breath that hung in his heart after being with Huo Siting suddenly relaxed, his heart calm as water.

This man is handsome, handsome and rich, familiar and strange.

He is so nice, so after she promised to be with him, she has been suffering from gains and losses.

I’m afraid he will leave her one day.

Never got it, maybe it won’t be painful.

Gaining and losing is the most suffering.

She still wanted to ask him, did you love me? Even for a moment.

Forget it.

Sometimes, people still don’t torture themselves.

Some truths are better not to be known.

Huo Siting watched deeply the expression on her face from excitement to calmness, and his deep eyes flashed with a few pieces of light from time to time.

For a long time, said: You wait for me for five years. After five years, I can divorce and marry you. A successful businessman needs a happy family to support him, which is why he doesn’t want that child.

This man, as expected, is as cold-blooded as the rumors!

Five years? Who can wait for five years?

What’s more, I have to be that everyone’s yelling mistress, what he said!

impossible! Looking at the man, Li Wan said firmly.

However, she was still not reconciled, she still couldn’t let it go. Even if she was like this, he wanted to ask him to change his mind and defend him in his heart. He did this because of hardship, and in the end she even lied to herself. However, even God couldn’t control her own heart. Her lie was repeated ten thousand times and it didn’t become true. The sand tower collapsed in an instant, devastating.

Blame him all, blame him for not liking himself, blame him for only conspiracy and deception.

There was a faint pain in his stomach, he looked up at his deep eyes and straight lip line, and said calmly: Get out!

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