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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 48 End Recap

Li Siyu and Gu Xiaoling can’t contact Lei Haowen now. Gu Xiaoling called Chen Yiming and asked him if he knew where Lei Haowen was. He also told him about Lei Haowen. After Chen Yiming knew about it, he went to Mr. Gong. Mr. Gong happened to be there. On the phone with Wang Ziru, Wang Ziru asked Mr. Gong to entertain Chen Yiming and told him not to talk nonsense. After Chen Yiming came in, he directly asked him if he knew where Lei Haowen was. Mr. Gong was still acting stupid. Chen Yiming asked the majority shareholder behind him. Mr. Gong didn’t talk about who it was, and Chen Yiming beat Mr. Gong to the ground with a fist.

He Mu came to pick up Gu Xiaoling to get married at the Civil Affairs Bureau this day, but Gu Xiaoling was still thinking about Lei Haowen, absent-minded all the way. At the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Gu Xiaoling suddenly hesitated. She asked He Mu if she could obtain the certificate later. She was really in a bad mood and emotionally confused.

However, He Mu said that he had made all the plans after obtaining the certificate, and he told Gu Xiaoling not to do it anymore. But Gu Xiaoling said that she didn’t want to get the certificate today. She wanted to turn around and leave, but He Mu grabbed her and let her control her emotions. Gu Xiaoling broke out completely, saying that she had been there since the first sight of He Mu. Controlling her emotions, she did not relax for a second.

Gu Xiaoling threw He Mu away and walked into a convenience store. She opened the freezer and took out a bottle of beverage and drank it. Halfway through the drink, He Mu came in, and Gu Xiaoling looked in the mirror. Li’s self suddenly removed her makeup in front of He Mu, and said that she was not an elegant and calm person at all, and she did not love He Mu at all. Gu Xiaoling finally said what she was saying, and she felt relieved for a while. , She returned the five million He Mu gave her back, and left with ease.

As soon as Gu Xiaoling took a few steps, he accidentally slapped his foot and fell on the road. Gu Xiaoling took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Lei Haowen, saying that he had broken up with He Mu and wanted to see Lei Haowen. Lei Haowen still did not reply to Gu Xiaoling’s news. Gu Xiaoling suddenly remembered that Lei Haowen had told her about her dream after success in the future. She went to the casino to find Lei Haowen with the idea of ​​giving it a try, and she actually found it.

Gu Xiaoling beat and scolded Lei Haowen, but Lei Haowen never reacted, let Gu Xiaoling beat and scold, until after Gu Xiaoling said that he had broken up with He Mu, Lei Haowen’s eyes had a bright light, Gu Xiaoling talked about Lei Haowen and himself When getting along, Lei Haowen was a little moved, but he felt that Gu Xiaoling was trying to deceive himself to go back. Gu Xiaoling said that she had never deceived Lei Haowen. Only in front of Lei Haowen could she be the truest self. , She persuaded Lei Haowen to go back and surrender, she was willing to wait for Lei Haowen to be with him after he was released from prison. With Gu Xiaoling’s efforts, Lei Haowen went back and surrendered.

Chen Yiming investigated the major shareholder behind Mr. Gong. Soon, Chen Yiming found out that Wang Ziru was behind the scenes. Chen Yiming was heartbroken. He also found out that during the bribery storm, the mercenary navy attacked Lubao. Prince Ru. Chen Yiming went to Tianyi Group to find Wang Ziru, saying that he already knew what Wang Ziru was doing. Wang Ziru didn’t excuse him when he saw it. He asked Chen Yiming why he wanted to find himself.

Chen Yiming said he was here to save their relationship, Wang Zi. Ru breathed a sigh of relief, and then told Chen Yiming her plan and the reasons for freezing Dolphin. If Emerald was not acquired by the FCC Group this time, she would lose all of her property and shares in Dolphin. Chen Yiming also saw something. With a soft heart, he said that he could help Wang Ziru restore the public’s impression of Green Treasure. Although Wang Ziru felt that Chen Yiming’s approach had little effect, he refused to give up and had to make the last effort.

Despite Chen Yiming’s support, Wang Ziru paid the price for his behavior, was heavily in debt, and was arrested by the police. Lei Haowen has also received his due punishment and is about to be released on bail. Gu Xiaoling is also waiting for Lei Haowen with anticipation. Li Siyu has succeeded in starting a business, but her path forward is far from over. She will continue to struggle on the road to entrepreneurship and enjoy the entrepreneurial process. Chen Yiming and others will also become better selves in their own lives.

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