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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 22 Recap

Everyone in the company already knew about Qiao Na’s mistake. Jiang Jun heard the whole story of Yuan Shuili protecting Qiao Na, frowned, and worried about Yuan Shuai who was about to face a war. Seeing Yuan Shuai’s determined step, Jiang Jun cast a caring look. And Yuan Shuai quietly closed the blinds and looked at Jiang Jun’s figure.

Li Xiaochuan called Du Lei to discuss the recent funding issues of West World Corporation, but the experienced Du Lei saw at a glance that it was just a deviation in the classification of the capital expenditure rate. Xu Li listened together and raised the issue by the way. Du Lei graciously accepted the suggestion that the three had dinner together to discuss it.

Yuan Shuai was busy solving major mistakes, and Jiang Jun could only stand alone in his empty girlfriend. Even after finishing all the housework and chores, he didn’t wait for Yuan Shuai’s return. He only waited for Yuan Shuai’s voice reply. When he thought that Yuan Shuai and Jonah were in the same room, Jiang Jun said Although he was not angry, he still couldn’t help holding Wangcai tightly in his hand and frowned unwillingly.

Yuan Shuai and Qiao Na have been busy all night for the new plan. Looking at Yuan Shuai who is working hard in front of them, Qiao Na is grateful, and Yuan Shuai only explained the assistance at the level of the superiors, subordinates, and working partners for many years. The necessity. Qiao Na knew that this time Yuan Shuai’s strength guarantee was likely to drag Yuan Shuai herself, but she was still grateful. So, Jonah took out the photos of Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai taken on her phone that night and promised to delete the photos.

Yuan Shuai and Qiao Na responded tacitly to each other again. But this scene was seen by Jun Jiang. Jiang Jun, who was speechless for a long time, squeezed his love breakfast bag tightly, and left angrily. When I returned to my seat, I received a call from the secretary of Xinshuo Technology. The other party wanted to do the first public recruitment and asked Mr. Jiang to meet. After confessing to his colleagues, Jiang Jun hurriedly left.

Desperate to come up with a new plan, Jiang Jun and Qiao Na showed their professional faces to the customers. When the meeting was over, Qiao Na asked Yuan Shuai again to have a chat.

Du Lei received an unfamiliar message at home. There was a picture in the message. Du Lei took a closer look and found that it was Jiang Jun sleeping in a bed in a well-dressed dress. The calm mood was stirred up by the stone. Du Lei hurriedly called back, but the person on the other end of the phone just mysteriously said that everything was just a test and gave Du Lei a location. After receiving the detailed location, Du Lei grabbed his jacket and hurried over. Accelerating all the way to the hotel, running to the door of the room, regardless of everyone’s obstacles, kicked the door open, picked up the sleepy Jiang Jun, and came to the hospital.

Yuan Shuai asked his colleague about Jiang Jun’s whereabouts, and his colleague only talked about Jiang Jun going out to see customers. When Yuan Shuai called Jiang Jun, no one answered him.

Looking at Jiang Jun lying quietly on the hospital bed, Du Lei felt a circle of touches in his heart. At this time, Xu Li and Xiaochuan came to the hospital after receiving the news. Du Lei withdrew his emotional face again, pretending to calmly explain Jiang Jun’s current situation, and instructed Xu Li to take care of Jiang Jun, but he walked out of the ward and called Du Lin.

When Yuan Shuai received the news from Xiaochuan, he rushed to the ward out of breath. When Xiaochuan talked about Du Lei, Yuan Shuai’s eyebrows were twisted together. At this time, Jiang Jun just woke up, and the anxious Yuan Shuai pulled Jiang Jun into his arms, Xu Li and Xiaochuan also took the opportunity to exit. Yuan Shuai blamed Jiang Jun for neglecting Jiang Jun because of his work, and Jiang Jun had to turn his head back to comfort Yuan Shuai with a good voice.

Xu Li and Xiaochuan walked out of the ward, remembering how Yuan Shuai was hugging Jiang Jun just now. Xu Li yearned for it, and asked if Xiaochuan had ever been intimate with his girlfriend. For some reason, Xiaochuan who heard the question stared at him. Xu Li’s appearance was so strange that she even blushed. Seeing Ogawa’s innocence to escape, Xu Li thought Ogawa was really cute.

Yuan Shuai asked the doctor about Jiang Jun’s situation, but the fact was not like Du Lei’s hypoglycemia. The doctor mentioned that Jiang Jun had a large dose of sleeping pills on his body under examination. Yuan Shuai once again Remembering the appearance of Du Lei mentioned by Xu Li…

Du Lei rushed to the coffee shop and questioned Du Lin. But Du Lin didn’t care about it. Facing Du Lei’s questioning, Du Lin mentioned that Du Lei was also involved in the acquisition of Jiang Jun’s father’s restaurant back then, accusing Du Lei of being a member of Jiang Jun’s father to death. Hearing these words, Du Lei sat blankly on the spot. When the young fashionista Du Lei realized that something was wrong in the acquisition case, his sister Du Lin urged Du Lei to complete the acquisition as soon as possible, so that he could help Du Lei sit in the position of vice president.

Du Lei, who was motivated by the moment, accelerated The process of the acquisition indirectly led to the death of Jiang Jun’s father. Unexpectedly, everything was controlled by Du Lin, and Du Lei gradually began to lose control of his emotions. But Du Lin, who had no bottom line at all, attracted Du Lei’s disgust. Du Lei cast a contemptuous look at Du Lin.

Du Lei, who wanted to vent his pressure and came to the boxing gym, ran into Yuan Shuai, who had been waiting for a long time. Yuan Shuai, who felt that something was strange, naturally blamed Du Lei for everything, but Du Lei admitted that he would not hurt Jiang Jun. But Yuan Shuai would naturally not listen to the words of his rival, and announced to Du Lei that he had established a relationship with Jiang Jun. Upon hearing this “fatal” speech, Du Lei gritted his teeth secretly with jealousy and watched Yuan Shuai leave.

Back home, Yuan Shuai asked Su Chang to investigate the mastermind behind all this, but the matter was not that simple. Su Chang assured Yuan Shuai that he would continue the investigation. After Jiang Jun came out of the shower, Yuan Shuai turned on the “Nagging” mode, caring about Jiang Jun’s food and clothing and caring about Jiang Jun’s body. Who knew Jiang Jun’s mother suddenly made a video call. In order to cover up his love affair, Jiang Jun could only tell Yuan Shuai “kicked” on the soles of his feet. Hearing Jiang Jun’s plan to go home for the New Year’s Eve, Yuan Shuai, who was left alone in Shanghai, could not help feeling lonely. .

Unexpectedly, Jiang Jun looked lonely and talked about the death of his father. Yuan Shuai learned the whole process of Jiang Jun’s father’s accident. Jiang Jun wanted to enter the capital world because he wanted to know whether the capital world was really so indifferent. In the world of investment banking, Yuan Shuai mentioned that a long-term vision is the key to success, but he turned his head and talked about going home during the Chinese New Year, but Jiang Jun couldn’t argue, he could only nod his agreement.

Xu Li and Xiaochuan ate skewers together and also talked about the topic of the New Year. Xiaochuan believes that the New Year is just an excuse for people to maintain social relationships, but Xu Li pays more attention to the atmosphere behind the festival and the meaning of reunion. Perhaps influenced by Xu Li’s thinking, Xiaochuan also took the initiative to talk about the trivial matters of the New Year. The atmosphere between the two continued to be warm in the cold winter night.

Cao Heng was very happy at the gambling table, but received calls from Du Lei again and again. When he answered the phone, Du Lei wanted to ask Cao Heng out in the name of his sister Du Lin, but Cao Heng was very unhappy. To avoid the past that happened with Du’s sister and brother, he just said that he was out of town and it was inconvenient to meet, so he hung up Du Lei’s call. Du Lei’s eyes suddenly cooled down when the alert sound came from the other end of the phone…

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