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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 21 Recap

Du Lei expressionlessly rejected Du Lin’s confession, but Du Lin broke down to tears, crying and begging Du Lei not to leave her, but Du Lei just regarded the relationship between the two as a sibling and admitted that she already had it. the person I like. After returning home, Du Lin found her subordinates to investigate Jiang Jun’s information. Looking at the girl with a bright smile in the photo, Du Lin thought silently.

Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai, who had just confirmed their relationship, couldn’t help themselves in the elevator. Their enthusiasm burned all the way from the elevator to the door. Unexpectedly, Xiaochuan, who was preparing for a user return visit, recorded everything at the door with his mobile phone lens. At Jiang Jun’s reminder, Yuan Shuai rushed to Xiaochuan and forced Li Xiaochuan to delete the video…

The purpose of Li Xiaochuan’s visit this time was to do a return visit for the only 100% match user in the software. Unexpectedly, he witnessed the hot scene with his own eyes. Yuan Shuai ordered Li Xiaochuan to delete the video, but it didn’t follow Xiaochuan’s wishes. Jiang Jun had to Nodded and agreed to the request for a return visit. After the two answered, Li Xiaochuan finally learned that Yuan Shuai had secretly loved Jiang Jun for more than ten years, and the two childhood sweethearts finally became married. When asked when he was going to have a “deeper” relationship, Yuan Shuai was so anxious to push Li Xiaochuan out the door. But the long night was hard to pass, and the passion continued. Jiang Jun took Yuan Shuai into the bedroom…

On the second day, the bright sun shone on the faces of the two people who were in the same bed. Feelings of shyness, excitement and satisfaction surged. Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai looked at each other and smiled. After spending a warm breakfast together, I arrived at the company. With a bright spring breeze on his face, Yuan Shuai changed his stern president’s demeanor and started a “good mood” state.

Even the matter of Su Chang’s annual leave, Yuan Shuai readily approved. In this way, the two began a sneaky office romance. Under the constant teaser, Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun couldn’t help but throb at the beginning of their relationship. Even if they were to hand in a document, Yuan Shuai would secretly hide a confession note. In it. Unexpectedly, Jonah, who was sitting aside, saw the “clue” of the two in her eyes.

The jealous Jonah ran into Jun Jiang who had just walked out of the office and stole the words on the file. Finding something strange, Qiao Na arranged a lot of work for Jiang Jun by the way, and she found that Yuan Shuai’s car was still parked in place. When Jona returned to the office, Jiang Jun stuffed Yuan Shuai next to him under the desk and used absurd excuses to prevaricate Jona, but Jona didn’t seem to have any plans to open it, and left the company without asking too much. But things didn’t stop there. Jonah, who had been peeping for a long time, had already taken a video of Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai kissing. Seeing the faces of the two people enlarged on the screen, Jonah was angry…

As soon as Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun arrived home, they were going to continue spending the spring evening together. They did not expect to be caught upright by Xu Li by the sofa. The sophistry was fruitless. It turned out that Xiaochuan had already told Xu Li about it, even Even video materials are provided. As a family member of Xu Li, she was originally a resolutely opposed position. As soon as Yuan Shuai’s culinary skills emerged, Xu Li was taken down. Her position changed suddenly and she actively supported the relationship between the two.

As soon as Jona arrived at the company, she was called to the office by the person in charge, Joe. It turned out that Jona’s job had a serious fault. Yuan Shuai, as Jona’s boss, proposed to resolutely keep Jona, even if it was necessary to drive out a new plan within 24 hours to make amends to the client, and proposed to advance and retreat together Guarantee. Seeing Yuan Shuai who spoke righteously next to her, Jonna was speechless.

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