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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 2 Recap

Li Yuan is a nine-tailed fox who masters the world’s wind and rain. He sat under the tree and took a nap. The little girl Arn came to him suddenly. From that day on, Arn came to Li Yuan every day. The two of them had been in love for a long time, but the good times did not last long. , Arn was taken away by the reincarnated person, Li Yuan was distraught. He didn’t want to watch the girl take Arn away for rebirth, so he used super powers to freeze the river and make the boat unable to travel. Li Yuan Kneeling on the ground begging to seize the clothes woman, vowed to find Arn in the next life.

Since that day, after 600 years of hard pursuit, Li Yuan has met countless girls who look the same as Arn, but they are not. Li Yuan encountered Nan Zhiya in a car accident in Fox Ridge and once regarded her as Arne, after confirming that she is not Arne. Nan Zhiya called out the video at home and found Li Yuan. She led Li Yuan to the rooftop and pretended to fall from above. Li Yuanfen rescued her regardless of her body. Nan Zhiya took the opportunity to inject anesthetic on Li Yuan’s neck.

Li Yuan woke up in a daze and saw Nan Zhiya looking at him triumphantly. Li Yuan became dizzy and admitted that he was a nine-tailed fox. He threatened to goug Nan Zhiya’s eyes. Nan Zhiya asked 22 The truth about the car accident a year ago, Li Yuan admitted that she saved Nan Ji-a, because she and A-En look very similar. Nan Ji-a only wants to know where her parents are going.

The video posted at home was made public. Li Yuan made an effort on the spot to turn Nan Zhiya’s eyes into sky eyes. Nan Zhiya had to throw the U disk into a teacup and destroy it. Li Lang and Jin Yuli came to attend the funeral of the couple who died in the bus accident. They wanted to seize the opportunity to seize their huge inheritance. The son of the deceased recognized Li Lang. They had a relationship.

Nan Zhiya turned out the family video of her childhood and recalled her happy life with her parents. Nan Zhiya just wanted to turn off the video. Her mother suddenly threw a skull and crossbones at her feet. Nan Zhiya was frightened. Soul flies away. Li Yuan came to Duoyipo to find out about the appearance of Aen’s reincarnation. Duoyiwo looked at him, and Li Yuan had no choice but to continue searching. He begged Duoyipo to find out about Nan Zhiya’s parents.

Li Yuan called Nan Zhiya to meet at Tianluo Girl Restaurant. This is a place where fox fairies gather. The proprietress claimed that Li Yuan brought humans here for the first time. Li Yuan revealed that Nan Zhiya’s parents are still alive, but they have not been investigated yet. Looking at their whereabouts, Nan Zhiya wondered if there were other foxes living in the human world. Li Yuan made it clear that fox fairy would appear by her side at any time.

Suddenly, Nam Ji-a received a call from her assistant, Zhi-hwan, and learned that writer Kim’s mother had passed away suddenly. Lee Yuan promised to let Nan Ji-a see the world of the fox fairy. Nan Zhiya followed Li Yuan’s instructions and brought a handful of coins to attract a colleague from the TV station. The colleague ate the coins on the ground and tried to attack Nan Zhiya. Thanks to Li Yuan, he arrived in time to expose his identity and beat him. Run, Li Yuan persuades Nan Zhiya to return to the human world.

The fishermen at Changshan Cape fished out a skull when they were fishing. They were scared and panicked. They hurriedly set up a wine to worship. They did not expect that the skull was fisherman Xu Jichang. His daughter Xu Bingxi cried sadly, and Li Lang suddenly Appeared in front of Xu Bingxi. Li Yuan inquired about Li Lang’s whereabouts from the captured fox fairy, and came to him overnight to ask his guilt, and Li Lang threatened to kill Nan Zhiya. Knowing that the fishermen had fished out the skeleton, Nan Zhiya followed Li Yuan to Changshan Cape to see Xu Jichang’s daughter.

Xu Bingxi has been waiting at the dock. Nan Jia and Li Yuan followed her home and asked her about Xu Jichang’s situation before the shipwreck. Li Yuan repeatedly claimed that Xu Jichang had died for Xu Bingxi and Xu Bingxi let Nan Jia and Li Yuan stay at her house. Stay overnight. Nan Zhiya couldn’t wait to find the two fishermen to find out about the situation. They refused to cooperate, and Li Yuan was not relieved, and then followed out, just in time to see Nan Zhiya being threatened by the fishermen, and hurriedly came forward to relieve her.

Nan Zhiya wanted to ask the villagers about Xu Jichang’s situation, but they all avoided it. Li Yuan took Nan Zhiya to a forest of death and prayed to a sacred tree. The little girl guarding the sacred tree suddenly appeared and she asked Li Yuan. Reported on the changes in the village. Since the Korean War, evil things have appeared on the island. People here no longer believe in the sacred tree. Li Yuan asked Nan Jia to cut the rope that tied the sacred tree. The little girl offered Nan Jia Important clues.

Xu Bingxi came to the seaside to mourn his father Xu Jichang, and the goddess did it on the spot, but also made a mystery. Nan Zhiya and Li Yuan came to Beishan according to the prompts. Nan Zhiya recognized at a glance that it was the place where her parents had taken pictures.

At that time, she was still in her mother’s belly. At night, Nan Ji-a could not fall asleep tossing and turning, thinking about her parents’ fate on this small island, Li Yuan slept and woke up, trancely seeing Nan Ji-a in front of him is Ar-en, he wanted to verify, but didn’t want to be disappointed again. , Had to give up temporarily.

Li Yuan collected precious mountain ginseng to buy the villagers. They revealed to Nan Zhiya that there had been four murders in the back mountain of the island. Nan Zhiya came to investigate the mountain and saw Jin Zhi who was in the same boat as Xu Jichang from a distance. Nan Zhiya wanted to find out about the situation with him. He flees in fright. Nan Zhiya injured her shoulder.

Li Yuan found herbs for her. After putting it on, Nan Zhiya suddenly revealed a fierce look, claiming that she was the one killed by Li Yuan. Li Lang learned that Li Yuan followed Nan Zhiya to the island, so he killed two fishermen and Jin Zhi who had fished their skulls.

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