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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 1 Recap

According to rumors, nine-tailed foxes that live to a hundred years will be in human form, no different from human beings. Nine-tailed foxes that live for a thousand years can be transformed into immortals with magical power.

The story took place in 1999. This day was Nan Ji-A’s birthday. Her mother gave her a carousel music box. His father drove his wife and daughter Nan Ji-A to Fox Ridge. Suddenly, there was a lot of fog in front of him, and his father could not see the road. Can only bite the bullet and drove forward. As a result, a rollover accident occurred and a family of three was trapped under the car. Nan Zhiya woke up in a daze, she desperately broke free, and saw her parents appear in front of the car unscathed, she exclaimed in shock.

Nan Zhiya was awakened by her screams and found herself sitting on the sofa at home, watching TV with her parents, but they behaved strangely. Nan Zhiya found blood on the sleeves and the Trojan horse in the music box was knocked on the wrong side. She knew that the car overturned was not a dream. She firmly believed that the man and woman in front of her were not her parents. Nan Zhiya had a plan to eat walnuts. The woman who looked like a mother was rummaging everywhere, and Nan Zhiya was even more sure she was It’s a fake, because Nan Zhiya is allergic to walnuts, so they can’t have walnuts at home.

Nan Zhiya secretly picked up the scissors on the table and stabbed the woman fiercely. The woman rushed towards her like crazy. Nan Zhiya was frightened and fled. The man came to chase her after hearing the news. Blocked, hiding in the corner shivering, the men and women outside were so angry that they howled like foxes, Nan Zhiya could only close her eyes and let her fate. At this moment, Li Yuan, an angel-like man, appeared in front of Nan Ji-a, holding a red umbrella in his hand, repeatedly confirming that Nan Ji-a was not the Arn he was looking for, and Nan Ji-a asked him for help. Remind Nan Ji Ah to forget what happened today. Nan Zhiya woke up again and found herself at the scene of the car accident. The police did not find her parents in the traffic. Nan Zhiya called out loudly, but her parents were silent.

Twenty-one years have passed in a blink of an eye. Today is the day of the big wedding after the vixen becomes a woman. It is raining heavily. Li Yuan is holding the red umbrella to the wedding scene. The bride is surprised and hurries away the others. She yearns for something like People are still alive, and she also found a man who loves each other. She begged Li Yuan for mercy. Li Yuan didn’t want to watch her continue to harm others, and promised to find her after the wedding.

With her own efforts, Nan Zhiya has become a well-known director of the TV station. She is shooting a documentary about “Looking for Urban Legends”, specifically collecting some strange things, all because of her unforgettable memories when she was a child. At the same time, Nan Zhiya brought an assistant to attend a good friend’s wedding, which was next door to Aen. At the end of the wedding, Li Yuan went to find the fox to settle the accounts. She didn’t want to lose everything in front of her. She fiercely showed her claws and fought Li Yuan. She gradually lost, so she could only retreat and went to the auditorium to seek shelter from the groom. The groom died. Holding Li Yuan, Li Yuan kicked him away cruelly, and quickly subdued the vixen. She died of jade on the spot. Only one wedding dress was left on the spot. A good wedding turned into a tragedy. The groom’s parents fainted in a hurry. The scene suddenly became chaotic, and relatives and friends who came to the wedding shunned it.

Nan Zhiya was shocked when she saw Li Yuan’s figure in the crowd. She hurried to the scene to investigate with her assistant. Only the blood-stained wedding dress was found. The bride was long gone. There was a bunch of hair on the wedding dress. Nan Zhiya took it back to the animal expert Shen Zhou to identify it as red fox fur. Li Yuan is a nine-tailed fox with a thousand years of age. He is a white-headed mountain god. He was ordered to capture the little fox fairy who did evil in the world. He also fell in love with a girl named Aren, and ended up in life and death. He sat alone. Feeling sad in the park, seeing a little girl crying because the balloon flew away, he used his super powers to pull the balloon back, and the little girl burst into tears and laughed.

Li Yuan bit his scalp and returned to the afterlife entry and exit management office. The information stored here is the information of the illegally stranded deceased son. Li Yuan was tired of his current work. He resigned to Duoyipo, who is the management. The god of the “Three Way Rivers” between the underworld and the Yang, she took out the contract that Li Yuan had signed that year, and threatened to burn it in anger, so Li Yuan had to compromise.

Nan Zhiya carefully looked back at the video on the day of the wedding and found that the man with the red umbrella could still be weird, so she publicly released a notice to collect clues from the citizens. Shen Zhou reminded Li Yuan to beware of Nan Zhiya for the first time, but Li Yuan didn’t take it seriously and firmly believed that Nan Zhiya was not his opponent. The nine-tailed fox fairy Li Lang is Li Yuan’s younger brother. He had long held a grudge against Li Yuan, so he sought the fox fairy Jin Youli to conspire to stop Li Yuan’s actions.

Li Lang took the initiative to find Nan Zhiya to provide clues, claiming that he was wearing a red umbrella Nan Zhiya didn’t believe it at all. Li Lang casually told about the car accident in Fox Ridge and asked Nan Zhiya to go there by bus alone. Li Lang called and informed Li Yuan, claiming that he could see his dead girlfriend Aren when he went to Huliling, and Li Yuan took the bus to Huliling.

Nam Ji-a came to the bus stop. There were female student Zheng Xiuying and a one-eyed drunk waiting for the bus. Nan Ji-a missed the bus to help the drunk. She saw the man with a red umbrella sitting in front of the window, she thought But it was too late to catch up. Nan Zhiya had to carry the drunk home on his back, but he was getting heavier and heavier, and Nan Zhiya was so heavy that she couldn’t breathe. It took a lot of effort to send the drunk to the destination. The drunk claimed to be a victim of others. Support. Nan Zhiya hurriedly took a taxi to chase the bus, and found that the car had an accident when it was in the Fox Ridge Tunnel. She hurried into the car for investigation, only the man with the red umbrella was missing.

Nan Zhiya came to the hospital to visit Zheng Xiuying and asked her to identify the photo of the man with the red umbrella. She was so scared that she claimed that the man came to kill her. Nan Zhiya went out and called her assistant, and saw Li Yuan come to the hospital. It was exposed in person that Li Yuan had killed the bride at the wedding and also wanted to kill Zheng Xiuying. Li Yuan denied that he was arrogant towards Nan Zhiya. Nan Zhiya collected Li Yuan’s fingerprints and called police officer Bai.

As soon as Nan Zhiya got home, she received a call from Police Officer Bai and learned that someone had gone to the ward to assassinate Zheng Xiuying. She immediately rushed to take Zheng Xiuying home. In the middle of the night, Zheng Xiuying was completely exposed. I did not expect that he was Li Lang. He claimed to have killed Zheng Xiuying and wanted to kill Nan Zhiya. Thanks to Li Yuan, he arrived in time and beat Li Lang with three punches and two kicks. Before leaving, Li Lang still slapped him. Let’s find another chance to kill Nan Zhiya. The surveillance video in the room captured this scene, and Nan Zhiya recognized that Li Yuan was the man who reminded her of the car accident.

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