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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 33 Recap

With the support of Qin’s father, Qin Fen quickly went to Paris, but he didn’t let Lin Qingshang know that he was coming. He waited for Lin Qingshang to go out in the apartment downstairs before sneaking upstairs, Fang Xiaolu and Li Zhenyan watched When I arrived at Qin Fen, I was a little surprised, thinking that something was wrong with the orchestra, and was asking Qin Fen. Lin Qingshang forgot to take something and suddenly returned to the apartment. He was very surprised to see Qin Fen. Qin Fen stayed in the apartment, waiting to watch Lin Qingshang’s game.

But there were not enough rooms in the apartment. Qin Fen spent two days on the floor in the living room and was allergic. Lin Qingshang remembered that there was a locked storage room in the apartment. Qin Fen fumbled around the door and found the key. , But the storage room is full of things, and it’s all dust, it’s really impossible to live in. After Qin Fen and the two of them left, they forgot to close the door. When Fang Xiaolu came out and saw that the storage room was open, he walked in curiously and flipped through it.

Suddenly he found a little prince with a family portrait of Li Zhenyan in it. There is also Li Yazhe’s handwriting. It turns out that Li Yazhe did not abandon Li Zhenyan’s mother and daughter, but chose to silently follow them. The landlord of the apartment they now live in is Li Yazhe, and Fang Xiaolu quickly called Li Zhenyan about his findings.

Li Zhenyan was a little surprised when he heard the words. After returning to the apartment, he went to the storage room and searched it. He found a video recorder in it, which recorded the happiness when the family of three lived in the apartment. Li Zhenyan watched the video. Can’t help but cry.

Domestically, when Yan Yan went to the recording studio to look for Jiang Caiwei, Jiang Caiwei practiced in the recording studio endlessly and fell asleep. Yan Yan accidentally discovered that Jiang Caiwei was taking medicine recently. After repeated questioning, Jiang Caiwei said that she was a little embarrassed. After taking a medicine that allows her to sing a song in a short period of time, she is reluctant to undergo surgery because she is worried about the risk of the surgery.

She would rather leave her singing for a limited time than after the surgery. She could never make a sound. She couldn’t accept the failure of herself. Yan Yan had a big fight with her, and advised her not to give up the operation because of the short-term effect of the medicine. The side effects of taking the medicine are very serious, and it may make Jiang Caiwei never again. Can’t speak.

In Paris, Jiang Shasha was about to move. Tian Yisong’s attitude let her know that no matter how hard she insisted on the wrong relationship, she could not get the result. She decided to abandon Tian Yisong and persuaded Tian Yisong to go back to Jiang Caiwei. Although she still liked Tian Yisong, but She knew that reluctantly getting along with Tian Yisong would only make them unhappy. She gave Tian Yisong the new address, hoping that Tian Yisong could come to her one day.

Fang Xiaorui’s advanced studies in Paris are about to end. Li Yazhe asked Fang Xiaorui what he plans to do in the future. Fang Xiaorui hasn’t thought about his own affairs yet, but persuades Li Yazhe and Li Zhenyan to have a good chat. Li Yazhe promised to find an opportunity to talk to Li Zhenyan. Explain what happened last time. On the day of Lin Qingshang’s competition, Qin Fen looked at Lin Qingshang on the stage in the audience, and felt that Lin Qingshang’s choice to study abroad was the right decision, and he firmly determined the idea of ​​continuing to work hard, no matter how difficult it is. He must approach Lin Qingshang.

In order to celebrate Lin Qingshang’s first place and Fang Xiaofu’s completion of the training, Li Zhenyan specially made a table of hot pot. Several people ate and chat in the apartment. Lin Qingshang’s competition also inspired Dalia and Jimo to continue to play music. Qin Fen suddenly felt a little bit lost on the road of advancement. He felt that everyone had made a lot of progress abroad. Only he could not achieve anything at home. Qin Fen couldn’t help but spit out bitterness at them.

Li Zhenyan heard the situation and said that he was considering going back to China. However, he also received an invitation to renew the contract from the Lumalie Orchestra. It still needs time to consider. Lin Qingshang said that he has decided to return to the RS Orchestra. Ji Mo also helped out, saying that he would return after his work, Dali Ya said that she would go wherever Ji Mo went, and they looked like a loving couple.

After careful consideration, Li Zhenyan decided to give up the opportunity in France and return to China with Lin Qingshang and Qin Fen. Lin Qingshang was a little worried that the situation of the RS orchestra might be worse than they thought, and worried that Li Zhenyan would regret it when he returned, but Li Zhenyan said that he was not. On impulse, he had already considered it, and when everyone thought that Fang Xiaolu would return to China with Li Zhenyan, Fang Xiaolu said that he had decided to stay in France and continue his studies with Li Yazhe.

Li Zhenyan was a little surprised, and asked why Fang Xiaoluo made this decision suddenly. It turned out that after Fang Xiaoluo and Li Yazhe talked, she regained her original intention to play the piano and found her way forward. She imagined that Li Zhenyan pursued herself. Li Zhenyan was a little relieved after listening to Fang Xiaolu’s words in pursuit of her dream of playing piano, and felt that she had really grown up.

Li Zhenyan still met with Li Yazhe. Li Yazhe wanted to explain his missed appointment and going to Die Shang. Li Zhenyan did not care. He only asked Li Yazhe if he regretted after he left. He asked Li Yazhe why he didn’t come to see him later because of Li After the death of his mother, except for his aunt, he would take the time to look at Li Zhenyan. He grew up alone. If Li Yazhe came to him, he might forgive Li Yazhe.

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