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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 17 Recap

Cheng Cheng was unwilling to invest in trainees. Teacher Jiang asked Teacher Han that his children worked so hard, so they would just give up. Teacher Han said that there would always be a way. Mr. Wang said that the company would compensate them. Teacher Jiang thought it was not a matter of compensation. Then the trainees found that the dormitory had no water.

They were worried that something was wrong with the company, but they comforted themselves that it might be the building maintenance. But when they walked out of the building, they found a notice posted at the door stating that the trainee business was officially cancelled. They were all blindfolded and hurried to find Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang told them that the board of directors had decided to withdraw the trainee business.

This news was like a bolt from the blue for the trainees. One sentence of disbandment killed all their efforts. They asked the company to give them a chance, but Mr. Wang shook his head helplessly. Mr. Jiang’s eyes were red, comforting everyone to say Mr. Han If you have already gone to the headquarters of Chengcheng, there may be a turning point. In the evening, everyone was sitting on the basketball court, and they were very sad about going to part. Gu Yang played music, and they all got up and danced their last dance in Weilai.

The next day Teacher Jiang came to the dormitory and looked at the empty room, and couldn’t help but shed sad tears. When Lin Chen came home, she was scolded by her mother. She urged Lin Chen to find a job quickly. Tian Tian comforted her brother to perform on the community stage in the future. Zhao Zhengnan danced wildly in a street dance troupe, venting her inner depression. Liang Chenxuan contacted Jackson but he was not online. Chen Xuan said in frustration that he had not done it. Gu Yang said I stayed in the room where I stayed for two days without going out.

Then Gu Yang went to look for Han Zhen, but the guard said that Han Zhen was not at home these days. He waited stubbornly at the gate of the community, and did not leave after heavy rain. When he was in a daze but desperate, he suddenly stretched out an umbrella over his head. , He looked back, Xing Hao, Zheng Nan, and Chen Xuan were all here. Lin Chen and his mother went to work in the mall, but his heart was not here. His mother was unwilling to give him his ID card, for fear that he would run out of sight again.

Lin Chen was surprised when Gu Yang came to his house that day, Gu Yang quietly told him that he was here to save him. During the meal, he told Lin Chen’s parents a lot of good things about Lin Chen. Lin Chen’s father felt that the child had to realize his dream, so he returned Lin Chen’s ID card to his son. In the evening, the two stood on the overpass and looked at the traffic flow below. Lin Chen asked Gu Yang what to do next. Gu Yang said that Weilai did not want them, and there were other companies to go. They went to try one by one, and Lin Chen agreed.

The members of the five-member group arrived at Zhengnan’s street dance troupe with their suitcases, and they wanted to continue to fulfill their dreams. There was a place to stay. In order to solve the cost of living, they went to a restaurant and formed a band to perform. Then they ran many companies but made no progress at all. Gu Yang was not discouraged and encouraged everyone to continue to try. Teacher Han came back. At the company meeting, he said that he would pay for the trainees. He just wanted to borrow Weilai’s name to get them eligible for the competition. The company agreed.

This day the trainees had a dispute with the restaurant manager. The manager insisted that they had to deduct money for damaging the musical instrument. At this time, Teacher Jiang came and took out his mobile phone and said that the musical instrument was not damaged by them. He also said that he would ask Director He from the industrial and commercial department to coordinate the matter. . The manager immediately agreed to settle the money in full, but annoyed he told them not to come again.

After that, Mr. Jiang took the trainees to see Mr. Han. Mr. Han told them that they could participate in the competition. Everyone was very happy to hear. He let the trainees live in his home, and everyone can go to the street dance troupe to rehearse. Then Mr. Han went to find Yu Minghao again, hoping that Weilai’s trainees could accompany his new song and dance. The staff on the side said that Ran Xing’s trainees had been arranged to accompany the dance, and the stage was that big, plus Weilai’s trainees I’m afraid It’s a bit difficult, but Yu Minghao said it’s okay. He will talk to Mr. Li Cheng who is in charge of this matter.

Gu Yang and the others were very excited when they heard that they were going to accompany Yu Minghao’s new song with Ran Xing’s trainees. During the performance, their wonderful performance won warm applause from the audience. At this time, the host on the stage said that the two teams will participate in the “Young New Generation” competition. It is better to compete on the spot. Team Ran Xing readily agreed, and Gu Yang and others accepted the challenge without showing weakness.

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