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Record of Youth Episode 10 Recap

Jing He was having breakfast with his father. Si Huijun called to greet Jing He. His father guessed from the conversation that Jing He had a boyfriend. He did not ask more. Jing He promised that the time was right and he would tell the truth. His father sold his paintings. The money earned was saved for her as a marriage fund, and Jinghe gladly accepted it.

Won Tae Kyung couldn’t accept Kim Lee Young’s unscrupulous means to wave the flag for Won Hae-hyo, and even let Won Hae-hyo play a show for someone like Park Dao-ha. He came directly to Won Hae-hyo for an interview, persuading him to give up his dream of being an actor and join the army. He continued to study abroad and took over the company in the future. Yuan Haixiao didn’t want to give up and wanted to postpone his enlistment. He came to Jin Liying for support. He didn’t expect Jin Liying to complain about his lack of motivation in acting, and Si Huijun would steal the limelight.

Jinghe submitted a letter of resignation to the dean early in the morning. The dean was reluctant to let her go, but reluctantly, he promised to keep a place for her. Immediately afterwards, Jing He asked Pearl to meet alone and forced Pearl to apologize to her in public. Otherwise, she would make the video of Pearl threatening to hit her public, and she gritted her teeth with anger.

When Si Huijun just arrived on the set, he suddenly received a call from his ex-girlfriend Zheng Zhiya. He didn’t take it seriously. He didn’t expect that Zheng Zhiya would send red bean ice to the crew members and introduced herself to the director enthusiastically. Everyone thought she was Si Huijun. Girlfriend, Si Huijun hurriedly called her aside and made it clear that they could not go back, and hoped that Zheng Zhiya would not disturb his life, and then left.

Si Huijun finished filming and went back to Seoul. Jinghe called and told him how he missed. Si Huijun couldn’t wait to see her, but before she was off work, Si Huijun went directly to her house and waited, but he was secretly photographed. This scene. Yuan Haixiao came to Jinghe to put on makeup, and then was interviewed by reporters. Jinghe could only wait patiently. Si Huijun started preparing meals when he got home, trying to make Jinghe come home late for a steamy dinner.

Park Soo-yeon waited for many days, but Si Jing-jun didn’t get Si Hui-jun’s signature. She directly approached Si Jing-jun for inquiries. Si Jing-jun’s excuse seldom saw Si Hye-jun, and Park So-yeon was very dissatisfied. After the interview, Won Hae-hyo was very depressed. He wanted Jing He to accompany him to eat and relax. Jing He was anxious to go home to see Si Huijun. He flatly refused Won Hae-hyo’s invitation. Won Hae-hyo had to call Jin Jinyu to complain. Had no choice but to leave Yuanhaina temporarily to see him.

Si Huijun meticulously prepared a sumptuous meal, quietly feasted, and told Si Huijun about her resignation and opening a shop. Si Huijun praised her and cheered her on. After the meal, Jing He and Si Huijun cuddled on the sofa to watch a TV series. Suddenly received a call from Han Aishu, Jing He sent him home and confided in his entanglement.

Jing He watched Si Huijun become famous day by day. Worrying about the unsuccessful opening of the shop, Si Huijun was caught off guard by all the suddenness. He could only remind himself to calm down. Two people walked hand in hand, and they were at the door of the house. Si Huijun calculated that his parents should be sleeping, so he sent it off. Quietly go home.

Si Huijun was still asleep early in the morning, so Han Aishu called up for breakfast. Si Jingjun took the opportunity to ask Si Huijun to sign. Han Aishu felt distressed that Si Huijun went out early and returned late every day. He called Jin Liying for leave and wanted to take good care of him at home. Si Huijun and Jin Liying were jealous, and couldn’t help complaining that Yuan Haixiao didn’t want to make progress.

Jinghe specially ordered the takeaway to invite colleagues in the beauty salon, which counted as her resignation gift. Jinghe urged Pearl to confess her mistakes to her in public, and she wrote a review letter because she couldn’t make it through. Si Huijun was shortlisted for the annual acting award. The organizing committee also specially invited superstar Song Minxiu to present awards to the winners. Li Mincai called Si Huijun the first time to report the good news, quietly and happy cheered and congratulated Si Huijun for winning the award.

Li Mincai invited Si Hyejun’s family to attend the award ceremony and chose the best place to watch the ceremony. Won Hae Hyo and Park Doha were also shortlisted for this award. Kim Lee Young prepared a candlelight dinner and wanted to have a drink with her husband Won Tae Kyung while watching the award ceremony . The award ceremony officially began. Li Mincai finally saw the idol Song Minxiu he was thinking of and excitedly asked him for an autograph.

Song Minxiu publicly announced that Si Huijun had won the acting award. The audience cheered and Si Huijun took over from Song Minxiu. For the trophy, a short acceptance speech was issued, one by one thanks to those who supported and cared about him, except that he did not mention his father, Han Aishu was moved to tears, and Si Minji was also in tears.

After the award ceremony was over, Jin Zhenyu came to congratulate Si Huijun with flowers in hand, but Si Huijun was thinking about Jinghe. Jinghe saw Si Huijun being surrounded by stars holding the moon and hiding quietly, she went out to see Yuan Haixiao, Yuan Haixiao asked Jinghe to accompany him to drink and relax, but Jinghe declined, and the two went to eat together. Yuan Haixiao vomited because of too much force, quietly accompanied by him, listening to him spit out bitterness. , Si Huijun has been unable to reach Jinghe, and he is anxious.

Si Jingjun saw that someone on the Internet moved out Si Huijun and Zheng Zhiya’s past affairs to make an article, and he strongly protested. Si Huijun went home with his parents and grandpa. Han Aishu saw Si Yingnan look ugly and guessed that he was frustrated because Si Huijun didn’t mention him at the award ceremony, and advised him not to take it seriously.

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