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Masquerade Hotel

Masquerade Hotel
Also known as: Mask Hotel / 假面饭店 / マスカレード・ホテル

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Crime
Suzuki Masayuki
Release Date:
February 8, 2020 (Thailand)
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  • Ren Ishikawa as Kawamoto
  • Masami Nagasawa (Naomi Yamagishi) as Naomi Yamagishi
  • Takuya Kimura (Kosuke Nitta) as Kosuke Nitta
  • Takako Matsu as Yuki Izumisawa (Sekine)
  • Yuki Izumisawa as Sekine

Interpol (Takuya Kimura) pretends to be a waiter and enters the hotel, and together with the hotel front desk (played by Masami Nagasawa), he traces the story of consecutive murders. Directed by Suzuki Masayuki.

Three murders occurred in Tokyo. The police deduced from the unexplainable series left in all crime scenes that this was a series of serial homicides with warning information, and launched an investigation. The elite detective Kosuke Nitta (played by Takuya Kimura) of the Metropolitan Police Department’s search section deciphered the number to indicate the location of the next crime. From this, he speculated that the Cortesia Hotel in Tokyo would be the fourth scene of the murder. However, there is no clue as to who the murderer was. The police therefore decided to sneak into Tokyo Cortesia to investigate, and Nitta had to pretend to be a front desk officer to track down the murderer. He was ordered to instruct him by the excellent front desk employee Yamagishi Naomi (Nagazawa Masami) from Tokyo Cortesia.

Faced with the successive emergence of guests of unknown origin, Nitta, as a criminal policeman, “takes arresting criminals as the top priority”, trying to strip off the “mask” of the guests, while Shangmei, as a hotel staff member, “to ensure the guests’ Proceeding from the principle of “safety is the first priority”, hoping to protect the “masks” of visitors, the two are like water and fire. Nitta and Naomi clashed several times because of differences in their positions. However, as the potential investigation progressed, they gradually understood each other’s values ​​as professionals, and an incredible relationship of trust began to develop between the two.

In this process, the case developed rapidly. The police and the hotel were forced into a dilemma with nowhere to go.

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