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Hello, Me! (2021) 안녕? 나야!

Hello? It’s Me! (2021)
Other Title: 안녕? 나야! , Annyeong? Naya!, 안녕? 나야!, Hi? It’s Me , Annyeong? Naya! , Hello, It’s Me!

Genres: drama, Comedy, romance, fantasy
South Korea
Lee Hyun Suk
Yoo Song Yi (유송이)
  KBS2, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix
Release Date: 
Feb 17, 2021 – Apr 8, 2021
Original Writing:
Kim Hye Jung (김혜정)


  • Choi Kang Hee as Ban Ha Ni (37)
  • Lee Re as teen Ha Ni (17)
  • Kim Young Kwang as Han Yoo Hyun (30)
  • Eum Moon Suk as Ahn So Ni (37)
  • Kim Byung Choon as Ban Ki Tae (Ha Ni’s father) cameo
  • Yoon Bok In as Ji Ok Jung (Ha Ni’s mother)
  • Kim Yong Rim as Lee Hong Nyun (Ki Tae’s mother / Ha Ni’s grandmother)
  • Jung Yi Rang as Ban Ha Young (Ha Ni’s older sister)
  • Moon Sung Hyun (문성현) as Chae Jung Woo (Ha Young’s son)

Hello? It’s Me! – Ban Ha Ni is 37-years-old and a single woman. She holds a temporary position at work, which makes her nervous that she might get fired. She is generally servile and timid. Considering her current state, she does not want to be single. One day, 17-year-old Ban Ha Ni from the past comes to 37-year-old Ban Ha Ni. 17-year-old Ban Ha Ni is totally different from her older self. The younger Ban Ha Ni is bright and optimistic.

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