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A Land So Rich in Beauty (2021) 江山如此多娇

A Land So Rich in Beauty
Other Title: 江山如此多娇, Jiang Shan Ru Ci Duo Jiao, A Land So Rich in Beauty, So Many Beautiful Mountains

Genres: drama
Hunan TV
An Jian
Wang Cheng Gang
Hunan TV
Release Date: 
Jan. 10, 2021
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  • Luo Jin as Pu Quansheng
  • Yuan Shan Shan as Sha Ou
  • Shen Meng Chen as Xiang Ximei
  • Zhang Zi Jian as Chen Busheng
  • Mao Hai
  • Li Qian as Tian Hui
  • Zhou Pu as Liao Gui Xiang / Liao Jiang Ga
  • Jing Hao as Tian Jia Wang / Tian Lao Ba
  • Ma Liang as Xiang Deng Gao
  • Wu Li Peng as Shi Yao Jin
  • Wang Kui Rong as Tian Shou Chun / Re A Gong
  • Shi Liang as Jiang Si Wei
  • Liu Jiao Xin as Shi Pai Shan
  • Luo Er Yang as Xiang You Liang
  • Wu Yu Juan
  • Fang Zi Bin as Pan Xue Bin
  • Zhang Yang Yang as Ke Yan
  • Wang Si Yi as Liao Jing Nan

During the period, he unscrupulously wiped out the beauties of the rivers and lakes, but he was deeply involved in the rivers and lakes and officialdom, and gradually learned part of the master’s life experience through a series of events; he not only saw clearly the hatred with Yinhu Xiaozhu, I am also aware of the tremendous changes that the rivers and lakes will experience. As a result, his goal in life has changed, not only to face the master’s death, but also to fight against his real enemy-the trainers of the arena and potential political enemies of the officialdom. This book shows the intricate interpersonal relationships and the various intrigues of the characters in the officialdom and martial arts struggles.

The play tells the story of the “second generation of poverty alleviation” Pu Quansheng and urban female reporter Sha Ou in the process of participating in precision poverty alleviation in Wanmixi Village, Yongcheng County, Lishui City, swaying youth and enthusiasm, overcoming many difficulties, and leading the villagers out of poverty and becoming rich.

The per capita arable land in Wanmixi Village is less than 6 points. There are no other resources to use. In addition to transportation difficulties, the “poor roots” and “poor hats” have not been removed for hundreds of years. In 2015, the arrival of Pu Quansheng , the deputy mayor of Shixi Town, Biancheng County and an outstanding young cadre who speaks Miao and Tujia dialects, gradually changed the situation in Wanmixi Village.

Under the leadership of the party, Pu Quansheng has made good use of the “precise poverty alleviation” policy, starting with the precise identification and handling of “good relatives and friends” village cadres, with one hand focusing on “poverty alleviation first helping aspirations”, and the other hand focusing on “blood transfusion to make blood” to punish lazy people.

At the same time, it also stimulated the endogenous motivation of the people in Wanmixi Village to “fight for dignity”. In the fight against poverty, Pu Quansheng led the masses to bring out the spirit of self-reliance when building a reservoir, and did not wait to rebuild the slopes on Jinniu Mountain, and completed the industrialization of tea that year; while the whole village was lifted out of poverty, he also reaped his own happy life .

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