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Record of Youth Episode 9 Recap

Where Si Huijun and Jing Hexing came, the two rushed into the rain hand in hand and danced in the wind and rain. They talked and laughed happily. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, Si Huijun picked up Jinghe and ran into the car to take shelter from the rain. The two of them shivered from the cold. They couldn’t help but laugh, but their hearts were warm.

Si Huijun went to morning exercises early in the morning to see that Grandpa Ao Si Minji had already come out to practice his body shape. He wanted to become a professional Acura model as soon as possible and exaggerate in front of his family. When Si Yingnan got up and saw the new car Si Huijun had bought, he was indescribably happy, pretending to be silent on the surface. Li Jingmei came to Si Huijun for an autograph when she couldn’t eat breakfast. The dancing partners were all Si Huijun fans. She praised Haikou in front of everyone, and Si Huijun had to do it one by one.

Kim Lee Young went all the way and finally won the role of Won Hae Hyo in the new male second of the TV series. In order to suppress Si Hye Joon, Park Doha also recommended Won Hae Hyo before the director’s order. Just after the two episodes of the TV series were broadcast, Kim Lee Young held a large In the picnic party, I strongly recommend this TV series. Park Daohe took the opportunity to say a lot of bad things about Si Hye-joon in front of Yuan Hae-hyo, who was very dissatisfied with him.

Jing He weighed repeatedly and decided to sell the house to another store. She wanted to open her own shop as the owner, and no longer need to be angry with pearls. She called in advance to obtain the consent of her father. His father fully supported her. Cui Xiubin knew Jing He had The house is more important than fate, so I advised her to think twice, but Jinghe had decided. Jin Liying found that Si Huijun was in the limelight, and knew that she could catch up with Yuan Haixiao. She was very unconvinced, so she went to find a fortune-telling master for Yuan Haixiao, and also used various mediations to build momentum for Yuan Haixiao.

Since that awkwardness, Jin Zhenyu has been hiding from Yuan Haina everywhere. She was very sad and took the initiative to show her weakness to Jin Zhenyu. When the two of them came to the hotel, they went to the hotel to open a room. A one-night stand occurred in the confusion. Afterwards, Yuan Haina was scared. If Liushen Wuzhu, he went to Zheng Zhiya to complain. Li Mincai invited Jinghe to be Si Huijun’s personal makeup artist, and Jinghe promised that Si Huijun was considerate to Jinghe in front of Li Mincai, and Li Mincai would not allow them to show affection.

After Si Minji’s unremitting efforts, he successfully completed the training course. He was selected as a graphic model. Si Minji reported the good news to Si Huijun as soon as possible. He also informed his family to hold a family meeting tonight. Park Soo-yeon took the initiative to invite Si Jingjun to dinner and asked him about Si Huijun’s next work. Si Jingjun didn’t know, but Park Soo-yeon was unwilling to ask him to sign Si Hye-jun. Si Jing-jun could not refuse, but could only agree.

Jin Liying revealed to Han Ae-sook that Si Hye-jun and the makeup artist were in love. Han Ae-sook had no idea about this, but she started to whisper in her heart when she saw Jin Liying’s vows. Today is Li Jingmei’s first day to cook for Jin Liying. She carefully selected the ribs and cooked them at home. She wanted to send it to Jin Liying. Jin Zhenyu would not allow her to serve Jin Liying, but Li Jingmei didn’t care.

Si Huijun hurried home for a meeting as soon as he finished filming the commercial. Si Minji bought pizza specially for his family to taste. He also announced to everyone that he would be a model. Si Yingnan raised questions on the spot and Si Huijun tried his best to say good things to his grandpa. Si Jingjun also opposed his grandfather’s appearance. Si Minji took the pizza back to his room and shared with Si Huijun. That night, Jinghe tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. She sent messages to chat with Si Huijun, and talked to each other about her thoughts and concerns.

Li Mincai booked an RV to come to Si Huijun early in the morning. Si Yingnan and Si Jingjun could not help but look at Si Huijun with admiration. Si Huijun, Yuan Haixiao, and Park Daohe attended the press conference together. The host was full of praise for Si Huijun’s performance and asked him to perform the part that he wanted to associate in public. The fans cheered enthusiastically and presented flowers to Si Huijun. However, the two male protagonists, Park Doha and Won Hae-hyo, were not interested, and Lee Tae-soo was very dissatisfied and gave Park Doha a lesson.

Si Huijun finished the day of filming, and the filming will start at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning. Li Mincai found a hotel nearby for Si Huijun to stay in. He called Quiet Heijun overnight to report his safety. Jing He has been waiting for the people who came to see the house. He did not expect that his father had helped her take the store. Jing He didn’t want to cause him trouble. His father felt that he owed her too much since childhood and wanted to compensate her. Jing He politely declined. Father Kneeling down on the spot apologized, hoping that she would open her heart as soon as possible, and the father and daughter cried in their arms.

With the broadcast of TV dramas, audiences liked Si Huijun more and more. He became famous and was nominated for a film award. He quickly became the target of media and Internet coverage. Li Mincai was happily like a child. Hui Jun is very calm about these praises. Jin Liying saw the overwhelming propaganda of Si Huijun on the Internet, but Yuan Haixiao felt that this was the result of Si Huijun’s hard work, and she was even more angry.

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