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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 24 End Recap

In the past two days, Lu Zheng used Gu Shengnan to stimulate Lu Jin. According to the board of directors, based on the shares acquired by Zhenghong Group, plus some shareholders handed over voting rights to Zhenghong Group, Zhenghong Group now owns more than 50% of the shares. Therefore, Lu Jin can be nominated as chairman of Ming Ting.

And Lu Zheng suddenly issued a letter from a lawyer because Lu requisitioned all the resort projects that Ming Ting pressured and cooperated with Zhang Yimin, and Ming Ting deliberately breached the contract. Lu Zheng secretly transferred the project rights to his own company, Ming Ting. He will bear a huge amount of compensation, and when the project is cashed in, he will return to Ming Court just like Zhenghong had purchased the shares.

Zhenghong Group, which has just taken over Ming Court, spent a lot of money in the early acquisition of shares, and now this compensation is not a small amount for Zhenghong. Lu Zheng intends to compensate Ming Ting and also pull Zhenghong Group into the water.

The revenge was avenged, and Lu Zheng looked at Lu Jin in a proud manner. He remembered that Lu Jin once told him that he didn’t talk about emotions in the business field, but now he still failed to do it in the face of Gu Shengnan, so Lu Zheng personally listened to Lu Jin admitting his affection. What Lu Jin was referring to was in the business arena. Nothing in the market was enough to make people angry. What really cannot be forgiven is that Lu Zheng used Gu Shengnan to try to defeat him.

Lu Zheng is too naive, and he is anxious to start without thoroughly learning the rules of the business field. Once the resort project threatens the safety of the Ming court, it is bound to harm the interests of all shareholders. Then the first thing Lu Jin took to the Ming Court was to freeze the project together with all shareholders, so even if Ming Court were to lose money, Lu Zheng would not get a penny afterwards.

Secondly, Lu Zheng is too simple to trust others easily. Zhang Yimin walked in with the contract and didn’t even glance at the old classmate Lu Zheng. Lu Jin signed a cooperation agreement with their parent company and became the new shareholder of Ming Court in the form of debt-to-equity swaps. Therefore, the lawyer’s letter now is worthless. Originally thought that Lu Zheng had won this battle, he actually lost from the very beginning.

Gu Shengnan exasperated at the “Lu Guimao” a tortoise that could not understand human words at home, Lu Jin appeared before his eyes as soon as he opened the door. She didn’t get angry and didn’t tell her when she acted in front of her. It made her feel really sad. Lu Jin strongly rubbed her into her arms. This was the embrace she had thought about for a long time. This was the person he had separated for a long time. He wanted Gu Shengnan very much.

In the bright sunshine in the morning, Lu Jin tidyed up Gu Shengnan’s hair. He had his own way. Tuck her hair gently, and use a spoon to hairpin her. The spoon he has been carrying around, the word “Gu” on it is shining brightly. At that time, he hadn’t eaten for a few days and was hungry. Gu Shengnan’s bowl of flower beetle powder made him want to find out who the chef is sacred, so that day Gu Shengnan, who used a spoon to tie up his long hair, became Lu Jin’s First heartbeat.

Zheng Hong found Gu Shengnan and gave her a multiple choice question. His mother wanted to return to Switzerland with his son, and his son liked Gu Shengnan. Fish and bear’s paw can’t have both, what should Gu Shengnan do between Lu Jin’s maternal love and love? She knows that Lu Jin loves her mother very much, so she can choose to give in. She does not want Lu Jin to feel guilty for her mother when she looks at her.

Lu Jin is about to leave, and there seems to be no nostalgia in Chengdri’s nest. Gu Shengnan also chooses to leave for a while, wherever she goes, she misses Lu Jin. As soon as he opened the door, Lu Jin said that her mother admired Gu Shengnan very much and had a happy life, so she didn’t need Gu Shengnan’s retreat, and sincerely invited Gu Shengnan to have a light meal.

In Zheng Hong’s home, she personally cooks food for Gu Shengnan. She finally accepted this daughter-in-law! ! !

In the end, Ming Ting was still handed over to Lu Zheng, and he was gradually taking on his own role as Lu Jin said.

In Gu Shengnan’s new private kitchen, Lu Jin and Gu Shengnan are setting up. Meng Xinjie and Xu Zhaodi are holding marriage certificates to ask for money. The appearance of Rie Man and Cheng Ziqian at the same time can not help but make people guess. . At the moment, Lu Zheng is in the Mingting Group. He and Lu Jin looked like a mold when they reprimanded their employees. When everyone is gone, Lu Jin puts a funny dough on a small red sports car cake in the “Like You” private kitchen, and a bright light on it makes people happy. Lu Jin said: marry give me.

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