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Record of Youth Episode 8 Recap

Yuan Haina asked Yuan Haixiao about Zheng Jiya and learned that she was Si Huijun’s ex-girlfriend. Yuan Haina couldn’t help boasting that Si Huijun had a vision. Jin Liying dismissed it. She wanted to get Yuan Haixiao through the relationship. After finding various scripts for him to choose, Yuan Haixiao accidentally revealed that Si Huijun had passed the audition for the TV series, and Jin Liying felt sour.

Si Huijun and Jingying He cuddled with each other on the chairs on the side of the road to listen to songs, and then went to the cake shop to eat doughnuts and drink milk. The two had endless love stories. Kim Lee Young revealed to Han Ae-sook about the selection of Si Hye-jun, and repeatedly claimed to be a little-known character. Han Ae-sook suppressed the joy in his heart and secretly sent a message to notify Si Ying-nam. Han Aishu recommended Li Jingmei to cook at Kim Lee Young’s house, and Kim Lee Young promised to let her come to work as soon as possible.

Jing He came to work happily. As soon as she entered the door, she saw Pearl’s provocative face. Her mood suddenly fell into a trough. Pearl was reluctant and she went to the door to make trouble. Jing He and her argued for reasons. She raised her hand in anger.

Quiet He slapped the face and cursed. The director arranged for Si Huijun to act as an emergency doctor. Li Mincai brought him the script. Si Huijun went to the bookstore to select a few emergency medicine books and wanted to supplement his professional knowledge.

Si Jingjun relied on a top student who graduated from Seoul National University. He only does his own job. He has a little knowledge of the savings business and is dissatisfied with customers. The deputy secretary Park Soo-yeon sees everything in his eyes. His colleagues heard that Si Jingjun’s renting was cheated, privately. Li ridiculed his IQ, but he had heard it all, and Si Jingjun was in a bad mood. When Si Huijun came to pick him up for dinner, Park Soo-yeon and her colleagues suddenly lit up. It was unexpected that the old-fashioned Si Jingjun had such a handsome brother. They immediately gathered around, vying to have dinner with them, even more so. His self-confidence was completely suppressed when he was angry.

Si Jingjun poured his sorrow through wine and drank a lot of wine in one breath. He spit out bitterness at Si Huijun through the alcohol, and Si Jingjun forced him home. Si Yingnan actually complained that Si Huijun shouldn’t let Si Jingjun drink so much, Si Jingjun was crying more sadly, Han Aishu couldn’t understand his decadent appearance, so he scolded Si Jingjun and comforted Si. Don’t hate your father, Huijun, Si Huijun can’t bear to show favoritism to his brother.

When Han Aishu heard that Si Huijun was in love, he asked her about Jinghe. Si Huijun praised Jinghe and Han Aishu was happy for him. Si Huijun came to find Jinghe early in the morning, and Jinghe made his hair and skin care at home. Si Huijun was confident that he went to shoot. Han Ae-sook and Si Min-ki watched the first episode of the TV series starring Si Hye-jun on TV. They were moved to tears, but Si Ying-nam and Si Jing-jun disagreed. Li Jingmi and Kim Changman watched this TV series at the same time. They called to congratulate Han Aishu. Yuan Haixiao watched Si Huijun’s performance and called him to cheer.

Si Hye-joon became a household name overnight. Lee Tae-soo and Park Dao-ha were furious when they saw Si Hye-jun’s performance. They didn’t expect that he would become famous in the first battle. Li Mincai came to pick up Si Hye-jun. Some medical staff asked Si Hye-jun for his autograph, Lee Min-cai. Happy in my heart.

She went to an advertising company to sign a contract for Si Hye-joon, and met Li Tae-soo on a narrow road. The two of them fought and refused to give in to each other. Lee Min-cai did not show weakness and openly challenged Li Tae-soo. Lee Tae-soo was unwilling to admit defeat. He didn’t want to see Park Dao-ha’s advertisement being snatched by Si Hye-jun, so he took the initiative to meet with reporters and vilified Si Hye-jun’s character.

Si Huijun came to the beauty salon to take care of him. He saw that Jinginghe was being abused by a stubborn client. He wanted to go to the siege. Cui Xiubin hurriedly stopped him. He didn’t want to embarrass Jinghe in public. Si Huijun had to give up. Jinghe found the client accidentally. It was Pearl carefully arranged, it was a suspicion that found her fault, Jinghe picked up a glass of water and poured it on Pearl’s head, giving her a severe lesson.

Si Huijun took Jinghe to see Jin Zhenyu and Yuan Haexiao. Yuan Haexiao asked Shang Yuan Haina to accompany him. Yuan Haina revealed the news to Zheng Zhiya. Zheng Zhiya came uninvited, and Yuan Haexiao hurried out to stop Zheng Zhiya. Not wanting her to go in and disrupt the situation, Zheng Zhiya saw blood for a while and pointed out that Yuan Haixiao likes quiet lotus, otherwise he would not be so desperate to protect her, Yuan Haixiao was speechless.

Zheng Zhiya insisted on coming to the dinner party. Unexpectedly, Jinghe left early after receiving a call from her mother. Si Huijun was not lukewarm with Zheng Zhiya, and she had left beforehand. Jing He went home quickly and saw her mother waiting for her at the door. He smashed her head and covered her face. Jing He and her mother argued for reasons. When the mother and daughter didn’t agree, they had a fierce argument, and finally broke up. Quiet He sent a message to Si Huijun, but he had fallen asleep without seeing it.

Si Huijun took Li Mincai to buy a new car early in the morning, and he came to pick Jinghe to go to the suburbs to relax. It suddenly rained heavily in the sky, and the two of them hid in the car to take shelter from the rain, holding hands and having endless love stories.

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