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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 24 End Recap

Gu Yuanzhou said that it was too late. When Shi Meng thought of several places where the dialect would go, the two went to look for them separately, but they were all searched for, and there was still no place. Shi Meng remembered that there was another place. It was on the bridge in the lake. The dialect walked to the bridge and found a gift. I thought it was Shi Mengfang. When I opened it, it was a scary toy. The surprised dialect became ill. He walked toward the front of the bridge and fell directly into it.

When he got into the water, Shi Meng arrived in time and recalled everything in the dialect of the water. Gu Yuanzhou pushed the person down the stairs, rolled down and fell to his death. Shi Meng jumped into the water, and the two returned to their memories. At that time, the little boy took the little girl’s hand and Shi Meng picked up the dialect and slowly moved upstream.

The police dug a hole at the crime scene and found the bones. Shi Meng said that he hoped it was a dream, but he was afraid that the dialect would disappear after waking up. The dialect said that I would always be with you. When Shi Meng became the chairman, everyone opened champagne together to celebrate. The dialect suddenly recalled that something brought Zuo Yao into the room. Hao Yingjun and his party were preparing outside. Candles, roses, and flowers were all prepared.

Shi Meng was outside. Did you find it? After hearing the dialect, he quickly pulled Zuoyao out. Hao Yingjun took out the ring and stepped on flowers to walk towards Zuo Yao, saying confession, everyone clapped their hands and shouted to marry him, marry him, Zuo Yao stepped forward, and Hao Yingjun took the ring Bring it to her, and everyone coaxed and kissed each other, and the atmosphere was lively. In dialects, when people see others taking wedding dresses, they tell Shi Meng to be romantic.

Shi Meng said that I only feel cold. He counted the rose petals in dialect and wondered whether Shi Meng would propose to her. Shi’s mother came over and said that my son had no idea about falling in love. There were a hundred people in her heart who were willing to say nothing. Shi’s mother quietly offered her a trick. . Dialect took out a photo with a wedding ring, and took out a lot of red envelopes.

Shi Meng still didn’t know what to do. Dialect felt that he would never do the proposal first. It was snowing outside, Shi YiIn the video I sent, I played a song to send me the happiest couple in the world, and played the piano handsomely, with a tactful voice. The dialect recalled all kinds of encounters, and felt that the first encounter was accidental, the second encounter was inevitable, and the third encounter was destined in a dream.

When she remembered what she had made, Shi Meng asked what she had promised, but she said nothing. Because I already have what I want to have. Today is Valentine’s Day, the snow is falling, and Shiyi asks where Shimeng is, and speaks in dialect on a business trip. Shi Meng sent a voice saying sorry that he could not spend Valentine’s Day with me, and sent a video again, saying that there is a starry sky here, and then he said whether he could marry me, and the dialect said you finally said it, chasing me so hard, now so Perfunctorily, said unwillingly angrily.

Shi Meng called again and said that your gift is on the rooftop. Dialect walked out the door, looking at the rooftop, and saw that Shi Meng was waiting for her, and then ran up. Shi Meng said that she would close her eyes first and lead her to a place to say You can open your eyes, all the lights are on, and it says marry ME. Shi Meng said to her, until I met you, I began to believe that every moment I was with you was destined to watch the snow and the stars together, we They will grow old together.

Shi Meng took out a ring and said to marry me in dialect. Dialect stretched out his hand, Shi Meng put the ring on her, then hugged and kissed, and the ending music sounded. At the Fanwai Theater, the dialect urged Weilin to find a girlfriend. Shi Meng called Shiyi to watch the movie together, and then asked Shiyi to sit in the middle. The two of them ate chicken together. The dialect wanted to blend in but was forced out of it. went.

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