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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 27 Recap

When Babaozhai received news that someone was going to encircle them, the master immediately took Ju Muer and Ding Yanshan to evacuate, and Ju Muer astutely left his jewelry as a guide. When Long Yue arrived, people had gone to the building. Fortunately, with Ju Muer’s jewelry, Long Yue and Li Ke chased up along the road. Ding Yanshan and Ju Muer were tied and locked in a tightly closed carriage. Ju Muer punctured her palm in order to leave a clue, leaving blood on the ground. After Long Yue found the blood stains, he asked Li Ke to go back and mobilize the manpower, but he caught up with him.

Ju Muer and Ding Yanshan were taken to a big pit. Ding Yanshan panicked and called out Ju Muer to save her in a hurry. The master immediately judged that Ding Yanshan was Shu Ruochen, and Ding Yanshan had no choice but to say that she was the daughter of Taishi Ding. The Great Master decided to kill both of them endlessly, and A Sheng stood in front of the Great Master. At this time, Long Yue came alone, saying that they had been surrounded by Jin Wuwei. The head of the house was naturally not good. A group of people surrounded Long Yue, and Long Yue was injured. Fortunately, Long Teng arrived in time with Jin Wuwei, and Long Yue and Ju Muer were saved.

Long Fei and Feng Wu finally found the Royal Doctor Wang, but they didn’t want him to have committed suicide by taking poison. The half of a piece of paper beside him that had not burned out recorded his own account, saying that the child in Li Fei’s belly belonged to him. Neither Long Fei nor Feng Wu noticed, Yun Qingxian hid behind the door and followed everything about them, as if very satisfied with their cognition. Ding Taishi triumphantly showed off in front of Shu Bo, but did not want Long Teng to order him to be arrested.

Taishi Ding naturally wouldn’t catch it. Long Teng said that Haigui had handed over his roster to the emperor to buy and sell officials, and he had collaborated with bandits to kidnap Shu Ruochen, but didn’t want Ding Yanshan to become a scapegoat. Taishi Ding was taken away, and Shu Bo thanked Long Teng for finding out the truth about Li Fei’s pregnancy. Long Teng still had some doubts. Shu Bo said that he knew the truth a long time ago, but Ji Yan had to be arrested for the royal face. Long Teng handed the jade pendant bestowed by the emperor to Shu Bo, announcing the restoration of other officials. In fact, all of this was done by Shu Bo and Yun Qingxian in order to completely eradicate Taishi Ding. However, Shu Bo was still a little dissatisfied with Yun Qingxian’s use of Shu Ruochen, but Concubine Shu Gui didn’t care about it.

Ju Mu’er and Long Yue were taken back to the Long’s house to take care of them. Long Fei said that they were still quarreling and leaving, which seemed unspeakable. Long Fei told Feng Wu not to hide anything from herself, and he would definitely not be separated from Feng Wu because of a misunderstanding. Feng Wu briefly lost consciousness after hearing it, and then denied that she had unspeakable concealment. Long Yue woke up to see Ju Mu’er next to him. He, who had recovered from the loss, pressed a kiss on Ju Mu’er’s lips, but he didn’t want Ju Mu’er to wake up already.

In the days that followed, Ju Muer and Long Yue recuperated together, and the two of them were fighting and making trouble. Long Fei bought a bracelet for Feng Wu, and expressed that she would marry Feng Wu in the house gracefully, so that everyone knew that she was Long Fei’s woman. Long Teng accompanies Shu Ruochen to relax. Shu Ruochen said that he will plan for himself in the future, even if he is alone, he must live well. Long Teng said that Shu Ruochen still had herself, she would marry her into the door, and Shu Ruochen kissed him shyly on the cheek. Ju Muer was about to sneak away and was discovered by Long Yue. Long Yue said that he was going to choose a day to face the saint and let the emperor give them marriage. No one could snatch Ju Muer from him in the future.

Yun Qingxian and Hai Gui reconciled, Hai Gui thought he was saved, but didn’t want to be stabbed to death by Yun Qingxian in the next second. All this was a conspiracy between Yun Qingxian and Prince De Wang. Now the emperor is worried about the heir. What Prince De De needs is just an opportunity. Ju Muer went to find Hua Yibai to decipher the Fuxi score left by Shi Bo Yin, and Hua Yibai could not stand his radical method and agreed.

Yun Qingxian went to the Yinsi Mansion and asked Hua Baidu to surrender Ju Muer, but Hua Baixian didn’t take him seriously. Long Yue learned that Ju Muer had gone to the Yinsi Mansion and rushed over. He happened to see Yun Qingxian and said that he had been married by the Holy Spirit. From now on, Ju Muer will be a member of the Long Family, and Ju Muer’s affairs will be the posture of the Long Family. , Let Yun Qingxian stay away from Ju Muer. Yun Qingxian was very angry, so fiercely that he could best protect Ju Mu’er for a lifetime.

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