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Record of Youth Episode 7 Recap

Pearl was very dissatisfied with Jing Liying’s promotion. She often spoke ill of her in front of the client and the principal. The dean tapped on the side to remind Jing Liying to call her. She also arranged for Jin Liying as a gold client, but she did not expect Jin Liying to choose Pearl , She didn’t want Yuan Haixiao to have too much contact with Jinghe, so as to avoid spreading scandals that were not conducive to Yuan Haixiao’s development.

Jinghe met Li Mincai who came to take care of him in the beauty salon. The two had the same experience, and they had a good relationship with each other. Li Min knew that Jinghe and Si Huijun were dating, and asked her to comfort Si Huijun. That night, Jing He wrote a comforting card and clipped it into her notebook. She wanted to give Si Huijun as a gift. She called Si Huijun and heard from the phone that he was crying sadly, calmly and calmly. Asking him out for a walk, Si Huijun wiped away his tears and went to see Jing He.

Jing He felt the same way. When she was nine years old, she experienced the feeling of crying in her heart. Her father loved painting all his life, but his life was poor. He often taught Jing He to paint. His wife was very angry and forced to paint quietly. He took it away and ridiculed him a bit, Jing He didn’t dare to look back at his father.

Si Huijun quickly drove to pick up Jingying He, and Jing He gave him the notebook, trying his best to make him happy, encouraging and cheering for him. Si Huijun gradually let go, with a long-lost smile on his face. Immediately afterwards, Si Huijun and Jing He went for a walk in the night and played the piano together. He felt more relaxed than ever before. Finally, he played and sang a song. Jing He was deeply moved by him. The two people looked at each other and spoke a thousand words. The words flowed in their hearts, and they couldn’t help kissing together.

Han Aishu and Si Jingjun took Si Minji back home after they were discharged from the hospital. They saw Si Yingnan drinking boring alcohol and threw the poster and model training class materials on the floor. Si Minji hurriedly hid in his room, and Si Yingnan came to ask He blamed him and complained that he shouldn’t be fooling around with Si Huijun. Si Minji just wanted to do something to help the family. But Si Yingnan didn’t buy it, and slammed the door away.

When Han Aishuk learned that Si Yingnan had beaten Si Huijun away, she gritted her teeth and kept complaining about Si Yingnan for fighting injustice for Si Huijun. If Si Huijun was born in a family like Yuan Haixiao, he would have become famous. Si Yingnan also felt that he was too much. He waited for Si Huijun at the door of the house, but he has not seen him come back. Jing He accompanies Si Huijun to relax. The more the two talked, the happier he became. Si Huijun gradually forgot the unpleasantness. He was in a good mood, thanking Jing He for perseverance.

Lee Tae-soo took Park Do-ha to play golf. He saw Kim Lee-young accompany her husband Won Tae-kyung to play golf. He couldn’t help but remember that Kim Lee-young yelled at him because of Won Hae-hyo. He hurried over to say hello and called Pu Do-ha. Come, repeatedly claiming that they are now a cooperative relationship, Kim Lee Young was so angry that she immediately called Won Hae Hyo to confirm that Park Doha is the protagonist of the miniseries.

Today is the day when Si Jingjun is moving. He packed his luggage early. Si Huijun drove him away. Both his parents and grandpa came out to see him. Si Jingjun thought about starting a new life, and his excitement was beyond words. Si Jingjun rushed to open the door with his luggage and found that the password was incorrect. He repeatedly confirmed it. He did not expect that a man came out, clearly stating that he was cheated by an intermediary.

Five people had come here to check in. Si Jingjun was immediately dumbfounded. Si Huijun took him to the police station to report the case. The police officer checked the contract signed between Si Jingjun and the intermediary and informed him that he had been cheated. Si Jingjun’s mood fell to the bottom, Si Huijun took him to eat barbecue, Si Jingjun feasted.

Jing He accompanied Yuan Haixiao to the filming. When she was about to finish work, she suddenly received a message from Li Yingzhu and asked her to meet to discuss cooperation matters. Jing He and Yuan Haixiao’s assistants greeted them and left first. Yuan Haixiao mistakenly left. Thinking she was in a hurry to see Si Huijun, she desperately caught up with Jing He, but couldn’t say anything to stop her, so she could only watch Jing He Yuan from the back.

Si Huijun took Si Jingjun home. He left home happily, and now he came back dejected. He had no face to face his family. Si Yingnan heard the news and saw them. Si Jingjun bit his head and entered the house. He was angry. Lock themselves in the room, Han Aishu, Si Minji and Si Yingnan came to Si Huijun to find out about the situation. Si Huijun described the whole process of Si Huijun being deceived, and the whole family was embarrassed, Si Hui Jun asks Si Yingnam to apologize to him, Han Aishu and Si Minji also support his approach and force Si Yingnam together. After Li Mincai went all the way, he finally arranged an audition for Si Huijun. On the way, Si Huijun sent a message to Jinghe. The two encouraged each other and Jinghe went to see Li Yingzhu. Li Yingzhu was very interested in the little video she shot and thought. Work with her further.

Won Tae Kyung was dissatisfied with Kim Lee Young’s breakfast, Kim Lee Young asked Han Ae Sook to help find a housekeeper who could cook. Si Yingnan and Si Jingjun were deceived. Kim Changman suggested to get together after get off work. Han Aishu and Li Jingmei came one after another. The four had a drink and then went home. Jin Zhenyu went to the cram school to find Yuan Haina, but was ruthlessly refused. I didn’t expect Yuan Haina and Si Huijun’s ex-girlfriend Zheng Jiya to be together. They were classmates in the cram school. Jin Zhenyu asked Si Huijun to complain, and accidentally revealed Si Huijun didn’t mind Zheng Zhiya’s news.

The director was very satisfied with Si Huijun’s audition and agreed to participate in this TV series. Li Mincai called Si Huijun the first time, and Si Huijun came to Jinghe to report the good news overnight.

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