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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 19 Recap

When Xiao K lit a lighter and demanded dialect, Meng proved that he liked the other party. To prove that they kissed, Shi Yi drove there. The police also rushed in and the door was locked and couldn’t get in. The police slammed into the door and saw The two kissed, feeling uncomfortable. The police handcuffed Xiao K and took it away. Shi Yi called to wait a moment and put the scarf on Xiao K’s hand. The dialect quickly hugged Shi Meng, Shi Yi was in a mixed mood.

Shi Yi signed the name and date at the police station. The police said that the client had something to tell him, saying that he shouldn’t hurt the dialect sister. For so many years, he has been very satisfied with Shi Yiye every day. The police asked him what he wanted to tell Xiao K, and when he said that, he said he didn’t blame her. When I got home, I saw a note left in my empty home. It was a big star written in dialects. Thank you for taking care of me.

I should go back. When I remembered the first time I saw dialects and the cuteness of dialects, the two got along. When I said something, the doorbell rang. After a while I opened the door and saw the dialect standing in the snow. Shiyi took a cup of hot water to her. The two smiled similarly, Shiyi was playing the piano and the dialect was next to him. Listening quietly, there are dense snowflakes outside, sitting up in the dialect and playing together, the singing is euphemistic, and the dialect says that I understand what you didn’t finish that day.

When the two were about to kiss, Shi Yi woke up and found it was a scene. Meng, the doorbell is still ringing, Shiyi rushed down happily, but it was Shi Meng. Shi Meng said that you don’t care about the dialect sickness? As long as I can help her cure her illness, I am willing to do anything. I made an egg tart with dialect, and fed it to Shimeng, and prepared to send it to Moments to celebrate the rest of my life after the disaster. Shimeng said why I can’t see your Moments, because the dialect remembered that I deleted him before, Shimeng pretended to be angry, and the dialect said you Don’t love me, if you love me, you won’t find out now.

The two joked about each other and the doorbell rang. Shiyi, Shiyi dragged the suitcase and said that my place has become a crime scene, now. Moved in to live with you. When the picture returns to that day, Meng told Shiyi that I would like to do anything except let go. Shiyi said that you can’t have any physical or emotional contact with the dialect in that month. I will use this month to pursue her. If I can’t let her go Falling in love with me, I obediently acted as the antidote and asked to move in with them. Dialect wants to kiss Shi Meng, Shi Meng is just about to kiss, Shi Yi walks out, the atmosphere is embarrassing, Shi Meng Shi sits with his back to each other, dialect asks you not to go to work?

The dialect says you don’t go, I’ll go, and the two of them asked where to go? Dialect asked Hao Yingjun Shimeng likes what kind of girl? He also said that Shi Meng was a little tired of her aesthetics recently. Hao Yingjun asked me what you want to tell me about Zuo Yao. The two exchanged information. Hao Yingjun said that Shi Meng likes Marilyn Monroe’s legs and Angelina Jolie’s mouth. ,

Audrey Hepburn’s face, dialect tells Hao Yingjun that the father around him is not what he thought Dad, then ran away. Dressed as Monroe in dialect, he walked in front of Shi Meng, pretending to be a posture, then changed to Julie, and finally appeared in Audrey Hepburn. Shi Meng was particularly embarrassed. When asked in dialect, Shi Meng said that I think you are very COS. Great, don’t you ask in dialect impulsively?

Shi Meng only found it funny, saying that I like you the way you are, that’s not what it is. When Shiyi listened to the music, thinking about listening to the song in the dialect, the three decided to watch a movie. The dialect selected a vampire. The dialect suddenly frightened and screamed at Shi Meng’s side. Shiyi reminded him not to touch it, and the dialect paused the TV. Going to the toilet, Shiyi told him that he had violated the rules twice and asked to change places. The dialect sat back and continued to play the movie. Shiyi was ready to hold the dialect, and the dialect suddenly rushed to Shimeng, and Shiyi turned off the TV and went back to the room. .

The two were getting close again in the morning. When they came over and said that they were closed at home, the dialect ran over and said that there was something to ask for help. Shiyi turned around and made a grimace. I wanted to be scary in dialect, not cute. Dr. Cui told her to do some desensitization. The treatment exercised courage, the dialect walked over, Shiyi dressed up as a vampire, and the dialect felt too handsome.

The last time the lights were dimmed, but it was still not terrible. Shiyi asked in the car why he must have desensitization treatment in dialect. The dialect said that Dr. Cui had mentioned it a long time ago, but he was afraid of falling ill and looked down on it. Shiyi said why this time. The dialect said it was because of Shi Meng. Staying with him and didn’t want to affect him because of his illness, Shi Yi said softly I’m sorry, and suddenly a car rushed out, and his dialect was surprised and his eyes scattered.

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