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Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 10 Recap

The daughter took the son-in-law back to her family’s home. Father Su Hongyuan was the first to bear the brunt. He happily sent a few sets of the latest underwear to the young couple. Su Jian’an couldn’t hold her face for a while, but Lu Boyan was very knowledgeable and accepted the gift from his father-in-law Taishan .

Stepmother Jiang Auntie took Su Hongyuan to the kitchen to cut fruit, only to see Su Jianan’s hand. When there were only two people, Aunt Jiang said that Lu Boyan and Su Jianan had been married for so long without a wedding ring, which was a bit unreasonable. Su Hongyuan thinks that it doesn’t hurt whether there is any, but Aunt Jiang cares very much from a female perspective. Lu Boyan, who had been hiding outside the door, heard all this in his ears.

The four people discussed how to arrange Su Shili’s anniversary celebration next week and how to arrange the party. In previous years, apart from eating and drinking to see celebrities, it was indeed boring. Su Hongyuan hopes that this year will be a little different and novel.

Lu Boyan suggested adding an opening dance to add to the excitement, and then squeezed Su Jian’an’s hand and started to make crazy hints in front of his father-in-law, so the matter was settled hastily, and the young couple would dance together.

When he returned home, Lu Boyan was half molesting and half encouraging, pulling Su Jianan around and stretching, until the night came, the candlelight flickered by the lake, and Lu Boyan held Su Jianan’s hand and taught her to dance with great patience and gentleness. In order to give Su Jianan confidence, Lu Boyan asked her to step on her feet and dance with her melodiously.

As the spokesperson of Su’s Beauty, Han Ruoxi was naturally invited. I heard that there was an opening dance by Su Jianan and Lu Boyan in the banquet process. The announcement that was originally intended to be rejected immediately attracted interest, and it was full of dissatisfaction.

Su Jian’an, who had undergone self-improvement, was now moving more and more fluently, and Lu Boyan turned her around and made little mistakes. As soon as Lu Boyan was sent away, Han Ruoxi was unkind. The politeness and kindness of the first meeting was lost in words, and he folded his arms and stood in front of Su Jianan with a pocket of anger.

While sarcasmning Su Jianan’s dance skills, he praised his feelings with Lu Boyan. Su Jianan was completely disinterested in this kind of meaningless provocation. He pushed all his head on Lu Boyan, anyway, it was the dance he mentioned at the beginning.

Speaking of this matter with Luo Xiaoxi, they are only now aware of the previous tragedies. Being violently on the Internet and being searched by human flesh seems to be something Han Ruoxi did.

Su Jianan’s dress design draft came out. She picked a shiny red dress from among the many and sent it to Lu Boyan, who then took it to order it. As soon as Lu Boyan left, assistant Shen Yuechuan received a call from Han Ruoxi.

In the next day, Luo Xiaoxi accompanied Su Jianan to try on the dress. The bright red dress was worn on the graceful figure of the girl, like a smart elf. Su Jianan was very happy when she changed her dress. After all, any girl would be indifferent to a beautiful dress. Just at this moment, Han Ruoxi came in under the covers, and a choke of confrontation officially began.

Su Jianan didn’t care about it before because she felt unnecessary. Now Han Ruoxi is going to kill him. Su Jianan is not polite. There is one sentence, as long as Han Ruoxi is uncomfortable, she will not let it go. Han Ruoxi’s face changed from triumphant to gloomy, and she pretended not to care. This unpredictable expression was really funny.

Luo Xiaoxi pulled Su Jianan away, and Han Ruoxi modified and tailored a suit very similar to that of the red dress.

At the celebration at night, Han Ruoxi dazzled in a red dress and smiled decently. In the interview, when Han Ruoxi officially responded, she also stated that Lu Boyan chose this red dress specially for her. While speaking, Su Jianan also attended the red dress, but compared with the star, Lu Boyan could hold her by her side.

In the face of the so-called shirt-jumping problem constantly raised by the media, Lu Boyan’s full recitation generally praised Su Jian’an, and Su Jian’an also bluntly said that everyone was fascinated by each other, and then he entered the scene.

The wine matched the flowers and the music was soothing and melodious. Aunt Jiang took the stage to preside in a dignified manner. The activity process slowly progressed to the opening dance. Under the focus of everyone, they looked at each other and smiled.

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