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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 36 End Recap

Si Qi and An Sen successfully received the certification, everyone learned the truth about the supplementary agreement three years ago, Wang Xiyi recovered Chen Jiaxin , and the two had a sweet wedding.

Siqi asked An Sen to return the knee that he owed him. Wang Xiyi kicked An Sen to kneel on one knee, and then handed the ring. An Sen knelt down on one knee to propose to Si Qi, Si Qi accepted, and the two decided to get married today. Wang Xiyi and Chen Jiaxin accompanied Siqi and An Sen to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a marriage certificate.

Both Anson and Siqi were very excited. After experiencing these things, Chen Jiaxin felt that she had got a lot of answers at this moment, but this answer came too late. Only now did Chen Jiaxin understand how she felt about Wang Xiyi, she loved Wang Xiyi but couldn’t I love him again, but even if I can no longer love him, I hope Wang Xiyi and Anna are happy.

After receiving the marriage certificate, Si Qi gave the roses to Chen Jiaxin, saying that no matter who Chen Jiaxin was with in the future, he would be happy. Chen Jiaxin helped Siqi and An Sen to take a lot of photos in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and then asked Wang Xiyi to help the three of them take pictures, and finally became Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi to take pictures.

Chen Jiaxin came to Dylan ‘s gallery and asked whether the other party was happy during this period. She said that Siqi suddenly got married today. Siqi told herself that they should fall in love when they are most comfortable with each other. But now, the relationship between the two people is uncomfortable. In fact, the two people are not suitable.

After speaking, Chen Jiaxin apologized, and then said a lot. Finally, he told Dylan that he wanted to return to the most comfortable state for each other. Dylan turned and looked at Chen Jiaxin, then approached and told Chen Jiaxin of course. The two began to talk about Chen Jiaxin’s own plan to travel the world, and Dylan expressed support.

Chen Jiaxin looked at the souvenir and carefully said goodbye to Xiao Xi Mi. Dylan asked about the divorce agreement that year, and learned that Anna had passed the divorce agreement to Chen Jiaxin, silently suspicious in his heart. Then Dylan confessed to Chen Jiaxin that he was not Mr. W. Chen Jiaxin said that he knew and would no longer treat Dylan as Mr. W.

Chen Jiaxin packed her luggage and was about to leave for London. After receiving a call from her grandma, she went back to Wang’s house to visit her grandma and aunt. Grandma was happy about Chen Jiaxin’s change and told Chen Jiaxin that although the time outside was wonderful, she still had to call frequently. Chen Jiaxin wanted to see Xiao Xi Mi’s room at the time.

She walked into the room and found that nothing had changed much. Then she sat at the table and saw Xiao Xi Mi’s account. When I opened it, I found that Wang Xiyi had written a lot in the back. Chen Jiaxin shed tears while watching, and then saw the post-it note she wrote to the person who bought the souvenir. He suddenly understood that Wang Xiyi was the real Mr. W, and Chen Jiaxin couldn’t cry.

Dylan asked someone to test Anna, and learned that Anna had exchanged the agreement that Wang Xiyi had to hand over to Chen Jiaxin. Then he called to question what Anna did three years ago. Dylan was furious and said that he and Wang Xiyi had made an appointment to meet and he was going to tell him the truth.

Anna hurriedly ran downstairs to Wang Xiyi’s company, Dylan told Wang Xiyi that the supplementary agreement three years ago was replaced by herself. After listening to Wang Xiyi, he was shocked. He would think of what Chen Jiaxin had said to him and was very angry. Dylan told Wang Xiyi that Chen Jiaxin was leaving Shanghai today, and Wang Xiyi hurried to the airport.

At the airport, Chen Jiaxin did not open the envelope Wang Xiyi gave her and went into the waiting room. Chen Jiaxin suddenly received Anna’s message and learned that the truth about the agreement was that she had misunderstood Wang Xiyi, and then decided not to leave. After Chen Jiaxin came out, he stopped Wang Xiyi, and the two finally solved their misunderstanding and hugged each other.

Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi successfully held their wedding. They exchanged vows and wedding rings sweetly, and kissed each other sweetly under the blessing of everyone. The two came to the cruise ship where they first met again and talked about the past. Wang Xiyi said that Chen Jiaxin was destined for him.

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