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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 12 End Recap

Sun Chuanfu and others learned that Zhang Xiaoqian was escorted by Yan Liang and was on the way back, so they wanted to stop at all costs and sent people to wait in advance to ambush. The police launched a fierce gun battle with them and eventually arrested all the prisoners. Hu Yilang was also shot dead on the spot.

Zhao Weimin contacted the provincial government leaders again to hold a special meeting. Zhang Xiaoqian appeared in front of everyone for the first time as Li Xue. She frankly said that she had witnessed Hou Guiping rejecting Ding Chunmei and forced her out of the door. However, Huang Mao and the others covered him to death with quilts.

After Hou Guiping’s death, Zhang Xiaoqian dropped out of school and entered the factory. Even so, he still failed to escape from the clutches of the clutches, leaving behind the most unbearable dark past. He had the same nightmares every day, only accompanied by an old-fashioned radio.

It is precisely because of this radio that she truly understands justice and the legal system. She also asked Director Han Kepeng for help by dialing the relevant legal system column. Under his suggestion, she kept the evidence at the time of the case and wrote a detailed case report. Put the two things in an envelope and save them by mail. When the time is right, you can choose to call the police.

Later, Zhang Xiaoqian heard that Captain Zhu Wei had rehabilitated many unjust and false old cases, so she called him in the middle of the night to reveal the cause of Hou Guiping’s death. Unfortunately, her uncle came over and interrupted the communication before she finished speaking. Li Xue changed her name and surname to become the now well-known journalist Zhang Xiaoqian.

After seven years, she almost forgot, until she met Jiang Yang, like a ray of sunlight shining into the dark corner of her heart, she lifted the pretense of self-deception and exposed countless Dao bloody scars and facts, it turns out that some people must walk in the sun to leave no regrets.

Jiang Yang understood Zhang Xiaoqian’s difficulties, and also understood the consequences of appearing in court as a girl to testify. He returned home alone, washed away his exhaustion, and continued to consider how to reverse the case. His son, Jiang Xiaoshu, brought cold medicine. He did not expose Jiang Yang’s white lies. He just choked up and asked where people would go if they disappear.

Jiang Yang pressured his sorrow and answered this question seriously. He said that people would go to the sky after death. If I miss my father, I find a cloud in the sky, as if this is the agreement between the father and the son.

That night, Jiang Yang could not sleep, thinking that Guo Hongxia had never had a stable life when marrying herself, and couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. However, Guo Hongxia has no complaints. She has silently supported her husband during these years. The best is indeed not the most suitable, but this most suitable woman has become Jiang Yang’s best wife.

On August 6, 2009, Jiangyang’s cancer was in its advanced stage, with only five months left. Before he died, he contacted everyone, including Zhu Wei, Zhang Chao, Li Jing, and forensic doctor Chen Mingzhang. Five people gathered in the room. Jiang Yang announced that he would use death to maintain procedural justice, and wanted to use suicide to attract widespread public attention. He also urged them to post the incident on the Internet. There may be a chance of a comeback. No one agrees with Jiang Yang’s decision, but Zhang Chao understands his ideas and is willing to help and persuade everyone to help together.

On September 9, 2009, a few people reunited together. The atmosphere of the gathering was no better than before, but it seemed extremely heavy. Zhang Chao’s detailed deployment plan was to use the nine-square grid game to launch a twenty-four-day investigation. Chen Mingzhang was in charge of the installation.

Through the isolation and contraction of the elderly handrails, the illusion of suicide was created. Just after everyone’s discussions, Zhang Xiaoqian unexpectedly visited and joined voluntarily, using the media to expand the scope of influence. If Yan Liang could participate in the investigation, the case would definitely be solved.

On September 10th, when Jiang Yang finished explaining the funeral, the three brothers hugged each other and wept bitterly. Chen Mingzhang left with Zhu Wei, leaving Jiang Yang to sit in the living room alone, waiting for Zhang Chao to return home. The first step in implementing the plan: dispute”.

The two people fought because of a dispute, and the police came to register for mediation. After the police left, Zhang Chao simulated strangle Jiang Yang, and Jiang Yang struggled to scratch the skin between Zhang Chao’s neck with his nails.

In the evening of the next day, Zhang Chao left home and flew to Beijing. Wearing Zhang Chao’s clothes, Jiang Yang drove Zhang Chao’s car back to the community. He turned down the sun visor and hid his head in the dark inside the car, so the community surveillance did not capture his face. After entering the room, Jiang Yang prepared to stretch his neck into the rope loop on the device, then took out the remote control switch, closed his eyes, and clenched his fists until the rope gradually tightened.

Director Han Kepeng has become the current Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. He is also sitting in the conference hall, watching Zhang Xiaoqian take out the video that Jiang Yang left behind during his lifetime. On the big screen, Jiang Yang calmly stated a past event, allowing everyone to understand how he took over the case and the various hardships he suffered during the period. The road to redress over ten years of unjust cases was simply shocking.

Several people never thought of giving up, relying on faith to support a building called “Truth”, and greeted the presence of justice silently and painfully. The scene of Jiang Yang’s suicide was deeply caught in everyone’s eyes. The public officials who were watching were all weeping. This once vigorous people’s prosecutor finally broke free from the darkness seven years later and waited until the sunshine belonged to him.

After obtaining sufficient evidence, the Jiangtan City Public Security Bureau’s task force arrested the persons involved. During the arrest, all criminals were arrested except Sun Chuanfu committed suicide. On September 2, 2010, the Jiangtan City Intermediate People’s Court issued a public sentence on a total of 5 members of the Sun Chuanfu evil gang.

Seven years later, at the tomb of Jiangyang, Zhu Wei, Zhang Chao, Chen Mingzhang and others were released from prison. They came to pay homage to Guo Hongxia’s mother and son, Li Jing, Zhang Xiaoqian, Ren Yueting, and Yan Liang.

These people holding torches illuminate the night without hundreds of people. Jiang Xiaoshu took the bouncy ball in Yan Liang’s hand and watched the dark clouds gradually disperse, revealing the blue sky. Chen Mingzhang and Yan Liang shook hands again, and he handed the toy car remote control to each other again, just as Yan Liang had handed him to him, without breaking, and maintaining their justice.

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