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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 24 End Recap

Even though Han Shiyi’s sharp sword pierced his chest, Chen Yanyi did not hide in the least, and even wished to vindicate Han Jiajun. However, Han Shixi was discouraged and no longer trusted him, and decided to personally sell the evidence to the emperor. At this time, Wang Zhongyu accompanied Han Shiyi back to Beijing. During the period, he tried to talk several times, but failed to tell the truth.

Chen Yanyi had already faced the saint before Han Shiyi entered the palace. The father and son knew that the downfall of the Han family army was caused by the prime minister. However, the emperor was able to contain the two families of Han and Chu. , I am afraid that after the death of the emperor, he will have to bear the infamy of the faint king who misbelieves in traitorous officials. The emperor always had a good face, so he asked Chen Yanyi to evaluate the military merits of the Han family a year after his death, and to retain the last decent. Chen Yanyi could only respond because he was his father’s last wish.

When Han Shixi entered the hall, the emperor didn’t wait for her to submit evidence, and he vomited blood directly, and completely burned out. The queen came to take care of the emperor, but she didn’t expect to hear the emperor chant the name of the queen in a delirious manner, and let the queen finally understand that she was only a tool used by the emperor to contain the power of the court. Even so, after the emperor died, the queen still pulled out the hairpin and committed suicide, and accompanied him to Huangquan Road.

In the summer of the third year of Chen Yongding, the emperor collapsed in the Hall of Hanzhang, buried the mausoleum, and the temple was named Xuanzong. Prince Chen Yanyi became emperor and changed the name of Taichu to the first year of Taichu. Prime Minister Wang chose to stay as a shield for his family, took poison in the mansion, and accounted for death. Before he died, he told Wang Zhongyu not to return to Beijing.

Since the Han family’s case was settled hastily, the first emperor left a will and ordered Han Yuanniang to marry Chen Yanyi, so they could get married within seven days after the funeral. Han Shiyi was like being driven by a duck to the shelves, because she didn’t want to hurt Jin Jin, she ordered her to leave as soon as possible, and then stayed alone in the room, coaxing Chen Yanyi into drinking poisoned wine, intending to die together, but Lin Qi stopped him.

In order to prevent Han Shiyi from marrying Chen Yanyi smoothly, Chu Xiangyue originally wanted to summon a manpower to assassinate Han Shiyi, but the mother next to him proposed to ask Wang Zhongyu for help first. When Wang Zhongyu heard that Han Shixi was about to be named the queen, he immediately rushed into the palace and wanted to take Han Shiyi away, but was surrounded by soldiers.

Han Shizheng misunderstood, thinking that Chen Yanyi arranged to arrest people in advance, and hurriedly defended him, not allowing Chen Yanyi to hurt him. Jin Jin did not leave the palace at all, but went into hiding. When she saw Han Shixi trapped, she attacked Chen Yanyi directly from behind, but was killed by the soldiers with a sword. Before she died, she hoped that Han Shixi could survive. Seeing that all his relatives around him had left, Han Shiyi felt very sad. He pulled out the hairpin of the “Hou Yuan Dynasty Relic” and stabbed him in the chest to repay Chen Yanyi’s kindness, and then left with the gold body.

After the gold was buried, Wang Zhongyu sent Han Shixi out of the city, and the two said goodbye in the suburbs. In the end, Wang Zhongyu knelt in front of Han Shiyi, apologized to Han Jiajun on behalf of the Wang family, and informed the truth of the matter, including the seal notes were forged by Prime Minister Wang.

Although the Emperor Xian and Chen Yanyi did not personally kill Han Jiajun, they took the initiative to abandon the soldiers of the Han Jiajun. It was really difficult for Han Shi to accept. She could not kill Chen Yanyi for the people of the world, but could no longer travel the world with Wang Zhongyu. Therefore, Han Shi I hope that we will never see each other, and Wang Zhongyu also hopes that Han 11 will be happy in the future.

Three years later, the new emperor rehabilitated the Han family, and has not yet accepted a concubine; Wang Zhongyu’s storybooks are very popular, and they are deeply loved by everyone; Chu Xiangyue was named the lord of He Wei and has been sent to a foreign country in the Western Regions.

Han Shiyi returned to the capital and found that Li Jinxuan was changed to Zhiweizhai. He also heard that the boss of Zhiweizhai was pleased with his son, so he gave the love jade pendant to the boss as a gift. Unexpectedly, Chen Yanyi saw the jade pendant in the hands of the boss and guessed Been to Han eleven. Chen Yanyi chased out to look for Han Shiyi, but unfortunately the carriage passed by and couldn’t find the person on the other side. Only Han Shiyi saw Chen Yanyi leaving behind and just stood there and smiled.

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