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Record of Youth Episode 6 Recap

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. Both Jinginghe and Si Huijun were soaked. Si Huijun hurriedly took off their covers and protected Jinghe to the door of a nearby convenience store to shelter from the rain. Then, Jinghe took Si Huijun home to get an umbrella , And left him drinking a cup of hot tea.

Si Minji practiced modeling steps seriously, so tired that his waist was sore and his legs hurt. After dinner, he lay down. Si Yingnan mistakenly thought that he was going to the dance hall to cause trouble again, and severely criticized him. The rain gradually stopped, and Si Huijun and Jinghe said goodbye. Suddenly, he received a call from his grandfather. Grandpa claimed to be studying seriously in the model training class today and was praised by the teacher. Si Huijun was happy for him.

Jing He sent Si Huijun out, and the two reluctantly said goodbye. Jing He stood on the corner of the street, watching Si Huijun’s back go away, his heart was warm. Si Huijun took the bus to the door of his house. Li Mincai was waiting for him in the coffee shop next to him, and couldn’t wait to report to him about seeing Yin Zhihao.

Yuan Haixiao went to buy flowers early in the morning and wanted to give them to Jing’an He. He also prepared breakfast for his mother and sister. The dean specially approved Jing He to be promoted to the designer. Cui Xiubin was happy for her. Pearl was not convinced, and he was picky about Jing He and warned Cui Xiubin to stand well. Yuan Haixiao came to the beauty salon soon and gave the bunch of flowers to Jinghe.

Kim Changman and Lee Kyung-mi came to Han Ae-sook’s for breakfast early in the morning. Lee Kyung-mi tried her best to show off the newly bought bracelet to Han Ae-sook. Han Ae-sook was not envious. Lee Kyung-mi asked Si Hye-joon for Park Dao-ha’s signature. Si Huijun asks Jin Zhenyu to help her grandpa take a promotional photo. Jin Zhenyu promises to come to the studio to shoot at night. Si Huijun borrows a car from his father and then goes to work in a barbecue restaurant. Si Yingnan satirizes him as an actor without making money and going out part-time. , Si Huijun didn’t want to explain more.

The incident of Park Daohe’s violence to fans at the entrance of the convenience store went viral on the Internet. Si Huijun couldn’t help but secretly rejoice in his heart, but worried that his behavior would affect the movie. Li Mincai begged to see Yin Zhihao early in the morning. Unexpectedly, Li Taezhu would say bad things about Si Huijun in front of Yin Zhihao. Yin Zhihao temporarily changed his mind not to let Si Huijun make the miniseries. Li Mincai was so angry that he gritted his teeth and immediately rushed to ask Master Li Taezhu to question him.

Jinghe accompanies Yuan Haixiao to shoot the commercial early in the morning. Before leaving, she and Si Huijun sent a message and couldn’t help but laugh, Yuan Haixiao watched. Si Huijun borrowed his father’s car to take his grandfather to shoot, and Jinghe waited until Yuan Haixiao’s shooting was over. She wanted to rush to the studio as soon as possible, and Yuan Haixiao offered to send her there.

When Jinghe arrived in a hurry, Jin Zhenyu had just started filming. Si Huijun was very happy. The two of them accompany Si Minji to the end of the filming. The four of them went to eat supper together, chatting and laughing happily. Lee Tae-soo carefully reviewed Park Dao-ha’s actions to push to fans, and asked the assistant to thank the reporter who reported the matter. He drove to see Park Dao-ha, and met Lee Min-jae when he went out. Lee Min-cai berated him. Lee Tae-soo turned back to her and Lee Min was so angry. Crying.

Si Yingnan went out for a walk, and saw Si Minji coming back in Jin Zhenyu’s car from a distance, and he was also wearing particularly fashionable clothes. Si Minji was elated and did not take Si Yingnan’s irony seriously. Si Huijun drove Jinghe home, and when he reached the entrance of the alley, the two walked by hand in hand, and reluctantly left.

Si Huijun and Jingying He went to watch a midnight movie together, Jing He lightly opened the luminous watch on his wrist, and asked Si Huijun to try it too. The two of them were watching the movie and talking about love. Jin Zhenyu made careful arrangements. He wanted to propose to Yuan Haina, and when he took a poster to give Si Huijun, he secretly told him the news by the way, Si Huijun was stunned.

Jin Zhenyu went to Yuan Haina and came to the booked hotel. He spread flowers in the room beforehand, and he also pulled up a large banner to show Yuan Haina love. As soon as Yuan Haina entered the room, he was warmed by the gentle light and warmth. The scene was overwhelming, and I couldn’t help but kiss Jin Zhenyu affectionately. Jin Zhenyu was worried that he would cross the boundary and suddenly pushed her away. Yuan Haina was disappointed and slammed the door in anger. Jin Zhenyu’s carefully prepared proposal ended.

Si Huijun gave the shooting posters to Si Minji. Si Minji liked each one very much and he couldn’t put it down. Han Aishu learns that Si Huijun is going to be in Yin Zhihao’s miniseries, and she has high hopes for Si Huijun. Si Huijun couldn’t get through Li Mincai’s phone all the time, and he was puzzled. Li Mincai didn’t dare to face him, let alone tell the news that Director Yin had rejected him, so he could only hide at home and sleep. Si Huijun came to Li Mincai in person, and Li Mincai took the initiative to resign. She felt that she was not worthy of being Si Huijun as an agent, but Si Huijun encouraged her and cheered her on.

Jin Liying got angry when she learned that the agent had arranged Yoon Zhihao’s mini-series for Yuan Hae-hyo, and gave the agent a lesson. When she learned from Han Aishu that Si Huijun would also play a supporting role in this show, she was even more angry. Without calling, he called Yin Zhihao face to face, and learned that Si Huijun had been brushed off, and Han Aishu was very disappointed. Si Minji contacted the model as soon as he was free, and suddenly fainted because of overwork. Han Aishu and Si Jingjun rushed him to the hospital.

Si Yingnan went home to pack his daily necessities and accidentally saw the certificate and posters of the model training class. Si Huijun just went home. Si Yingnan soaked all his anger on him. Si Huijun admitted that he let grandpa study. The model, Si Yingnan became angry and slapped Si Huijun severely. Si Huijun hid outside and cried sadly.

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