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Record of Youth Episode 5 Recap

Yuan Haixiao hired Jingjing He as his personal makeup artist, and came to pick her up to the crew early in the morning. Jing He thanked Yuan Haixiao for giving her the opportunity, and casually stated that her dream was to create her own makeup brand. Yuan Haixiao couldn’t help her. Admiringly.

Si Huijun took the guise of filming to give Pu Daohe a lesson. Pu Daohe was unwilling to let his assistant go to the bathroom quietly and threatened Si Huijun, but he didn’t care. As soon as Si Huijun came out, he saw Jingying He followed Yuan Haixiao to the crew. The two exchanged warm greetings, completely ignoring the existence of Yuan Haixiao, making him jealous.

Han Ae-sook put on the clothes that Kim Lee-young gave her specially, and even dressed up, was ridiculed by Si Ying-nam and Si Jing-jun. Si Jing-jun felt that she was ashamed of her going out to do housekeeping, but Han Ae-suk didn’t take it seriously. He rented an apartment and wanted to move out. Han Ae-sook firmly refused to agree with him to spend money randomly. Si Ying-nam was on the side to say good things for Si Jingjun. Han Ae-sook insisted on letting him live at home. Si Min-ki hid in the room and heard The family was noisy, and he was so scared that he dared not leave the house.

Yuan Haina concealed that Jin Liying was admitted to law school. Jin Liying was very angry. The mother and daughter had a big quarrel. Thanks to Han Aishu who came to rescue in time, Yuan Haina took the opportunity to sneak away, and Jin Liying took the The anger was spread on Han Aishu, and Han Aishu did not show weakness. At first, Jin Liying was dissatisfied with the babysitter at home because of all sorts of pickiness. When she learned that Han Ae-sook was doing housekeeping, she took the initiative to ask her to help. After struggling hard, Han Aishu kept doing it at her house.

At the end of the shooting, Si Huijun sent a message from his mother, asking him to go home early for a meeting. Yuan Haixiao wanted to send Jinghe home, and Jinghe wanted to drive Si Huijun’s car. Si Huijun wanted to take Li Mincai and Jinghe. Eat fried noodles and offered to drive him. In order to avoid a mother and son crossing the road, Si Huijun was almost hit by the brakes.

Jinghe was caught off guard. She couldn’t help complaining about Si Huijun. Si Huijun helped her fasten her seat belt and argued casually with her. Li Min didn’t want to watch them flirting, so he hurriedly got out of the car to take a seat, and they both wanted to eat fried noodles. Jinghe got out of the car and dropped the phone on the passenger seat. Si Huijun hurriedly caught up and returned it to her. The two of them laughed at each other, and then went to eat fried noodles together.

Si Huijun came home very late. Si Jingjun had been waiting for him at the door of his house uncharacteristically. He asked Si Huijun to agree to move out. Si Huijun was not interested in it. Si Jingjun kept saying that he was trying to make a room. For Si Huijun, Si Huijun reluctantly agreed to vote in favor. Han Ae-sook asked Si Hye-joon to go to the room to ask Si Ying-nam to come out for a meeting. He accidentally discovered that he was reading Han Ae-sook’s favorite book.

Si Ying-nam was also worried that Han Ae-sook would fall in love with the male employer like the heroine in the novel. Jun understands her mother’s intentions, she just feels empathy for the hostess’s housekeeping.

The family meeting officially started. Han Aishu opened the door and said that she did not agree with Si Jingjun moving out. Si Jingjun used the banner of giving Si Huijunteng a room. Si Huijun questioned on the spot. He was willing to continue living with his grandfather and not allow Si. Jing Jun used him as an excuse, and Si Minji raised an objection, which was disgusted by Si Yingnan. The father and son had a fierce dispute, and the family meeting ended up unhappy.

Si Minji considered repeatedly and decided to become a model. He didn’t want to be looked down upon by Si Yingnan, Si Huijun fully supported his decision. Han Aishu weighed repeatedly and promised Si Jingjun to move out. She and Si Yingnan came to discuss with Si Minji, and Si Minji lay down under the pretext of sleeping.

Today, I was filming the rivalry between Yuan Haixiao and Si Huijun. Si Huijun stayed up late last night to get acquainted with the script. He changed his suit in the play, and Jinghe was deeply attracted by his handsome manner. Si Huijun discussed with the director that the scene of beating Pu Daohe with a stick in the script was replaced by punching and kicking.

The director felt that this was more real, and Pu Daohe was beaten up and down. Pu Daohe became angry and picked up a wooden stick to chase Si Huijun, bleeding his forehead, and the director immediately called to stop. Jinghe saw this scene next to him and hurriedly helped Si Huijun to bandage.

Si Minji went to a model training class. He studied hard and wanted to make money on the runway as soon as possible, and completely get rid of the embarrassing situation of being stigmatized. Lee Tae-soo strongly recommended Si Hye-jun to Director Yoon. Director Yoon met with Lee Min-jae and revealed the matter to her. Lee Min-jae specially bought dim sum to thank Lee Tae-soo for his kind words.

At the end of the filming, Si Huijun insisted on taking the bus to send Jinghe home. Along the way, both of them were talking and laughing happily. When they were approaching the door of the house, it suddenly rained heavily in the sky. Jinghe wanted to go home as soon as possible. Standing in the rain, Huijun had many thoughts. He plucked up the courage to show his love to Jinghe, and Jinghe was shocked.

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