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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 17 Recap

When Shi Yi looked at the heavy rain outside the window, suddenly the doorbell rang and opened the door and saw Shi Meng.Standing outside the door drenched all over, Shi Meng said that I let go and you should take good care of her. After that, he turned and walked into the rain.

In dialect, thinking of Shi Meng’s bit by bit, those beautiful pictures, crying bitterly, and then thinking of the cruel words when breaking up, like a needle stick. Zuo Yao stood outside the door and asked her if she wanted to drink some hot water, but only heard cries in dialect.

Shi Meng repeated the dialect recording, drinking alone. Zuo Yao prepared her breakfast and waited for the dialect to come out, and finished her breakfast without abandoning her. Uncle Gu came, and took her daughter Gu Wei to work on the project of Shui Jing’s speechlessness. Hao Yingju just wanted to enter the office but saw Gu Wei turned around again. Dialect saw Gu Wei holding Shi Meng walking downstairs, and the two looked at each other and looked like strangers.

Gu Wei said that she was studying filmmaking in Japan, and then asked who the woman was just now. Shi Meng said that a colleague was not very familiar with her, and Uncle Gu told Shi Meng to help me take care of Gu Wei. Shimeng’s WeChat was deleted from the dialect. Gu Wei walked into Shi Meng’s office and felt that her dress was too dirty. She asked someone to change the hanging pictures on the wall.

Then she walked to Shi Meng’s computer and opened it and saw a fat bird with the above-mentioned dubbing. The screensaver, Gu Wei feels too ugly. Everyone talked about Mr. Gu’s daughter’s return, and the dialect was not paying attention to it. Gu Wei came over and asked her if you’re a dialect?

Dialect nodded, Gu Wei said that we will be friends in the future. When Shi Meng entered the office and saw that the walls had been changed, even the desktop wallpaper, Gu Wei walked in and said that your computer seemed to be infected with a virus. There was an ugly thing that was particularly eye-catching. Shi Meng suddenly became very angry and called the engineering department to come in. Asked to restore the screensaver. The master said that the file had been completely destroyed.

Gu Wei said that the fat bird was taken out immediately. Shi Meng asked her angrily, do you know how important she is to me? Gu Wei cried and walked into the bathroom. The scheming woman handed her a tissue. Gu Wei asked who you are? The woman said it doesn’t matter who I am, the important thing is that we have a common enemy. Gu Wei was introducing the latest technology brought to Japan.

Gu Wei pulled the dialect she was passing by and told her to try it. Gu Wei called the Human Skin Inn. The dialect suddenly behaved strangely and walked forward unconsciously. The scheming woman said to Gu Wei How I used to do it often, but it’s fun. Hao Yingjun hurried to the office to tell Shi Meng to speak in dialect. Shi Meng hurried over to pick up the dialect and left.

Gu Wei stared with anger when he saw it. Shiyi was talking about the plot of the movie. Hao Yingjun called the people around him away. Shi Meng hugged her in the dialect and called Shiyi to rescue her. Shiyi bent down and kissed the dialect. In the photo, Shi Meng turned and left after seeing the dialect wake up. The dialect said if I was sick again, Shi Meng was working on the computer, but he couldn’t change back to the previous screensaver.

Shiyi poured a glass of water to the dialect, and the dialect said thank you, don’t bother you. Shi Meng told Hao Yingjun to find a way Don’t let Gu Wei come to work. Hao Yingjun feels very embarrassed, because Gu Wei used him to make him and Zuo Yao quarrel in order to chase Shimeng. Hao Yingjun saw a photo of Shiyi dialect posted by his friends and quickly gave Shimeng Meng look. When I received a call, I said it was a hot search, and there was a lot of discussion everywhere.

Zuo Yao saw all the photos on the door, and quickly called the dialect and told her not to go home after get off work. The company is discussing the solution, whether to avoid rumors and clarify, or official announcement. Shi Yi thinks that it should be closed. Shi Meng feels that dialects are just plain people who cannot bear the pressure. Shi Yi said that Guan Xuan can make the topic marketing of Shui Jing hot search obvious.

Shi Meng said that CP will have a devastating effect in the future, and the two are fighting each other. The dialect thinks that since Meng has always opposed Shui Jing for some reason, does it benefit that he cares about me? Everyone thinks that they should be based on the views of the parties concerned and turned to ask the dialects. The dialects feel that Shui Jing is good for everyone and hopes to help everyone. She looked up and said that I agree with the official announcement.

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