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Perfect and Casual (2020)

Perfect and Casual (2020)
Other Title: 完美先生和差不多小姐 / 完美先生和差不多小姐 / Wan Mei Xian Sheng He Cha Bu Duo Xiao Jie / Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost

Genres: drama, Romance
 China Mainland
Li Shuang
Mango TV
Release Date: 
Related Show:
Wan Mei Xian Sheng He Cha Bu Duo Xiao Jie (完美先生和差不多小姐) by Wan Zhi (婉之)


  • Wei Zhe Ming as Zhang Sinian
  • Xu Ruo Han as Yun Shu
  • Dai Yun Fan as Lu Yu
  • Zhao Luo Ran as Gao Zhiyi
  • Ma Ge as Yun Lan
  • Sheng Gang Shuai as Lin Nuo
  • Ma Zi Ming as Gu Xiao
  • Qi Sheng Han as Meng Ran
  • Sheng Lang Xi as Lin Chuchu
  • Cui Ke Fa as Grandpa Zhang
  • Ran Qian as Gao Mei
  • Chen Shuang as Shen Lan
  • Zhou Jing as Xia Lin
  • Cao Jun Hao as Feng Qi
  • Deng An Qi as Lawyer Lu
  • Miao Yi Lun as Han Rong
  • Zhu Bai Long as Professor Wu
  • Li Jin Feng as Doctor Zhang
  • Shen Wen Jun as Yun Shu’s father
  • Li Chang Jiang as Huo Qi
  • Wang Bin as Brother Tu
  • Zhou Jiao as Lu Yu’s manager

The story revolves around cold and icy “male god” professor Zhang Sinian and the calm and sunny Yun Shu.

Zhang Sinian was born in a medical family, a perfectionist, a high-cold, sullen and ascetic, and an impeccable Mr. Perfect in the eyes of everyone; the female protagonist Yun Shu is a senior, and has a lot of bad luck along the way. , I am confused and look the same all day, but fortunately I maintain an optimistic heart for a long time. A male god professor with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a talk show anchor who releases himself, met in the hospital, and started the daily life of joy.



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