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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 26 Recap

Long Yue rushed over to meet with Ju Muer, but Ju Muer refused to speak with his back to him. Long Yue really wanted to know why Ju Muer was with Yun Qingxian at the time, but Ju Muer said that he had already made it clear what he wanted to say, and it would be difficult to solve every time he meets. Long Yue said that he knew the evenly matched person had appeared at first sight when he saw Ju Muer, and they would be inextricably separated in their lives. Ju Muer said that she had no relationship with the Long Family anymore, and Long Yue said in anger that since there was nothing to do with the Long Family, she didn’t have to look for Long Teng. Ju Mu’er insisted that she was entrusted to find Shu Ruochen. Long Yue asked who she was entrusted to. Could it be that her sweetheart Yun Qingxian, Ju Mu’er was so angry that the two of them broke apart. .

Long Teng was ready to go back to deal with the recent affairs, and then come to pick Shu Ruochen back. When the two were bidding farewell to each other, a group of people in black fell from the sky and would take their lives without saying anything. Fortunately, Long Yue and Li Ke arrived in time, and the four teamed up to subdue the group of men in black. Long Yue lifted the mask of the leader and found that it was Haigui. Long Yue asked him who had ordered him to assassinate Long Teng, and Hai Gui immediately confessed to Taishi Ding. Shu Ruochen went into the palace to greet Concubine Shu Gui, and asked whether Shu Bo really killed her because Li Fei was pregnant with a dragon.

Concubine Shu Gui was furious. She was put under house arrest because of the incident. If the emperor hadn’t remembered her old feelings, she might have died long ago. All this is to blame Shu Ruochen, she ruined everything she managed. Concubine Shu Gui rushed to pinch Shu Ruochen’s neck, and Shu Ruochen flees in fright. After Shu Ruochen left, Yun Qingxian appeared in front of Concubine Shu Gui, saying that he knew that Concubine Shu Gui had something that could bring down Taishi Ding and he wanted to replace it. Yun Qingxian handed a letter to Concubine Shu Gui, and the two quickly reached an alliance.

After Shu Ruochen went out, he met Long Teng. Long Teng said that he had expressed the friendship between the two to the emperor. The emperor also withdrew her intention to enter the palace. Shu Ruochen was very worried about Shu Bo’s situation. Long Teng said that he had no life worry for the time being. Long Teng found a secluded place for Shu Ruochen, where she could cultivate peace of mind.

Long Yue and Long Teng were sitting by the river drinking. Long Teng said that Ju Mu’er and Yun Qingxian had a lot of doubts. It was a bit wrong for Long Yue to leave his wife rashly. Since the two of them are affectionate to each other, they should investigate thoroughly. Long Yue said that he and Ju Muer were married in a fake marriage, but now they are only returning her freedom.

Ding Yanxiang took the betrothal gift to the home restaurant, saying that Ju Muer had been wronged, and that she had come to hire on behalf of Yun Qingxian. Ding Shanshan was very angry when she learned that Ding Yanxiang had taken the initiative to find a concubine for Yun Qingxian, especially Ju Muer. Ding Yanxiang now has no other choice. In her mind, marriage can only be completed through constant compromise and tolerance. Instead of waiting until she takes people home to know, it is better to take the initiative to demonstrate her deeds. The generosity of the main room. Ding Shanshan hates iron but not steel, but Ding Yanxiang now has all her thoughts on Yun Qingxian. She only asks Yun Qingxian to do everything well, but Ju Muer turned it down. It seems that she is more difficult to deal with than she thought. . Ding Shanshan went out angrily, she wanted to teach Ju Muer for Ding Yanxiang.

After Long Yue learned that Ju Muer was going to marry Yun Qingxian as a concubine, he went to the home tavern. Ju Muer and Ju Shengzheng packed up and prepared to leave. Long Yue congratulated Ju Muer for getting what he wanted, but Ju Muer did not explain. Seeing Long Yue leaving, Ju Shengwei why Ju Muer didn’t explain, Ju Muer said that he was leaving, so there was no need to explain. Ju Muer went to the temple to say goodbye to Shu Ruochen, and let Su Qing take good care of herself and Shu Ruochen. Shu Ruochen didn’t believe that Ju Muer would have an affair with Yun Qingxian. Ju Muer also said that it was enough for someone to believe in himself.

After Ju Muer and Shu Ruochen had left, she was hung up by Ding Shanshan. She drew her dagger and cut the rope and jumped down. Ju Muer asked why Ding Shanshan wanted to target herself. I’m sorry Ding Yanxiang was Yun Qingxian. Why did she come to find herself. Ding Shanshan was only angry with Ju Muer, but didn’t want to be caught in the smoke of the bandits. Both were taken away. Shu Ruochen and Su Qing hurriedly notified Long Yue when they saw Ju Muer’s jewellery dropped on the ground. Long Yue realized that the matter was unusual, and it was Shu Ruochen that those people wanted to take away. Long Yue personally went to the gang boss Zhao to find out the news, and then asked Li Ke to take someone to Babaozhai.

Ju Muer and Ding Shanshan were both tied to Babaozhai, but the other party could not tell who Shu Ruochen was. Therefore, Ju Muer concluded that the person they were looking for was Shu Ruochen, so she persuaded Ding Shanshan that she must not tell her true identity, otherwise she would die. One. The people of Babaozhai separated Ju Muer and Ding Shanshan for questioning, and A Sheng promised to ensure her safety as long as she tells her true identity. The creditor personally asked Ju Muer’s identity, and Ju Muer and him lied to each other, resolutely refused to tell their true identity.

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