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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 22 Recap

Du Mingshan gave Gao Tianshuo a one-week inspection period, Chen Kunhu’s Yaxing Group successfully won the bid.

Gao Tianshuo saw Du Mingshan on the balcony and immediately leaned over. He wanted to see Du Mingshan’s reaction to her confession to her. Du Mingxia also wanted to confirm Gao Tianshuo’s true attitude and see if he was forced by his mother to confess to herself. Yes, Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan that he really liked her and was not forced by others. Du Mingshan felt that the two of them did not fully understand each other. She wanted Gao Tianshuo to give herself some time to consider. Gao Tianshuo agreed with her idea and proposed a time limit of one week. Let Du Mingshan think carefully.

Du Mingshan returned to the room and told Li Meiqi about Gao Tianshuo’s confession to her. After Li Minqi heard about it, she was happy for her. He felt that Gao Tianshuo is a person worthy of trust. If the two can be together, she and Liao Qianman will also Don’t worry, Du Mingshan learned that two good girlfriends had talked about him and Gao Tianshuo behind their backs. Gao Tianshuo and his mother are also discussing the relationship with Du Mingshan. Gao Tianshuo proposed to tell Du Mingshan about the ten-page story of herself, but was opposed by her mother. Wu Bihua said that if all things were told to Du Mingshan at this time, she would definitely not accept it. It is better to wait for a period and then tell her slowly, Gao Tianshuo thinks about it and thinks that his mother’s idea is right.

Early the next morning, Gao Tianshuo came downstairs and met Du Mingshan who was running in the morning. He asked Du Mingshan to go out for a walk, but when Du Mingxian dressed up and found him, Gao Tianshuo did not know where to go. Du Mingshan had to suggest two. People go for a walk together. The two gradually recovered their pleasant atmosphere. After eating happily together, Gao Tianshuo took Du Mingshan to fly the kite. However, due to the lack of technical skills, he could not fly the kite. In desperation, Gao Tianshuo had to say The reason why Du Mingshan came to fly the kite was because he saw the little girl holding a kite painted by Du Mingshan in his notebook, which moved Du Mingshan a little.

Luo Yuefang met Li Meiqi at the company. After seeing Li Meiqi’s attitude as a stranger, he felt a little uncomfortable, but he could only accept the result. The relationship between Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu seems to be getting closer, and Luo Danfang is also aware of this problem. He was a little entangled in the relationship with Xu Kaiyu. Luo Yuefang also noticed that his sister had an emotional problem, but Luo Danfang was unwilling to admit it, so he quickly left after finding a reason. Chen Kunhu’s Yaxing Company won the bid successfully, and he was overwhelmed for a while. Called Luo Yuefang to tell the good news and praised Luo Yuefang for his work behind the scenes. Later, Luo Yuefang told Gao Tianshuo the news, which also showed that their first goal was achieved.

Luo Yuefang worried that his handling of the Yaxing case would cause Chen Kunhu to counterattack. So he asked his sister to go on vacation with Li Meiqi, but Luo Danfang felt a bit weird. Luo Yuefang gave the company employees two weeks of paid leave. Only Gao Tianshuo could fully understand his decision. Du Mingshan spent a whole day in a daze at the photos of him and Gao Tianshuo, imagining the scene when the two were together, and couldn’t even settle for work. When she found the editor-in-chief to report to her work, she found that Zhao Yinze was also in a daze on her mobile phone. He was chatting enthusiastically with the girls he met online, and both of them felt a little strange about the ten-page crusade against Chen Kunhu.

When Luo Yuefang was off work, he saw that Li Meiqi was still working, so he asked about the situation. Li Meiqi said that she still had a lot of work and did not want to stay on vacation. Then she thanked Luo Yuefang for her dedication, especially Xu Kaiyu to pursue herself. Luo Yuefang explained that he just wanted to make her happy, and advised her not to take it seriously. Gao Tianshuo invited Du Mingshan to the balcony and told her true feelings in her heart. Du Mingshan also talked about her views on Gao Tianshuo. The relationship between the two was deep, and Gao Tianshuo kissed Du Mingshan.

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