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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 14 Recap

The exit of Houquan used to be the base where the Japanese army stored gas bombs, including guns, ammunition and rations. Boss Jiao asked Wang’s family to take away all the weapons and converted them into traps to deal with those behind. Because the top of the chamber leads to a dry well, the well head has been blown up and can only dive away.

However, the waters are too deep and there are fork roads underneath. Even the red-topped daffodils are unsure of crossing the shore unless a lot of oxygen cylinders are prepared for transit and four hours of continuous diving are required. It’s a pity that there are not enough supplies, and there is no way to get these things in a very short time. Boss Jiao is in a difficult position and asks the Red Top Narcissus to do everything possible to get past.

At the same time, just as everyone was still in grief, Jia Kezi suddenly heard Jiang Zijuan’s voice from the bottom of the valley, so he guessed that he and Wu Xie were not dead. Hodolf thought that he could reach the bottom of the valley by touching the entrance of the mechanism when he came, so everyone cheered up and set off to find Wu Xie.

Jiang Zisuan and Wu Xie gradually regained consciousness, and continued to fight each other apart from anything else. The smell of blood attracted a large number of clam shell attacks. Wu Xie climbed onto the stone platform in time and escaped the catastrophe. At first, he wanted to kill Jiang Ziwan on the spot, but he still couldn’t do it. Instead, he lit his clothes to drive away the clam shells and took Jiang Ziwan to escape.

The two were exhausted, leaning against the stone wall panting, and talked peacefully for the first time. The content was nothing more than Jiang Zining. For Wu Xie, Jiang Zining was a debt he could not pay off all his life; although Jiang Zining died in an accident, Wu Xie always felt that he had failed to protect her. So in these years, I have tried my best to become stronger, and I also hope to protect other people around me. But for Jiang Zisuan, the only task in this life is to kill Wu Xie.

Wu Xie confessed that he could not live for a few days, and after he had done important things, he would give him his life. Regarding Wu Xie’s kindness, Jiang Zi felt frustrated and absurd, so he didn’t appreciate him. He watched him stand up and leave behind, fantasizing that his sister was abandoned, and could not hide the hatred in his heart. He immediately raised his pistol at Wu Xie and pulled the trigger. , A gunshot caught the attention of boss Jiao and others.

Boss Jiao decided to give up Jiang Zi to be the chess piece, so he ordered everyone to prepare for launching as soon as possible. Sanye worried that the gas bomb would accidentally injure Jiang Zi, and secretly used lipstick as a mark.

Bai Haotian and the others rushed in, Jiang Ziquan shot them frequently, using light bullets. Jia Kezi was attacked by Jiang Zishu and fainted on the spot. Fortunately, he was awakened by Hodolf’s mouth. Due to the strong impact of the bullet, even though Wu Xie’s equipment had achieved a protective effect, the blood clogged blood vessels, making it difficult to breathe. Bai Haotian used the first aid method and finally rescued Wu Xie. After that, the two of them went around, avoiding Jiang Zisuan while exploring the way, and finally found the direction of the exit of Houquan.

The terrain of the cave is complicated, and there are many branch roads. Jiang Zi is sunken in the middle of the cave, and he is immediately furious. Bai Haotian used his cell phone to detect the signal and sent a message to Fatty Wang. As a result, he accidentally stepped on the push bomb that Boss Jiao asked Wang’s family to install. Wu Xie carefully exchanged positions with her and ordered Bai Haotian to leave as soon as possible. However, Bai Haotian didn’t want Wu Xie to face the danger alone and insisted on staying. Wu Xie could only let Bai Haotian hold the dagger to hold Jiang Zijuan and buy him time to dismantle the bomb.

Jiang Ziquan did not appear, but Hodolf and others came first. Wu Xie lifted the bomb crisis. He was extremely weak and could not hold on for too long. The group of people crossed the wire trap set up by Boss Jiao, and found the marks left by Brother and Sanye on the wall.

As everyone continued to explore, Jiang Ziquan threw a gas bomb from behind, and several people hid behind the boulder, booing. Jiang Ziquan seemed to be completely crazy, and yelled at Wu Xie. Seeing that he was stunned, he refused to come out, so he wanted to die together. He bundled several gas bombs one after another. Hodolf raised the grenade and threw it at him. Jiang Ziquan dodged in time, and the gas was blasted. , Quickly dispersed.

Hodolph and others helped Wu Xie ran into the bottom of the dry well, and the sound of Fatty Wang cleaning up rubble and the electric drill opening the well was heard overhead. However, Fatty Wang couldn’t hear the underground call for help. Several people considered the speed of the poisonous gas spreading, and the current crisis was urgent, so Wu Xie asked Bai Haotian to dive out to find rescue.

Bai Haotian kept running to the secret room of Tianlin Tower. When Fatty Wang learned that Wu Xie’s situation was not optimistic, he simply blasted a passage. Liu Sang explored the thinnest formation. Wu Xie seemed to have expected it. He took Hodolf and others to hide beside him. As expected, he just settled down. Immediately after hearing a loud noise, Fatty Wang and others appeared in time and brought Wu Xie. go away.

Jiang Ziquan was injured by the poisonous gas, his face was ulcerated, and he was lying on the ground dying. When Boss Jiao and the others came back to see that Jiang Zi was doing this, they also knew that he was too weak to return. Boss Jiao ordered Sanye to solve the person by himself. Sanye forced his grief and had to raise his pistol and aimed at Jiang Zi to solve him by himself.

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