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The Concubine

Concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 纨绔世子妃

Genre: novel
Author: Xiziqing
Year: July 2013
Chapter: N/A
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She is the youngest and most talented general of the National Security Bureau. Once she died for the country, her soul fell into another world, and she was reborn in the body of Yun Qianyue, the only daughter of the Heavenly Sage Dynasty Cloud Palace. She is the only prostitute Yun Qianyue of the Heavenly Sage Dynasty’s Yun Wang Mansion, and is also a dandy girl in the population. She is arrogant and notorious, in order to give her beloved a chance to initiate the Phoenix Tribulation.

The dandy girl confronted her young son, and her arrival changed the seemingly peaceful Heavenly Sage Dynasty. Say I’m arrogant? Say me dude? To say that I am the head of the concubine of the Yun Dynasty Palace, under the guise of the pre-appointed prince, occupying the status of the most noble woman in the entire dynasty, is actually the first waste of the Tiansheng Dynasty? by! Do you want to force me to tell you that all of this is actually pretending?

The Buddha said: Pretending is not easy!
When the dude girl is reborn, is it to continue dude to the end, or to show her gentle talent for the sake of her name?

In my previous life, I was strict and tiring day by day. In this life, it is rare that God has given him such an identity, how can I live a comfortable life. However, if you want to be comfortable, there are always some people who do not give you a chance. The grandmother that aunt blazed a path of ease by herself.

Amazing talent, brilliant, unparalleled wisdom, let’s see how a pair of slender hands provoked the prosperity of the decadent dynasty and compose a splendid chapter under the flourishing age.

Small theater

In the dark and windy night, there were two people sitting on the city wall. [1]
Only the woman lowered her voice and said angrily: “I’m still a virgin!”

“I said you were pregnant if you were pregnant.” The man ignored the woman’s growl, his voice soft.
“Whose child is it?” The woman gritted her teeth.
“My.” The man said without hesitation.
“Why isn’t your name shameless?” The woman sneered.
“If you like it, our children in the future will be called by this name.” The man seemed to consider it seriously.

The woman was anxious and speechless. He only listened to the man thinking for a moment, and then slowly said: “Tomorrow I will go to the Prince Yun’s Mansion to hire, Lord Yun will be very happy to hug his grandson as soon as possible.” After a pause, he said to the woman, “Since you are pregnant now Now, we must guard against arrogance and rashness, don’t run around, just be quiet for some time! Good for our children.”

The woman couldn’t bear to yell, “I said I’m still a virgin? I’m pregnant!”
The man was silent for a while, and said for a long time: “Oh, I forgot.”
The woman hugged her head and walked away, hoping she never knew this black-hearted man.

Free Reading:

  • Laugh prosperous

Poetry and singing are not clear, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting are not understood, the first waste of the Tiansheng Dynasty!

Unruly, ignorant, arrogant, notorious, waste in waste! Her name is Yun Qianyue, the only concubine of King Yun’s Mansion! The dynasty has been prosperous for a hundred years, and now it is full of holes and precarious. The four great palaces, the small affiliated countries, the princes of various places, and countless hands stirred the situation behind their backs, and the dark tide surged. The emperor is deep, the prince is curious, the prince is unpredictable, the little prince is mixed with the world, and the young princes show their hands over and over again. Fighting Chess, Fighting Skills, Fighting Chaotang, Fighting Jianghu,

Fighting Jiangshan, Fighting the World, fight everything, including women! The prosperous world was gradually stirred into a pot of muddy water, and she was fishing in this big pot of muddy water. Is it to continue to be unruly to the end, or to provoke the universe with bare hands? In this prosperous and troubled world, she is destined to write a legend!

  • Gongzimou

A picture is rolled out, the old and new regimes are replaced, and Jiangshan’s business is handed over.
Behind the centuries of prosperity, the halberd battles secretly, the waves are flowing, the beautiful and soft red, and the love for children are staged.

The young son is graceful and graceful, and Fanghua’s daughter is showing her grace.
The oppression of imperial power, such as clouds and sky nets, everywhere, and heavy calculations.
The four royal palaces, Yun Wangfu and Rong Wangfu, are at the forefront of the sharp blades of imperial power.

Tianzi Hall, Emperor Hall, Golden Jade Horse, Ronghua Palace, Zizhu Forest, Qianyue Pavilion…
She is wise, brave, strong, and fierce, disguised as lifelike under the sky net, and get into the woods.
He fights, fights strategy, fights talent, fights tactics, turning the clouds and rains in the dark tide, turning things around.

The mystery was revealed, it turned out that she started the Phoenix Tribulation for love and spent fifteen years of memory to rebirth, just to exchange his life and death promise. Pulling out the clouds, it turns out that he has loved her for more than ten years, and is willing to overthrow the world, devote his life, and change her life. Love Simanman, red beans Yin Yin, three thousand prosperous settled, affectionate without regret, all in the son!

  • All over the world

The only daughter of the Yun Palace fell in love with the only elder son of the Rong Palace. It was a good marriage because the imperial power was held back. She wanted Qingfengmingyue to only guard the one-minded person, but the sharp blade added to her body, so she had to struggle under the skynet. He wanted to idle his hands, but the imperial power was dark, killing everywhere, so he had to be good at calculations and hold the chessboard.

The chess game promotes, and the emperor’s business is precarious. Which is more important, Jiangshan and beauty? Which comes first, faith and love? Three thousand dust dreams, streaming light like promise, if you do not leave, I will not give up. Pour the world, the world pours, I wish I would stay drunk in your autumn eyes!

The ink stained the sky, and the lonely moon reflected the wolf smoke. The wind dances with the red snow, the iron blade enters the bones. The world, the heroic beauty. When the love moves, the ice and the fire will be doubled. Ruan Yanluo in purple dress is beautiful and refined. His crescent and white brocade robe is elegant and graceful.

She said that the importance of one person is the lightness of the world. He said that apart from her, he would not marry in this life. There are three thousand scenes in the dream of the red dust, and the light in the eyes flows like promise. It’s hard to disobey the lingering meaning, this situation will never regret this life.

  • Point Jiangshan

The emperor died, and the Yeshi Dynasty changed. The heir with the most potential has become the regent,
The new master is in power. The contest did not stop because of the collapse of the imperial power. Fighting for love, trapped by love. Prince Rong Mansion is still sharp and sharp, Prince Yun Mansion is still struggling. She had no choice but to cut her love, and hold everything in her hands in the beacon smoke. He was forced to waste his energy and helplessly, driving the ladder for her in the flames of war. Love is fire, strategy is firewood. Move the universe, flood Kyushu, turn the clouds and rain, ignite the country.

  • Marriage

One hundred years of history, restore the truth, become a demon by one person, and pull the world into hell. Step by step into death, blood everywhere. King Rong was kind, he lost the world and lost the woman. A hundred years later, history reappears, and the descendants of Prince Rong, Yun Wang, and Ye clan reappear. There is also a chess game in the chess game, and a strategy is also seen in the strategy. The new generation of Ye’s Jiangshan master Qianlong goes to sea.

It is fiercely close to the ancestors of the Ye clan, and his wrists reach the peak. Sit and wait, or fight back? Jing Shizi in the high clouds of the clouds naturally chose the latter. He doesn’t care about the world, he only cares about the woman she loves. He did nothing, with red makeup, welcoming her into the Royal Palace. Whoever is cruel, whoever has the upper hand, whoever is kind, loses. The new emperor and the elder son of the Royal Palace, this duel battle has officially opened…

  • Set the universe

The new emperor ascended the throne, and the war in the southwest stretched for thousands of miles. The emperor’s career is like a chess, and the country is surging rapidly.
The former dyed princes and Rong princes Jing Shizi no longer exist. The former Yun Wangfu Qianyue also changed her identity.

A hundred years of wind and cloud surfaced, the sword and the arrow ended, iron and blood horseshoes contended. The two rivals finally climbed up the stairs, vying for love, and grabbing the single-plank bridge. Ronghua Palace planted peonies, and Phoenix Guan peach blossom paper was expensive. Infatuation is like a sharp sword, and love is deep and shallow. A game of chess is less than the last moment, and there is no winning or losing! Who will decide the universe in this grand love bet?

  • Season finale

In the Ronghua Palace, the peony sprouts, and the grand ceremony is imperative.
Ye Qingran wants to guard a hundred years of inheritance and guard the world of Ye Shi. Life and death lock is his only bargaining chip! At Phoenix Pass, peach blossoms fall, millions of soldiers and horses are ready to go.

Rong Jing wants to recapture his woman and conquer the century-old landscape. The promise of life and death is his lifelong dedication! Therefore, the new emperor of the Ye clan broke down and fought back.
Empress Murong waved his sword to inquire about love, and sacrificed his soul with blood. The contest is the beginning and the end. The layers of camouflage are removed, and the princess concubine is not a princess after all, she pretends to be a strong, persevering heart.

Go to Yunshan for a chance. After ten years of sharpening a sword, both of them are sold fiercely.
The mountains and rivers ended, the rivers and mountains lightly sang. One person and the mountains and rivers are forever silent, a piece of the foundation of the country opens a chapter of glory

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