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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 13 Recap

Hao Yingjun told Shi Meng that it was just a promotional material, and it was a cooperative relationship with Yinjiang, and it had nothing to do with our company. Shi always drank boring wine without saying a word. Hao Yingjun asked him what’s wrong? Shi always said that recently I watched a TV series that the heroine was suddenly good to the actor, and then suddenly became bad again. Hao Yingjun said, what is the specific situation?

Shi Meng went on to say that she just emptied the things at home, and it was her birthday before she left. Hao Yingjun said that the heroine dumped you because she felt like she had nothing to do. The Weibo fans of dialects here keep rising. Although they are hot, they are still in a bad mood. Hao Yingjun was dizzy. Shi Meng said that she was gone. I was just not used to it. Hao Yingjun suddenly said Shi Meng loudly. You dare not confess. Shiyi is what people like.

Are you afraid of losing face? When Shi Meng didn’t speak, Hao Yingjun asked Shi Meng for a favor and fell asleep after speaking. Shi Meng called Zuo Yao and told her that she was at the Blueberry Bar. Shi Meng hung up the phone. Zuo Yao’s son asked if she really didn’t pick him up? The dialect said that I didn’t expect to have a crazy day and still not forget. Zuo Yao hurriedly came to the bar, and she left after seeing her in dialect.

Zuo Yao walked over and said Hao Yingjun, you are going to die and drink so much, can you stand up, then he suddenly vomited and Zuo Yao helped him go. Shi Meng walked out the door. It was snowing outside. Shi Meng recalled that Chuxue in his dialect had a different meaning to her. Shi Meng edited a text message and sent it over. The dialect stood in the snow looking at the message and didn’t know what to reply. He followed the snow with his hands. Shi Meng kept thinking about sending a target message, but finally gave up.

When Shiyi continued to write a song, suddenly the phone rang, and the assistant called and told him to turn on tomorrow and don’t forget. He told the assistant to take the dialect with him tomorrow. When Shi Yi took the dialect, he was interviewed. Hao Yingjun called Shi Meng. Shi Meng hurried to drove and asked her if she made you angry on Weibo.

The dialect said that my meager fan is not because you can’t have so many words. Fans. Shi Meng rushed over and asked Shi Yi, why did you bring her here, Shi Yi answered to start the opening ceremony, Shi Meng pulled her away, Shi Mengla sat in a place and told her not to leave, and turned around again. When I went to find Shiyi, Shi Meng asked him what he meant?

Yesterday you were meager Aite, and now you are in a public place. If you are photographed by a reporter, have you considered it? When Shiyi said that the couple in the movie is also a couple in reality, how big will the box office be? Shi Meng said that I would not use her like this, Shi Yi retorted, who used her to sign me, at least I would not use her. Dialect sits and thinks about the situation of the two of them and tells himself not to think about him anymore. Shi Yi came over and took a picture of the words and asked when Meng did not bully you? After the end, I will take you to take some photos. When Hao Yingjun stopped, Meng said, why are you alone again? Lost again?

Hao Yingjun has been persuading him to be brave. Shi Meng walked over and came out a few words hesitantly, still unable to say the words like you, impatiently asking what you want me to do in dialect, Shi Meng suddenly said that I was missing a babysitter. Hao Yingjun said sarcastically that this is the most funny expression he has ever heard. The dialect said angrily that he was just looking for a nanny. Shi Meng said that he must find a way to confess. The ceremony began immediately.

The director He Shiyi began to expose the red cloth and began to take pictures. Hao Yingjun pulled the dialect between him and Shi Meng. Hao Yingjun kept saying that Shimeng should show his greatest strengths and characteristics. What did he say is my greatest strength? Hao Yingjun and Wei Lin said in unison, cold. Wei Lin said that it was me. The biggest weakness of the dialect was her softness and sympathy.

The two of them thought of a way with each word. Shi Meng felt that they were unreliable and decided to come by themselves. Wei Lin called the dialect and said that I could not find the bird. The two of them split their way and searched everywhere. Shi Meng was already waiting here. The two walked side by side. The phone rang Wei Lin said that I found the bird and the two were about to go back. Meng sent her back without saying a word. Suddenly, Meng pointed to a distant place and spoke in dialect.

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