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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 7 Recap

Dialect I thought when aThink of myself as a bosom friend, my bird ruined the harmonica that Shiyi gave me again. How embarrassed to ask for something close to my body, Shiyi came over and found the feathers on the dialect and asked what it was, and the dialect kept saying that it was my bird. , But it’s naughty, it’s still. . When I was about to talk, I wanted to talk, but Shiyi took out a scarf and wrapped it around the dialect, saying that it’s okay to lose the harmonica, don’t punish me.

Wei Lin called Dialect and said that the director had quit, and Meng was planning to go to the director here. Shi Meng sent a voice message to the director and found that the director had deleted him. Dialect wondered what happened to the director? Shi Meng was lying on the bed at a loss, and the director couldn’t get through on the phone. The dialect made various sounds outside. Shi Meng asked to be quieter in the dialect? Dialect said that I was playing a game with the director.

Shi Meng walked over and hinted that she had a good chat with the director. The dialect told the director in the game that he had a disease, and the director said that he was defeated by difficulties. A train came over there. The two drove to the train station. They drove halfway and someone was unloading the goods. They couldn’t wait to get off and take a taxi. As a result, their dialect feet were twisted. Shi Meng carried her on his back. Shi Meng said that you were sick just now. is that true?

The dialect says that my illness is fine, as long as I find the director to be happy. When the dialect asked Shi Meng’s ears red, Shi Meng said that the sky was frozen. The dialect took off the scarf on his neck and gave Shi Meng to wear it. Then the two called a taxi and rushed to Suzhou Station. The dialect found the director, Shi Meng said. Do you know why I chose you in the first place?

The director is because I’m a newcomer and manages well. Shi Meng said that if you compromise today, I will really change. The water mirror is a magical theme, so you want a director like you. The dialect thinks that Shi Meng Shi is cold and warm. people. Shi Meng and the director drank dizzy. The director said that you are really good actors. In dialect, it was because I was in bad health when I was a child. I fantasized about all kinds of sounds around me. After speaking, Shi Meng sneezed, and Shi Meng took off my scarf. Take it back to her again. Back home, the director asked you two live together?

Dialect hurriedly said no. Both of them drank dizzy. Dialect took care of this and that. Later Shi Meng fell asleep directly on her lap. Dialect remembered the grievances before, and while he was asleep, he squeezed his face and said that you would bully me. When dialect returned to the room, her legs were numb. When she saw the scarf on the bed, she remembered the way Meng helped her wear the scarf. Shi Yi chose a photo of the scarf in the dialect and posted it to a circle of friends. Shi Meng turned it over and saw that this scarf was the one wrapped around her in the dialect.

Everyone said Shi Yi’s scarf was a hot search. The director asked yesterday Didn’t you bring one? The dialect was cleaned, and I found that the door was unlocked. My bird’s hair flew in. The dialect was about to go in and cleaned. I saw that there were some old things and little geese inside. I accidentally overturned the shelf while mopping the floor. Bad Just buy a shelf that is exactly the same. Then she moved the shelf out, Shi Meng came back, prepared food in dialect, and said in dialect that she would take my bird to Shi Yi’s office.

Shi Meng didn’t even eat any food after hearing this, saying that you can’t go to Shi Yi’s place today. , Hushen interviewed at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. After listening to the dialect, he picked up the script and started to practice dubbing. Shi Meng opened the door and found that the room had been re-arranged. He hurriedly yelled in the dialect. The dialect went in and said that he was not careful. When I bought one that was exactly the same, Shi Meng yelled angrily where is the thing?

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