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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 24 End Recap

Luo Tianran left, and Jin Ze didn’t know where she was going, so he could only remember the little bit of getting along with Luo Tianran at home.

A year later, Tiffany and Lin Che have become a pair of sweet lovers. They want to leave here temporarily. Tiffany promised Jin Ze to take him back when he came back. Tiffany told Jin Zeyi that he found no one more than Luo Tianran. Suitable for Jin Zeyi. Tiffany asked if Jin Zeyi planned to go to Luo Tianran. Jin Zeyi’s answer was very uncertain. Tiffany encouraged him to be brave. Lin Che gave Jin Zeyi the key to his favorite car, saying that this car was a testimony of his friendship with Jin Xiaoqin and Luo Tianran, and asked Jin Ze to help him keep it safe. Jin Zeyi took out the potted flowers planted by Luo Tianran, gave them to them, and then said goodbye to them.

Jin Xiaoqin is now working hard and earning money, and saves the money and plans to return it to Luo Tianran. When she moved, she met her younger brother asking her for money. Jin Xiaoqin threatened to find her boyfriend and kick him out, but her younger brother didn’t believe that she had made a boyfriend. Jin Xiaoqin also said that her boyfriend was so impressive and all over her body. Muscle, but my brother felt that she was bragging more and more. When his younger brother arrogantly shouted “boyfriend” everywhere, Artai appeared, and his younger brother fled. Artai also helped Jin Xiaoqin organize things and clean. Jin Xiaoqin asked how he knew he was here, and Artai told her that his home was next door.

Yun Shu went to a remote mountain village for a free clinic, but he did not expect to meet Luo Tianran who was in the flower shop here. Luo Tianran is still writing songs, and has been working hard to improve. Luo Tianran told Yun Shu: Brother Xiaosha has been contacting herself and wanted to use her own song, but she refused because she hoped that her song would be sung by Jin Zeyi.

Jin Zeyi said that he had watched Jin Zeyi’s press conference. He used to think he was an immature man, his ideas were too naive, and he felt that Jin Zeyi could not protect Luo Tianran. He only understood this after watching the press conference. It’s just a subjective assumption. He said that he will stay in the hospital here in the future to help the blind children restore their light. It is a very meaningful thing for him. Yun Shu has found a confidant, Lin Lu, and the two are here to help treat blind children.

Yun Shu came to Jin Ze’s family and said that he and Luo Tianran had known each other when they were young, but feelings have nothing to do with the time of acquaintance, nothing else, only with the heart, but the person who made Luo Tianran’s heart was never Yun Shu, he told Jin Zeyi that Luo was naturally writing a song about him because she hoped that Jin Zeyi would come back. Yun Shu informed Jin Zeyi of the address of Luo Natural Flower Shop, and Jin Zeyi thanked him very solemnly.

Jin Zeyi found out that Luo Tianran was staying in the hotel where the two of them filmed their honeymoon video. He saw her latest composition “Midsummer’s Heart” on Luo Tianran’s computer. Luo Tianran found Jin Zeyi, and the two of them stayed close after a long absence. Embrace.

Luo Tianran took out the ring and proposed to Luo Tianran. Luo Tianran said that he still had to ask his father if he agreed. Jin Ze immediately shouted “Marry him” into the air, and the echo became his father’s answer.

The two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate and took a wedding photo. Jin Zeyi took out his marriage certificate and announced to the media that Luo Tianran was his real wife. The wedding of the two people was held in the house full of their passion for getting married, and everyone offered their sincere blessings.

Jin Zeyi’s comeback caused a huge sensation, and as an independent artist, he no longer needs to be constrained by the company. The first thing he did when he came back was to hold a charity concert and sang “Midsummer’s Heart” composed by Luo Tianran.

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